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  • Karlevi Runestone

    The Karlevi Runestone, designated as Öl 1 by Rundata, is commonly dated to the late 10th century and located near the Kalmarsund straight in Karlevi on the island of Öland, Sweden. It is one of the most notable and prominent runestones and constitut…

  • Hovgården

    Hovgården is an archaeological site on the Lake Mälaren island of Adelsö in Ekerö Municipality in central-eastern Sweden. During the Viking Age, the centre of the prospering Mälaren Valley was the settlement Birka, founded in the mid-8th century and…

  • Helgeandsholmen

    Helgeandsholmen is a small island in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is located north of Stadsholmen, and east of Strömsborg, with which, together with Riddarholmen, it forms Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm.

  • Halmstad University, Sweden

    Halmstad University or Halmstad University College (Swedish: Högskolan i Halmstad) (HH) is a University college (Swedish: högskola) in Halmstad, Sweden. It was established in 1983. Halmstad University is a public higher education institution offerin…

  • Gustavianum

    Gustavianum is the former main building of Uppsala University, built 1622–1625. The name Gustavianum comes from Gustavus Adolphus who in the 1620s donated money for its construction. The Gustavianum was Uppsala University’s previous main building, u…

  • Fittja

    Fittja is a part of Botkyrka Municipality and the name of the Stockholm metro station in the area. It was settled during the 1970s and consists mostly of rental apartments.

  • Saab Arena

    Saab Arena, formerly named Cloetta Center between 2004–2014, is an arena in Linköping, Sweden. It opened in 2004 and holds 8,500 people during sport events and 11,500 during concerts.

  • Battle of Gestilren

    The Battle of Gestilren took place on July 17, 1210. The battle was fought between the exiled King of Sweden Sverker and the ruling King Eric. Sverker had been beaten in the previous Battle of Lena, but had returned with new forces. Sverker was kill…

  • ABB Arena

    ABB Arena is the common name for the two biggest indoor arenas in Västerås, Sweden.[1] "ABB Arena Nord" is the renovated arena, which was earlier called Rocklundahallen. ABB Arena Nord is the ice hockey arena and VIK Västerås HK's home arena. It was…

  • Örebro Airport

    Örebro Airport (IATA: ORB, ICAO: ESOE) is located 10 kilometers southwest of Örebro and is Sweden's 23rd largest passenger airport and the 4th largest cargo airport.

  • Vadstena Abbey

    The Abbey of Our Lady and of St. Bridget (Latin: Monasterium sanctarum Mariæ Virgìnis et Brigidæ in Vatzstena), more commonly referred to as Vadstena Abbey, situated on Lake Vättern, in the Diocese of Linköping, Sweden, was the motherhouse of the Br…

  • Torneträsk

    Torneträsk or Torne träsk (Saami: Duortnosjávri, Finnish/Meänkieli: Tornio or Torniojärvi) is a lake in Kiruna Municipality, Lapland, Norrbotten County in Sweden, in the Scandinavian mountain range. Träsk is the local word for lake (in Standard Swed…

  • Stora Karlsö

    Stora Karlsö is a small Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, situated about 6 km west of Gotland. It has an area of about 2.5 km² and is up to 52 meters high. Most of the island consists of a limestone plateau, bordered by steep cliffs along the shore.…

  • Sofiero Castle

    Sofiero Castle or just Sofiero (Swedish: Sofiero slott or just Sofiero) in Helsingborg Municipality, Scania, was one of the Swedish royal family's country mansions, located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of Helsingborg. It was originally a Scanian farm…

  • Olympia (Helsingborg)

    Olympia, sometimes referred to as Olympiastadion (English: Olympic Stadium), is a football stadium in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was opened in 1898, but has been rebuilt both 1993 and 1997, and has a capacity of 17,200 (9,673 seated and about 7,500 gro…

  • Nils Ericson Terminal

    The Nils Ericson Terminal is a major bus terminus in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is placed in the city centre just next to Gothenburg Central Station (Centralstationen), and across the street from the main Nordstan shopping centre. The main street and mo…

  • Museum of Medieval Stockholm

    The Museum of Medieval Stockholm (Swedish: Stockholms medeltidsmuseum), centrally located north of the Royal Palace, was constructed around old monuments excavated in an extensive archaeological dig (dubbed Riksgropen, "National/State Pit") in the l…

  • Linnaean Garden

    The Linnaean Garden or Linnaeus' Garden (Swedish: Linnéträdgården) is the oldest of the botanical gardens belonging to Uppsala University in Sweden.

  • Kungliga begravningsplatsen

    Kungliga begravningsplatsen (translates as the Royal Cemetery) was first used in 1922 and has been the only official burial place of the Swedish Royal Family since 1950, replacing Riddarholm Church.

  • Kopparvallen

    Kopparvallen is a multi-use stadium in Åtvidaberg, Sweden. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Åtvidabergs FF.

  • Jokkmokk Municipality

    Jokkmokk Municipality (Swedish: Jokkmokks kommun, Finnish: Jokimukan kunta, Northern Sami: Johkamohkki gielda, Meänkieli: Jokinmukka) is a municipality in Norrbotten County in northern Sweden.