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  • Maziwi Island

    Maziwe island is a very small unvegetated island surrounded by coral reefs located about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) south east of the town of Pangani off the northern coast of Tanzania. Historical records indicate that this island used to be significantl…

  • Matema

    Matema is a town in southwestern Tanzania. The town is primarily a fishing village with some agriculture.

  • Fundo Island

    Fundo Island is located off the northwest coast of Pemba Island, one of the two main islands of Tanzania's Zanzibar Archipelago. It is one of the larger minor islands in the archipelago, and the largest of those surrounding Pemba.

  • Unity Bridge 2

    The Unity Bridge 2 is an international bridge and border crossing between Kivikoni, Songea Rural District in Tanzania and Lupilichi in Mozambique.

  • Ukara Island

    Ukara is an island in Lake Victoria. Part of Tanzania, it is located 10 km north of Ukerewe Island, in the Ukerewe District, Mwanza Region.

  • Toten Island

    Toten Island is situated off the Tanga harbour in Tanzania. It is within the Tanga Bay. The Island contains ruins of two mosques and tombs.

  • Sumve

    Sumve, Tanzania is located in the Kwimba District of the Mwanza Region, at (2°44′50″S33°13′40″E). Sumve's residents are predominantly from the Wasukuma tribe, the largest in Tanzania, but some of Sumve's institutions employ Wahaya, Wajita, Wakerewe…

  • Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium

    Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Arusha, Tanzania. It is currently used mostly for football matches and serves as the home venue for Arusha FC. The stadium was the host of the 2011 Kilimanjaro Bowl, the first American…

  • Serengeti District

    The Serengeti District is one of the five districts in the Mara Region of Tanzania. It is home to part of the world-famous Serengeti National Park and contains the western gate to the park.

  • Nunge

    Nunge is the name of a beach strip 2 kilometres north of the East African town Bagamoyo in Tanzania.

  • Ngurdoto Crater

    Ngurdoto Crater is a volcanic crater in Arusha Region, Tanzania. The crater is 3.6 km (2.2 mi) in diameter at its widest and 100 metres (110 yd) deep. Ngurdoto Crater is surrounded by forest whilst the crater floor is a swamp.

  • Nansio

    Nansio is a small town and ward on the island of Ukerewe, Lake Victoria, in Tanzania. It is a port of entry for passenger and freight shipping services from Mwanza.

  • Mutukula, Tanzania

    Mutukula, sometimes spelled as Mtukula, is a small town in Misenyi District, Kagera Region, in northwestern Tanzania, at the border with Uganda. Formerly, the settlement on the border was known as Kyebisagazi, and Mutukula was a kilometre to the sou…

  • Mkoani

    Mkoani is a town located on the Tanzanian island of Pemba. It is the capital of Pemba South region, as well as Mkoani District.

  • Mikumi

    Mikumi is a town in Morogoro region adjacent to the National park bearing the same name. This park is in the southern part of the country as opposed to the popular northern parks of Serengeti and Ngorongoro. It is at the cross roads to the Ruaha riv…

  • Lindi Airport

    Lindi Airport (IATA: LDI, ICAO: HTLI) is an airport in southern Tanzania serving Lindi. It is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of the town.

  • Kwimba District

    Kwimba District is one of 8 districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the West by the Misungwi District and to the North by the Magu District. Kwimba's population is 316,180 (2002 TZ National Census). The district seat is at Ngud…

  • Kizimkazi

    Kizimkazi - officially Kizimkazi Mkunguni, but also known as Kizimkazi Mtendeni - is a fishing village on the southern coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania, and was once a walled city. It is situated three miles southeast of the Kizimkazi Mosque (which is lo…

  • Gelai Volcano

    The Gelai Volcano stands at 9,652ft (2,942m) tall and is located in Tanzania in the Crater Highlands region. It is at the southeastern edge of Lake Natron in the East African Link. The volcano falls within a game-controlled area that extends east to…

  • Fungu Yasini Island

    Fungu Yasini Island (or simply Fungu Yasini) is an uninhabited island in Tanzania, north of the country's capital city, Dar es Salaam and is one of the four islands of the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve (DMRS).