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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Population: 11,716,620

Latitude: 39° 54' 27.00" N
Longitude: 116° 23' 50.03" E

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  • Beijing Zoo

    The Beijing Zoo (simplified Chinese: 北京动物园; traditional Chinese: 北京動物園; pinyin: běi jīng dòng wù yuán) is a zoological park in Beijing, China. Located in the Xicheng District, the zoo occupies an area of 89 hectares (220 acres), including 5.6 hectar…

  • Geography of Beijing

    Beijing is located in northeastern China at the northern tip of the North China Plain, near the meeting point of the Xishan and Yanshan mountain ranges. The city itself lies on flat land (elevation 20 to 60 m (66 to 200 ft)) that opens to the east a…

  • Beihai Park

    Beihai Park was an imperial garden and now a public park located to the northwest of the Forbidden City in Beijing. First built in the 11th century, it is among the largest of all Chinese gardens and contains numerous historically important structur…

  • Dongcheng District, Beijing

    The Dongcheng District (simplified Chinese: 东城区; traditional Chinese: 東城區; pinyin: Dōngchéng Qū; literally "east city district") of Beijing covers the eastern half of Beijing's urban core, the Old City. Its 40.6 km2 (15.7 sq mi) area, further subdiv…

  • Beijing Railway Station

    Beijing Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 北京火车站; traditional Chinese: 北京火車站; pinyin: Běijīng Huǒchēzhàn), or simply Beijing Station (Chinese: 北京站; pinyin: Běijīngzhàn), is a passenger railway station in Dongcheng District, Beijing. The station is…

  • Sanlitun

    Sanlitun (Chinese: 三里屯; pinyin: Sānlǐtún (literally "three miles village")) is an area of the Chaoyang District, Beijing containing many popular bar streets and international stores.

  • Beijing West Railway Station

    Beijing West (Beijingxi) Railway Station (Chinese: 北京西站; pinyin: Běijīng Xī Zhàn; colloquially referred to as West Station 西客站) is located in western Beijing's Fengtai District. Opened in early 1996 after three years of construction, it is the large…

  • Beijing South Railway Station

    Beijing South (Beijingnan) Railway Station (Chinese: 北京南站; pinyin: Běijīngnán Zhàn) is a large railway station (mainly serving high speed trains) in Fengtai District, Beijing, about 7.5 km (4.7 mi) south of central Beijing, between the 2nd and 3rd r…

  • Marco Polo Bridge

    The Marco Polo Bridge or Lugou Bridge (simplified Chinese: 卢沟桥; traditional Chinese: 盧溝橋; pinyin: Lúgōu Qiáo) is a famous stone bridge located 15 km southwest of the Beijing city center in the Fengtai District. It bridges the Yongding River—a major …

  • MasterCard Center

    The MasterCard Center (simplified Chinese: 万事达中心; traditional Chinese: 萬事達中心), originally Beijing Wukesong Culture & Sports Center (simplified Chinese: 五棵松体育馆; traditional Chinese: 五棵松體育館), is an indoor arena for the 2008 Summer Olympics basketball …

  • Jingshan Park

    Jingshan Park is a public park covering 23 hectares (57 acres) immediately north of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The focal point is the artificial hill Jingshan, literally "Prospect Hill".

  • Silk Street

    Silk Street (Chinese: 秀水街; pinyin: Xiùshuǐjiē, literally meaning "beautiful water Street"), aka Silk Market or Silk Street Market, is a shopping center in Chaoyang District, Beijing, that accommodates over 1,700 retail vendors, notorious among inter…

  • Château de Maisons

    The Château de Maisons (now Château de Maisons-Laffitte), designed by François Mansart from 1630 to 1651, is a prime example of French baroque architecture and a reference point in the history of French architecture.