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  • Gävle University College

    Gävle University College (Swedish: Högskolan i Gävle) is a university college (högskola) located in Gävle, Sweden. It uses the name "University of Gävle" in English, although it is officially a 'University College'. The university was established in…

  • Farsta

    Farsta is a district in a borough with the same name in southern Stockholm, see Farsta (borough). It is also a metro station on the Green line (see Farsta metro station).

  • Coop Norrbotten Arena

    Coop Norrbotten Arena is an indoor sporting arena located in Luleå, Sweden. The seating capacity of the arena is 6,300, and it is the home arena of the Luleå HF ice hockey team. Until 2002 it was called Delfinen ("The Dolphin") when it was refurbish…

  • Alby, Öland

    Alby is a village on the Baltic Sea in the Hulterstad district at the western fringe of the Stora Alvaret. Archaeological evidence indicates this settlement to have been one of the oldest on the island of Öland, with excavations, dating to the paleo…

  • Örnsköldsvik Airport

    Örnsköldsvik Airport (IATA: OER, ICAO: ESNO), is a regional airport located 24 km (15 mi) northeast of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, at Husum, built in 1961. The airport had 80,123 passengers in 2013 and a record of 165,712 in 2000.

  • Örebro Castle

    Örebro Castle is a medieval castle fortification in Örebro, Närke, Sweden. It was expanded during the reign of the royal family Vasa (House of Vasa) and finally rebuilt about 1900. The castle lies on an island in river Svartån.

  • Älvsjö

    Älvsjö (Elf Lake) is a district of the city of Stockholm Municipality in Sweden, located in the borough Älvsjö in Söderort. It has the biggest rentable facility in northern Europe called Stockholm International Fairs, and also the hotel Rica Talk Ho…

  • Älvsborg Bridge

    The Älvsborg Bridge is a suspension bridge over Göta älv in Gothenburg, Sweden, which connects the north and the south part of the city. It was built in 1966 and designed by Sven Olof Asplund. The total length of the bridge is 933 metres and distanc…

  • Söderåsen National Park

    Söderåsen is a ridge (or a horst) in Scania in southern Sweden. On Söderåsen is Scania's highest point: 212 m (696 ft) above sea level. It is intersected by several fissure valleys. The ridge extends from Röstånga in the southeast to the Åstorp in n…

  • Söderstadion

    Söderstadion (translated in English as Southern Stadium) is a football stadium in Stockholm, Sweden. It was opened in 1966 although there had already existed stadiums at the site, the earliest opened in 1918 under the name Johanneshovs Idrottsplats,…

  • Stjerneborg

    Stjerneborg ("Star Castle" in English) was Tycho Brahe's underground observatory next to his palace-observatory Uraniborg, located on the island of Hven in Oresund.

  • SAS Frösundavik Office Building

    The SAS Frösundavik Office Building is an office building in Frösundavik (SV), Solna Municipality, Sweden, north of Stockholm. It currently serves as well as formerly served as the head office of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and the SAS Group. The SA…

  • Röhsska Museum

    The Röhsska Museum (Swedish: Röhsska museet, earlier named Röhsska konstslöjdsmuseet, also known as Design Museum), is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Riddarfjärden

    Riddarfjärden, literally The Knight Firth, is a bay of Lake Mälaren in central Stockholm. Stockholm was founded in 1252 on an island in the stream where Lake Mälaren (from the west) drains into the Baltic Sea (to the east). The island is today calle…

  • Norrmalmstorg

    Norrmalmstorg is a square in central Stockholm, Sweden. The square connects shopping streets Hamngatan and Biblioteksgatan and is the starting point for tram travellers with the Djurgården line.

  • Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics

    The Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, or NORDITA (Danish: Nordisk Institut for Teoretisk (Atom)fysik), is an international organisation for research in theoretical physics. It was established in 1957 by Niels Bohr and the Swedish minister To…

  • Nobel Library

    The Nobel Library (Swedish: Nobelbiblioteket or, officially, Swedish: Svenska Akademiens Nobelbibliotek, e.g. "Nobel Library of the Swedish Academy") is the public library of the Swedish academy instituted to assist the evaluation of Nobel laureates…

  • Museum of World Culture

    The national Museum of World Culture opened in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2004. Its aim is to interpret the subject of world culture in an interdisciplinary way. The museum is situated next to the Universeum science centre and the amusement park Liseber…

  • Military Academy Karlberg

    Military Academy Karlberg (Swedish: Militärhögskolan Karlberg) is a Swedish military academy, since its inauguration in 1792 in operation in the Karlberg Palace in Solna, just north of central Stockholm.

  • Maritime Museum (Stockholm)

    The Maritime Museum (Swedish: Sjöhistoriska museet) is a museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Located in the Gärdet section of the inner-city district Östermalm, the museum offers a panoramic view of the bay Djurgårdsbrunnsviken.

  • Mantorp Park

    Mantorp Park is a motor racing circuit near the town of Mantorp in Mjölby Municipality, Sweden. The circuit was built in 1969 with finance from BP Sweden as a permanent road course and a drag strip.

  • Malmö Synagogue

    Malmö Synagogue (Swedish: Malmö synagoga) is the only synagogue in Malmö, Sweden. It was built in 1903 and designed by the architect John Smedberg. It has an Art Nouveau and Moorish Revival design.

  • Lapporten

    Lapporten (Swedish: "The Lapponian Gate") or Tjuonavagge (Northern Sami: Čuonjávággi, "Goose Valley") is a U-shaped valley in Lapland in northern Sweden, one of the most familiar natural sights of the mountains there. The valley is bounded to the so…

  • Kungstornen

    Kungstornen (English: King's Towers) are twin tower skyscrapers, individually named Norra Kungstornet and Södra Kungstornet, in Norrmalm, Stockholm.