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  • Södermanland

    Södermanland ( listen ), sometimes referred to under its Latin form Sudermannia or Sudermania, is a historical province or landskap on the south eastern coast of Sweden. It borders Östergötland, Närke, Västmanland and Uppland.

  • Sarek National Park

    Sarek National Park (Swedish: Sareks nationalpark) is a national park in the Jokkmokk Municipality of Lapland province, northern Sweden. It borders two other national parks: Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta.

  • Hisingen

    Hisingen is the fourth-largest island of Sweden (after Gotland, Öland and Orust), with an area of 199 km2 (77 sq mi), and the most populous, forming part of Gothenburg Municipality, Västra Götaland County. It is bordered by the Göta älv in the south…

  • Stockholm Central Station

    Stockholm Central Station (Swedish: Stockholms Centralstation, Stockholm C) is the largest railway station in Sweden.(not counting Metro stations) It is situated in the district of Norrmalm at Vasagatan/Central Plan.

  • Malmö Airport

    Malmö Airport, formerly known as Malmö-Sturup Airport (Swedish: Malmö-Sturup flygplats) (IATA: MMX, ICAO: ESMS) is Sweden's fifth busiest airport, handling 2,104,013 passengers in 2012, a new all-time high.

  • Gröna Lund

    Gröna Lund or Grönan is an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. It is located on the seaward side of the Djurgården island and is relatively small compared to other amusement parks, mainly due to its central location, which limits expansion. The 15-…

  • Djurgården

    Djurgården (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈjʉː(r)ɡɔɳ, ˈjʉːrˈɡoːɖɛn]) or, more officially, Kungliga Djurgården (Swedish: "The (Royal) Game Park") is an island in central Stockholm. Djurgården is home to historical buildings and monuments, museums, gallerie…

  • Linnaeus University

    Linnaeus University (LNU) (Swedish: Linnéuniversitetet) is a state university in the Småland region of Sweden. It has two campuses, one in Växjö and one in Kalmar.

  • Øresund Region

    The Øresund or Öresund Region (Danish: Øresundsregionen; Swedish: Öresundsregionen [œːrəˈsɵnːdsrɛɡiˈoːnən]) is a transnational metropolitan area in northern Europe, centred on the cities of Copenhagen and Malmö. Thus it is also called the Copenhagen…

  • Blekinge

    Blekinge is one of the traditional provinces of Sweden (landskap), situated in the south of the country. It borders Småland, Scania and the Baltic Sea.

  • Kronan (ship)

    Kronan, also called Stora Kronan, was a Swedish warship that served as the flagship of the Swedish navy in the Baltic Sea in the 1670s. When built, she was one of the largest seagoing vessels in the world. The construction of Kronan lasted from 1668…

  • Rök Runestone

    The Rök Runestone (Swedish: Rökstenen; Ög 136) is one of the most famous runestones, featuring the longest known runic inscription in stone. It can now be seen by the church in Rök (between Mjölby and Ödeshög, close to the E4 and Lake Vättern and Tå…

  • Swedbank Stadion

    Swedbank Stadion, often called Stadion, is a football stadium in Malmö, Sweden and the home of Allsvenskan club Malmö Fotbollförening, commonly known as Malmö FF. In UEFA competitions, the stadium is known as Malmö New Stadium for sponsorship reason…

  • Gamla Ullevi

    Gamla Ullevi is a football stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, that opened on 5 April 2009. The stadium replaced the city's previous main football stadium, also called Gamla Ullevi, and is the home ground of four football clubs: BK Häcken, GAIS, IFK Göte…

  • Nationalmuseum

    Nationalmuseum (or National Museum of Fine Arts) is the national gallery of Sweden, located on the peninsula Blasieholmen in central Stockholm.

  • Liseberg

    Liseberg is an amusement park located in Gothenburg, Sweden, that opened in 1923. It is one of the most visited amusement parks in Scandinavia, attracting about three million visitors annually. Among the noteworthy attractions is the wooden roller c…

  • Stockholm Skavsta Airport

    Stockholm Skavsta Airport (Swedish: Stockholm Skavsta flygplats), or Nyköping Airport (IATA: NYO, ICAO: ESKN) is an international airport near Nyköping, Sweden, approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi) southwest of Stockholm.

  • Storkyrkan

    Sankt Nikolai kyrka (Church of St. Nicholas), most commonly known as Storkyrkan (The Great Church) and Stockholms domkyrka (Stockholm Cathedral), is the oldest church in Gamla Stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is an important examp…

  • Stockholm Municipality

    Stockholm Municipality or the City of Stockholm (Swedish: Stockholms kommun or Stockholms stad) is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. It has the largest population of the 290 municipalities of the country, but one of the smal…

  • Skogskyrkogården

    Skogskyrkogården (official name in English: The Woodland Cemetery ) is a cemetery located in the Enskededalen district south of central Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Råsunda Stadium

    Råsunda Stadium (also known as Råsunda Fotbollsstadion, Råsundastadion or just Råsunda) was the Swedish national football stadium. It was located in Solna Municipality in Stockholm and named after the district in Solna where it is located. In Novemb…

  • Gävle goat

    The Gävle Goat (Gävlebocken) is a traditional Christmas display erected annually at Slottstorget ("Castle Square") in central Gävle.

  • Dalarna County

    Dalarna County (Dalarnas län) is a county or län in middle Sweden. It borders the counties of Uppsala, Jämtland, Gävleborg, Västmanland, Örebro and Värmland. It is also bordered by the Norwegian counties of Hedmark and Sør-Trøndelag in the west.

  • Uraniborg

    Uraniborg (Danish: Uranienborg, Swedish: Uraniborg) was a Danish astronomical observatory and alchemical laboratory established and operated by Tycho Brahe. It was built c. 1576 – c. 1580 on Hven, an island in the Øresund between Zealand and Scania,…

  • Tre Kronor (castle)

    Tre Kronor or Three Crowns was a castle located in Stockholm, Sweden, on the site where Stockholm Palace is today. It is believed to have been a citadel that Birger Jarl built into a royal castle in the middle of the 13th century.

  • Jämtland County

    Jämtland County (Jämtlands län) is a county or län in the middle of Sweden consisting of the provinces of Jämtland and Härjedalen, along with minor parts of Hälsingland and Ångermanland, plus two small uninhabited strips of Lapland and Dalarna. Jämt…

  • Hälsingland

     Hälsingland  is a historical province or landskap in central Sweden. It borders Gästrikland, Dalarna, Härjedalen, Medelpad and the Gulf of Bothnia.