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  • Battle of Brávellir

    The Battle of Brávellir or the Battle of Bråvalla was a legendary battle that is described in the Norse sagas as taking place on the Brávellir between Sigurd Ring, king of Sweden and the Geats of West Götaland, and his uncle Harald Wartooth, king of…

  • Ådalen shootings

    The Ådalen shootings (Swedish: skotten i Ådalen), was a series of events in and around the sawmill district of Ådalen, Kramfors Municipality, Ångermanland, Sweden, in May 1931. During a protest on May 14, five persons were killed by bullets fired by…

  • Volvo Museum

    The Volvo Museum is in Gothenburg, Sweden. It covers the development of Sweden's leading vehicle manufacturer Volvo, from the first ÖV 4 to the current cars, trucks, buses and other products. The museum also contains many other exhibits, including G…

  • Viking (barque)

    The Viking (better known by the ship type as a prefix, Barken Viking) is a four-masted steel barque, built in 1906 by Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Skeppsbron

    Skeppsbron (Swedish: "The Ship's Bridge") is both a street and a quay in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, stretching from the bridge Strömbron in front of the Royal Palace southward to Slussen.

  • Mälardalen University College

    Mälardalen University (Swedish: Mälardalens högskola), or MDH, is a university college (högskola) located in Västerås and Eskilstuna, Sweden. It has 13,000 students and around 900 employees, of which 67 are professors.

  • Lidingö Municipality

    Lidingö Municipality (Lidingö kommun semi-officially named as Lidingö stad) is a municipality east of Stockholm in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. Its seat is located on the island of Lidingö.

  • Kärnan

    Kärnan (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɕæːˈɳan]; Danish: Kernen, both literally The Core) is a medieval tower in Helsingborg, Scania, in southern Sweden.

  • Kumla Prison

    Kumla prison is a prison facility in Kumla Municipality, Sweden. It was opened in 1965 and is one of the country's biggest prisons. Kumla is one of three high security prisons in Sweden holding risk inmates (class A).

  • Johanneshov

    Johanneshov is a district located at the intersection of national road 73 and national road 75 in the borough of Enskede-Årsta-Vantör, southern Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Höga Kusten Bridge

    The High Coast Bridge (in Swedish Högakustenbron, or Vedabron by an alternative name) is a suspension bridge crossing the mouth of the Ångermanälven river near Veda, on the border between the Härnösand and Kramfors municipalities in the province of …

  • Hallberg-Rassy

    Hallberg-Rassy AB (HR) is a Swedish shipyard internationally known for producing exclusive, high quality sailing yachts. The company's yard is located in Ellös on the island of Orust, Västra Götaland. Hallberg-Rassy yachts are designed for blue wate…

  • Grand Hôtel (Stockholm)

    Grand Hôtel is a five-star hotel in Stockholm. It was founded by Frenchman, Jean-François Régis Cadier, in 1872. It opened on 14 June 1874 at the same time as the Grand Hotel in Oslo; all the Scandinavian capitals have a major hotel called 'Grand Ho…

  • Gotska Sandön

    Gotska Sandön is an uninhabited Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, situated some 38 kilometres north of Fårö. It is approximately 9 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide, and its area is approximately 36 km².

  • Feskekôrka

    Feskekörka (Swedish: [ˈfɛskəˌɕœrka], standard: Fiskkyrkan, "fish church") is an indoor fish market in Gothenburg, Sweden, which got its name from the building's resemblance to a Gothic church. It opened on 1 November 1874, and was drawn by the city …

  • Behrn Arena

    Behrn Arena, mostly known by its previous name Eyravallen, is a football stadium in Örebro, Sweden and home stadium for Örebro SK in Swedish top flight Allsvenskan.

  • Universeum

    Universeum is a public science centre and museum in Gothenburg, Sweden that opened in 2001. It is a part of Evenemangsstråket, the thoroughfare of events – close to Korsvägen and Skånegatan – which includes sights of interest like Scandinavium, Ulle…

  • Täby Municipality

    Täby Municipality (Täby kommun) is a municipality north of Stockholm in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Täby.

  • Söder Torn

    Söder Torn (English: Söder Tower) is a highrise building at Fatburstrappan 18 by Fatbursparken on Södermalm in Stockholm. The building was originally designed to be 40 floors, but when it was finished in 1997 it was only 86 metres tall and contained…

  • Stockholm Mosque

    Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's Mosque (Swedish: Zaid Ben Sultan Al Nahayans moské, Arabic: جامع زايد بن سلطان آل نهيان‎), commonly known as the Stockholm Mosque (Stockholms moské) or the Stockholm Grand Mosque (Stockholms stora moské), is the largest …

  • SoFo

    The area SoFo, or "South of Folkungagatan" is located in Södermalm, a district of Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Rosendal Palace

    Rosendal Palace (Swedish: Rosendals slott) is a Swedish palace pavilion located at the Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm. It was built between 1823 and 1827 for King Karl XIV Johan, the first Bernadotte King of Sweden.

  • Onsala Space Observatory

    Onsala Space Observatory (OSO), the Swedish National Facility for Radio Astronomy, provides scientists with equipment to study the Earth and the rest of the Universe. The observatory operates two radio telescopes in Onsala, 45 km south of Göteborg, …

  • Malmö IP

    Malmö Idrottsplats ("Malmö sports field"), commonly referred to simply as Malmö IP and sometimes as Gamla IP ("The old sports field"), is a stadium in Malmö, Sweden, that is primarily used for association football. As of 2015, it is the home of wome…