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  • Royal National City Park

    The Royal National City Park (Swedish: Kungliga nationalstadsparken) is the world's first national city park, established in 1995 in the municipalities of Stockholm, Solna and Lidingö in Sweden.

  • Ronneby Airport

    Ronneby Airport (Kallinge) (IATA: RNB, ICAO: ESDF) is located about 4 km (2.5 mi) from Ronneby, Sweden and 30 km (17 mi) from Karlshamn and 30 km (17 mi) from Karlskrona.

  • Ribersborgs open-air bath

    Ribersborg open-air bath (Ribersborgs kallbadhus in Swedish, also known as Ribban by the older and Kallis by the younger generation) is an open-air public bath on the Ribersborg beach in Malmö, Sweden approximately one kilometre southwest of Turning…

  • Orkesta Runestones

    The Orkesta Runestones are 11th century runestones engraved in Old Norse with the younger futhark that are located at the church of Orkesta north-east of Stockholm in Sweden.

  • Mälaren Valley

    The Mälaren Valley (Swedish: Mälardalen), occasionally referred to as Stockholm-Mälaren Region (Stockholm-Mälaren regionen), is the easternmost part of Svealand, the catchment area of Lake Mälaren and the surrounding municipalities.

  • Långholmen Prison

    Långholmen Prison, officially Långholmen Central Prison (Swedish: Långholmens centralfängelse), was historically one of the biggest prison facilities in Sweden with more than 500 cells, located on the island of Långholmen in Stockholm. It was built …

  • Gavlerinken Arena

    Gavlerinken Arena, formerly known as Läkerol Arena (2006–2014) and Gavlerinken (1967–2006), is an indoor sporting arena located in Gävle, Sweden. The capacity of the arena is 8,585 for ice hockey games and 11,000 for concerts which makes it the 5th …

  • Lugnet, Falun

    Lugnet is a large sport complex located in Falun, Sweden. 58 of the Swedish Sports Confederation's 67 special sports can be practiced there. There are 6 full sized indoor pitches in the area where everything from dance to association football can be…

  • Lovön

    Lovön is an island located in the Swedish Lake Mälaren in Ekerö Municipality of Stockholm County. It was a municipality of its own until 1952, when it was joined with Ekerö Municipality.

  • Kungsträdgården metro station

    Kungsträdgården is a station of the Stockholm metro, located in the district of Norrmalm. It is the end station of line 10 and line 11 and was opened on 30 October 1977, as the 91st station. The platform is located approximately 34 meters undergroun…

  • Kungsportsavenyen

    Avenyn (English: The Avenue; formally Kungsportsavenyen, (en. "Kingsgate Avenue")) is the main boulevard of Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed in the mid 19th century as the first middle-class residential district outside the bastions of the fortified hea…

  • Katarina Church

    Katarina kyrka (Church of Catherine) is one of the major churches in central Stockholm, Sweden. The original building was constructed 1656–1695. It has been rebuilt twice after being destroyed by fires, the second time during the 1990s.

  • Hagaparken

    Hagaparken ("Haga Park"), or simply Haga in Solna Municipality just north of Stockholm, Sweden is a vast and popular nature area, with large parks, lakes, woods and gardens. Within the park is Haga Palace, King Gustav III's Pavilion, the Chinese Pav…

  • HSwMS Sölve

    HSwMS Sölve is a monitor warship, built in 1875 at the Motala Warf in Norrköping, Sweden, by John Ericsson and J. C. A. d'Ailly.

  • Gustav III's Pavilion

    Gustav III's Pavilion (Swedish: Gustav III:s paviljong) is a royal pavilion at the Haga Park, 2 km north of Stockholm. As a highlight in Swedish art history, the Pavilion is a fine example of the European neoclassicism of the late 18th century in No…

  • Grimsta IP

    Grimsta IP is a multi-use stadium in Vällingby, Sweden. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of IF Brommapojkarna. The stadium holds 8000 people although only one stand is there on South side.

  • Gettlinge

    Gettlinge is a village in the southwest portion of the island of Öland, Sweden. It is known for its impressive Viking stone ship burial ground. Gettlinge is situated on the western fringe of the Stora Alvaret, a World Heritage Site designated by UNE…

  • Böksta Runestone

    The Böksta runestone is a Viking Age memorial runestone that is located near the farm of Böksta in Balingsta, which is about four kilometers southwest of Ramstalund, Uppsala County, Sweden, in the historic province of Uppland. It is situated not far…

  • Dala Airport

    Dala Airport or Borlänge Airport (IATA: BLE, ICAO: ESSD) is situated southeast of Borlänge, a city in the Dalarna province of Sweden.

  • Battle of Ratan and Sävar

    The Battle of Sävar and Ratan is two battles fought a day apart. They are mentioned together as the same armies fought both battles and the later battle was essentially an extension of the first.

  • Astrid Lindgren's World

    Astrid Lindgren's World (Astrid Lindgrens Värld) is a theme park located in Astrid Lindgren's native city Vimmerby, Sweden. In its 130,000 square metres, visitors meet all the beloved characters from Astrid Lindgren's books in person.