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  • Gästrikland

     Gästrikland  is a historical province or landskap on the eastern coast of Sweden. It borders Uppland, Västmanland, Dalarna, Hälsingland and the Gulf of Bothnia.

  • Falsterbo

    Falsterbo is a town located at the south-western tip of Sweden in Vellinge Municipality in Skåne. Falsterbo is situated in the southern part of the Falsterbo peninsula.

  • Anderstorp Raceway

    Anderstorp Raceway, previously known as Scandinavian Raceway, is a 2.505 miles (4.03 km) motorsport race track in Anderstorp (Gislaved Municipality), Sweden.

  • Malmö Stadion

    Malmö Stadion, often known simply as Stadion before the construction of Swedbank Stadion between 2007 and 2009, is a multi-purpose stadium in Malmö, Sweden. As of 2015, it is the home of association football club IFK Malmö, presently of Division 4, …

  • Luleå Airport

    Luleå Airport (IATA: LLA, ICAO: ESPA) is located about 5 km south-southeast of Luleå, Sweden, near the village of Kallax. The airport had a total of 1,066,839 passenger in 2011, and is thus Sweden's sixth largest airport. It is the largest airport i…

  • Hovet

    Hovet (formerly known as Johanneshovs Isstadion) is an arena in Stockholm mainly used for ice hockey, concerts and corporate events. It was opened in 1955 as an outdoor arena. A roof was added in 1962, and the arena interior has also been a subject …

  • Gotland County

    Gotland County (Gotlands län) is a county or län of Sweden. Gotland is located in the Baltic Sea to the east of Öland, and is the largest of Sweden's islands. Counties are usually sub-divided into municipalities, but Gotland County only consists of …

  • Boden Fortress

    Boden Fortress (Swedish: Bodens fästning) is a modern fortress consisting of several major and minor forts and fortifications surrounding the city of Boden, Norrbotten, in northern Sweden. The fortress was originally intended to stop or delay attack…

  • World Maritime University

    The World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden, is a postgraduate maritime university founded by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations.

  • Three-Country Cairn

    Three-Country Cairn. (Treriksröset (in Swedish), Treriksrøysa (in Norwegian), Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki (in Finnish)) is the point at which the international borders of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet.

  • Stortorget

    Stortorget (Swedish: The Big Square) is a small public square in Gamla Stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is the oldest square in Stockholm, the historical centre on which the medieval urban conglomeration gradually came into being.…

  • Stockholm Västerås Airport

    Stockholm Västerås Airport, also known as Västerås Airport or Hässlö Flygplats (IATA: VST, ICAO: ESOW) is located at the city Västerås, and about 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Riddarholmen

    Riddarholmen (Swedish: "The Knights' Islet") is a small islet in central Stockholm, Sweden. The island forms part of Gamla Stan, the old town, and houses a number of private palaces dating from the 17th century.

  • Nordiska Kompaniet

    Nordiska Kompaniet (colloquially NK, and literally The Nordic Company) is the name of two department stores located in Stockholm and Gothenburg, in Sweden.

  • Nordic Museum

    The Nordic Museum (Swedish: Nordiska museet) is a museum located on Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden from the Early Modern age (which for purposes of Swedish history is s…

  • Kungsholmen

    Kungsholmen is an island in Lake Mälaren in Sweden, part of Stockholm City. It is situated north of Riddarfjärden and considered part of the historical province Uppland. Its area is 3.9 km² with a perimeter of 8.9 km. The highest point is at Stadsha…

  • Kiruna Municipality

    Kiruna Municipality (Swedish: Kiruna kommun, Finnish: Kiirunan kunta, Northern Sami: Girona gielda) is a municipality in Norrbotten County in northernmost Sweden. Its seat is located in Kiruna.

  • Falun Mine

    Falun Mine (Swedish: Falu Gruva) was a mine in Falun, Sweden, that operated for a millennium from the 10th century to 1992. It produced as much as two thirds of Europe's copper needs and helped fund many of Sweden's wars in the 17th century. Technol…

  • Polar Studios

    Polar Studios is a recording studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio was formed by ABBA musicians Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson and the band's manager Stig Anderson, owner of the Polar Music recording label.

  • Drottningholm Palace Theatre

    The Drottningholm Palace Theatre (Swedish: Drottningholms slottsteater) is an opera house located at Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm, Sweden, which has been described by Per-Erik Öhrn, the theatre’s former artistic director, as "the Swedish jewel …

  • Waldemarsudde

    Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (Swedish: "Cape of Waldemar"), is a building, the scenic former home of the Swedish Prince Eugen, now a museum located on Djurgården in central Stockholm. The name is composed by Waldemar, an Old German noble male name and…

  • Torslandaverken

    The Torslanda Works (or Torslandaverken in Swedish), is one of the largest production facilities of Volvo Cars and is located in Torslanda on the island of Hisingen, about 12 km north west of Gothenburg city centre.