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Latitude.to is a free experimental project combining geolocation information from various free sources such as Wikipedia, DBpedia and GeoNames.This user-fed information may contain errors.

During data processing several statistical methods were used in order to filter and correct the highest number of errors and inaccuracies. Nevertheless, we are aware many other errors may remain to be corrected.

We will not be held responsible in any way for the accuracy of the data available on Latitude.to.

If you find an error and wish to help us correct it, you can send us the URL of the specific page as well as all the information related to its correction at the following email address:

Latitude.to is open to your ideas for service improvement but please remember the Latitude.to staff do not receive any payment. Therefore, all site improvement and maintenance works depend on the willingness and free time of the volunteers (including answering to emails). Please be patient when contacting us.

We hope this site and its information are useful to you.

Coordinates system conversion to different formats is based on mathematical formulae that can be found on Wikipedia.