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  • Helsingborg Municipality

    Helsingborg Municipality (Helsingborgs kommun) is a municipality in Skåne County in Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Helsingborg, which is Sweden's eighth largest city.

  • Hassle

    Hassle (59°21′N15°22′E) is a location in Närke, Sweden, where a Celtic treasure was found in 1936.

  • Gärdet

    Gärdet is a part of Stockholm east and northeast of Östermalm. Its official name is Ladugårdsgärdet. It is renowned for its large number of modernist apartments.

  • Gällivare Municipality

    Gällivare Municipality (Swedish: Gällivare kommun, Finnish: Jällivaaran kunta, Northern Sami: Jiellevárri gielda or Váhčira gielda) is a municipality in Norrbotten County in northern Sweden. Its seat is Gällivare.

  • Glimmingehus

    Glimmingehus, located in Simrishamn Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden, is the best preserved medieval stronghold in Scandinavia. It was built 1499-1506, during an era when Scania formed a vital part of Denmark, and contains many defensive arr…

  • Frösön

    Frösön (Frey's island; Swedish pronunciation: [fɾøːsøːn]; [fɾøːsœʏːa] in the local dialect, Jamtlandic) is the largest island in the lake Storsjön, located west of the city Östersund in Jämtland, Sweden.

  • Fornsigtuna

    Fornsigtuna (forn means ancient), Old Sigtuna, Sithun, Sign(h)ildsberg or Signesberg (59°37′N17°39′E) is located in the parish of Håtuna approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) west of the modern town of Sigtuna, by lake Mälaren, in Sweden.

  • Blackeberg

    Blackeberg is a suburb of Stockholm built in the 1950s, and is part of the Bromma borough. Blackeberg was originally a croft first mentioned in 1599. The croft was demolished in 1861 by Knut Ljunglöf, who built a house, a stable, a mill and a saw in…

  • Björkö, Ekerö

    Björkö (Swedish for "Birch Island") is an island in Lake Mälaren in eastern-central Sweden. It is mostly famous for housing the excavation site Birka populated c.

  • Österlånggatan

    Österlånggatan (Swedish: Eastern Long Street) is a street in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm, Sweden. Stretching southward from Slottsbacken to Järntorget, it forms a parallel street to Baggensgatan and Skeppsbron.

  • Vaxholm Municipality

    Vaxholm Municipality (Vaxholms kommun or Vaxholms stad) is a municipality within Stockholm archipelago in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. The municipal slogan is "Vaxholm – the capital of the archipelago", due to its central location in the…

  • University of Dance and Circus

    The University of Dance and Circus (Swedish: Dans- och cirkushögskolan, DOCH) is a Swedish institution offering higher education in the fields of dance education, folk dance, dance, dance therapy, historical dance, choreography and contemporary circ…

  • Tyresta National Park

    Tyresta National Park (Swedish: Tyresta nationalpark) is a national park with a surrounding nature reserve in Sweden, located in Haninge and Tyresö municipalities in Stockholm County.

  • Trollkyrka

    Trollkyrka ("Troll's church") is a secluded butte-like rock in the heart of the National Park of Tiveden, Sweden, which served as a pagan sacrificial ground (horgr, see also blót) for centuries after Christianity became the dominant religion in Scan…

  • Sveavägen

    Sveavägen is a major street in Stockholm, Sweden. The street starts at Sergels torg in the city center and goes north out of the city towards the Haga Park.

  • Skellefteå Kraft Arena

    Skellefteå Kraft Arena is an indoor sporting arena located in Skellefteå, Sweden. The capacity of the arena is 6,001 and it was built in 1966. It is the home arena of the SHL's Skellefteå AIK as well as Division 1's SK Lejon.

  • Lilla Bommen

    Lilla Bommen, popularly referred to as The Lipstick, is an 83 metre tall 23 floor post-modern skyscraper at the Lilla Bommen district of central Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • School of Business, Economics and Law

    The Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg (Swedish: Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet) is a business school in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was founded in 1923 as an independent business college and is s…

  • Salem Municipality

    Salem Municipality (Salems kommun) is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. The name traces its origins from Slaem in the 16th century, but was later changed to Salem, the Biblical name of Jerusalem.

  • Royal Institute of Art

    The Royal Institute of Art (Swedish: Kungliga Konsthögskolan) is an institution in Stockholm, Sweden for higher education in art, founded in 1735. The school was part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, until 1978 when it was made independent.