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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Population: 11,716,620

Latitude: 39° 54' 27.00" N
Longitude: 116° 23' 50.03" E

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  • Gate of Supreme Harmony

    The Gate of Supreme Harmony (simplified Chinese: 太和门; traditional Chinese: 太和門; pinyin: Tàihémén; Manchu: Amba hūwaliyambure duka), is the second major gate encountered when entering the Forbidden City from the south.

  • Temple of Azure Clouds

    The Temple of Azure Clouds (Chinese: 碧云寺; pinyin: Bìyún Sì), is a Buddhist temple located in the eastern part of the Western Hills, just outside the north gate of Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan), in the Haidian District, a northwestern subu…

  • Shijingshan District

    Shijingshan District (simplified Chinese: 石景山区; traditional Chinese: 石景山區; pinyin: Shíjǐngshān Qū) is an urban district of the municipality of Beijing. It lies to the west of the urban core of Beijing, and is part of the Western Hills area.

  • Miaoying Temple

    The Miaoying Temple (simplified Chinese: 妙应寺; traditional Chinese: 妙應寺; pinyin: Miàoyìng Sì), also known as the "White Stupa Temple" (Chinese: 白塔寺; pinyin: Báitǎ Sì), is a Chinese Buddhist temple on the north side of Fuchengmennei Street in Xicheng …

  • Beijing North Railway Station

    Beijingbei Railway Station or Beijing North Railway Station (Chinese: 北京北站; pinyin: Běijīngběi Zhàn), formerly known as Xizhimen Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 西直门站; traditional Chinese: 西直門車站; pinyin: Xīzhímén Zhàn), is a railway station in B…

  • Hall of Preserving Harmony

    The Hall of Preserving Harmony (Chinese: 保和殿; pinyin: Bǎo Hé Diàn) is one of the three halls of the Outer Court of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, along with the Hall of Supreme Harmony and Hall of Central Harmony. Rectangular in plan, the Hal…

  • Workers Indoor Arena

    The Workers' Indoor Arena, also known as Beijing Workers' Gymnasium (simplified Chinese: 北京工人体育馆; traditional Chinese: 北京工人體育館; pinyin: Běijīng Gōngrén Tǐyùguǎn), is an indoor arena located west of the Workers Stadium in Beijing, China.

  • Guomao, Beijing

    Guomao (simplified Chinese: 国贸; traditional Chinese: 國貿; pinyin: guó mào) is an area in Beijing at the centre of the Beijing central business district, marked by the intersection of Jianguomen Outer Street and the Third Ring Road. The Chinese World …

  • Beijing Dongyue Temple

    The Beijing Dongyue Temple (simplified Chinese: 北京东岳庙; traditional Chinese: 北京東嶽廟; pinyin: Běijīng Dōngyuè Miào; literally: "Beijing Eastern Peak Temple") is a Daoist (Taoist) temple in the Chaowai area, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. The temple…