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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Population: 11,716,620

Latitude: 39° 54' 27.00" N
Longitude: 116° 23' 50.03" E

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  • Yongdingmen

    Yongdingmen (simplified Chinese: 永定门; traditional Chinese: 永定門; pinyin: Yǒngdìngmén; Manchu: Enteheme toktoho duka) was the former front gate of the outer section of Beijing's old city wall. Originally built in 1553, it was torn down in the 1950s to…

  • Tanzhe Temple

    The Tanzhe Temple (Chinese: 潭柘寺; pinyin: Tán Zhè Sì; literally: "Temple of Pool and Zhe Tree") is a Buddhist temple situated in the Western Hills, a mountainous area in western Beijing. It is one of the most well-known temples in Beijing. At one tim…

  • Deshengmen

    Deshengmen (simplified Chinese: 德胜门; traditional Chinese: 德勝門; pinyin: Déshèngmén; Manchu: Erdemu i etehe duka; lit. "Gate of Virtuous Triumph") is the name of a city gate that was once part of Beijing's northern city wall. It is one of Beijing's fe…

  • Beijing Great Wheel

    The Beijing Great Wheel, (simplified Chinese: 北京朝天轮; traditional Chinese: 北京朝天輪; pinyin: Běijīng Cháotiānlún) a 208-metre (682 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel, was to have been constructed in eastern Beijing's Chaoyang Park, one of the 2008 Summer Olymp…

  • Palace of Earthly Tranquility

    The Palace of Earthly Tranquility (simplified Chinese: 坤宁宫; traditional Chinese: 坤寧宮; pinyin: Kūn Níng Gōng) is the northernmost of the three main halls of the Inner Court of the Forbidden City, the other two halls being the Palace of Heavenly Purit…

  • China Railway Museum

    The China Railway Museum (simplified Chinese: 中国铁道博物馆; traditional Chinese: 中國鐵道博物館; pinyin: Zhōngguó Tiědào Bówùguǎn) is a Chinese museum preserving locomotives built in the People's Republic of China since 1949. The museum offers a total exhibitio…

  • Beijing Olympic Village

    The Beijing Olympic Village (simplified Chinese: 北京奥运村; traditional Chinese: 北京奧運村; pinyin: Běijīng Àoyùn Cūn) is a complex of high-rise apartments in Beijing, People's Republic of China, which was opened to the public on July 26, 2008 in conjunctio…

  • Ying Tung Natatorium

    The Ying Tung Natatorium (simplified Chinese: 英东游泳馆; traditional Chinese: 英東游泳館; pinyin: Yīngdōng Yóuyǒngguǎn) is a swimming venue located in the Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing, China with a seating capacity of 4,852. It was upgraded for the 2008 …

  • Xiyang Lou

    Xiyang Lou (Chinese: 西洋楼; pinyin: Xīyáng Lóu; literally: "Western mansion(s)"), are ruins of 18th-century European-style imperial buildings on the grounds of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, China. They are located in the northern part of the Chang…