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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Population: 11,716,620

Latitude: 39° 54' 27.00" N
Longitude: 116° 23' 50.03" E

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  • Pagoda of Cishou Temple

    The Pagoda of Cishou Temple (Chinese: 慈寿寺塔; pinyin: Císhòu Sì Tǎ), originally known as Yong'anwanshou Pagoda (Chinese: 永安万寿塔; pinyin: Yǒng'ān Wànshòu Tǎ), is a 16th-century stone and brick Chinese pagoda located in the Buddhist Cishou Temple of Bali…

  • Olympic Green Hockey Field

    The Olympic Green Hockey Field (simplified Chinese: 北京奥林匹克公园曲棍球场; traditional Chinese: 北京奧林匹克公園曲棍球場; pinyin: Běijīng Àolínpǐkè Gōngyuán Qūgùnqiú Chǎng) was one of nine temporary venues used for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  • Minzu Hotel

    The Minzu Hotel, located in Xicheng District, Beijing, People's Republic of China, is one of the Ten Great Buildings of Beijing. The Minzu Hotel is located on West Chang'an Avenue. Having opening in 1959, it has hosted numerous foreign delegations, …

  • Hall of Union

    The Hall of Union (Chinese: 交泰殿; pinyin: Jiāo Tài Diàn) is a building in the Forbidden City, in Beijing, China. It stands between the Palace of Heavenly Purity and the Palace of Earthly Tranquility.

  • Hall of Central Harmony

    The Hall of Central Harmony (Chinese: 中和殿; pinyin: Zhōng Hé Diàn) is one of the three halls of the Outer Court of the Forbidden City, in Beijing, China, along with the Hall of Supreme Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony. It is smaller than the ot…

  • Grand Hyatt Beijing

    Grand Hyatt Beijing (S: 北京东方君悦大酒店, T: 北京東方君悅大酒店, P: Běijīng Dōngfāng Jūnyuè Dàjiǔdiàn) is an 825-room hotel in China’s capital Beijing, launched in October 2001. It is located at the crossroads of Chang'an Avenue and Wangfujing, and is part of the O…

  • Beijing apm

    Beijing apm (Chinese: 新东安广场; pinyin: Xīndōng'ān Guǎngchǎng), formerly Sun Dong An Plaza (新东安市场), is a shopping mall and office building at Wangfujing, Beijing, China. It is a commercial property developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties.

  • Beihang University Gymnasium

    Beihang University Gymnasium (simplified Chinese: 北京航空航天大学体育馆; traditional Chinese: 北京航空航天大學體育館; pinyin: Běijīng Hángkōng Hángtiān Dàxué Tǐyùguǎn, sometime listed as the Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Gymnasium) is a 5,400-seat ind…

  • Temple of Agriculture

    Temple of Agriculture (simplified Chinese: 先农坛; traditional Chinese: 先農壇; pinyin: xiān nóng tán) or Altar of Agriculture is a historic site in Xuanwu District of Beijing, China, and located near the Temple of Heaven.

  • Olympic Green Archery Field

    The Olympic Green Archery Field (simplified Chinese: 北京奥林匹克公园射箭场; traditional Chinese: 北京奧林匹克公園射箭場; pinyin: Běijīng Àolínpǐkè Gōngyuán Shèjiànchǎng) was one of nine temporary venues for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  • Guangji Temple

    The Guangji Temple (simplified Chinese: 广济寺; traditional Chinese: 廣濟寺; pinyin: Guǎngjì Sì) of Beijing, located at inner Fuchengmen Street, in the Xicheng District, is a renowned Buddhist temple.

  • Chongwen District

    Chongwen District (simplified Chinese: 崇文区; traditional Chinese: 崇文區; pinyin: Chóngwén Qū) is a former district of the Chinese Municipality of Beijing, located relatively southeast to the city center (Tiananmen), and was situated between Yongdingmen…