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  • Casiquiare canal

    The Casiquiare river is a distributary of the upper Orinoco flowing southward into the Rio Negro, in Venezuela, South America. As such, it forms a unique natural canal between the Orinoco and Amazon river systems. It is the largest river on the plan…

  • Aragua

    Aragua State (Spanish: Estado Aragua, IPA: [esˈtaðo aˈɾaɣwa]) is located in the north-central region of Venezuela. It has plains and jungles and Caribbean beaches. The most popular are Cata and Choroni.

  • Petare

    Petare is a city in Miranda, Venezuela, and is part of the urban area of Caracas. It is the located in the Sucre Municipality, one of the five divisions of Caracas. The city was founded in 1621 under the name of San Jose de Guanarito. It grew to bec…

  • Miraflores Palace

    The Palacio de Miraflores (Spanish for "Miraflores Palace") is the official workplace of the President of Venezuela. It is located on Urdaneta Avenue, Libertador Municipality in Caracas.

  • La Tortuga Island

    La Tortuga Island (in Spanish: Isla La Tortuga ; "La Tortuga" means "the turtle") is an uninhabited island dependent on the government of Venezuela and belonging to the Federal Dependencies of Venezuela.

  • Catatumbo River

    The Catatumbo River (Spanish: Río Catatumbo) is a river rising in northern Colombia, flowing into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. The Catatumbo River is approximately 210 miles (338 km) long.

  • Gulf of Paria

    The Gulf of Paria (Spanish: Golfo de Paria) is a 7,800 km2 (3,000 sq mi) shallow (37m at its deepest) semi-enclosed inland sea located between the island of Trinidad (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) and the east coast of Venezuela. It separates the…

  • 1812 Caracas earthquake

    The 1812 Caracas earthquake took place in Venezuela on March 26, 1812 (on Maundy Thursday) at 4:37 p.m. It measured 7.7 on the Richter magnitude scale. It caused extensive damage in Caracas, La Guaira, Barquisimeto, San Felipe, and Mérida.

  • Puerto Ordaz and San Felix

    Puerto Ordaz (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpwerto orˈðas]) is a planned city which, together with the older settlement of San Félix, forms Ciudad Guayana in Bolívar State, eastern Venezuela. Puerto Ordaz is located at the confluence of the Caroní and Or…

  • El Ávila National Park

    The El Ávila National Park (or Waraira Repano, from an indigenous name for the area) protects part of the Cordillera de la Costa Central mountain range, in the coastal region of central-northern Venezuela.

  • Morrocoy National Park

    Morrocoy National Park is located in the easternmost coast of Falcón state and northwestern of Golfo Triste, in the west central Venezuelan coast, near the towns of Boca de Aroa, Tucacas, Sanare, Chichiriviche, Flamenco and Tocuyo de la Costa, and c…

  • Barinas, Barinas

    Barinas (Spanish pronunciation: [baˈɾinas]) is a city in west central Venezuela. According to the 2011 census, its population is 353,442. It is the capital of the Barinas Municipality and the State of Barinas.

  • Apure

    Apure State (Spanish: Estado Apure, IPA: [esˈtaðo aˈpuɾe]) is one of the 23 states (estados) into which Venezuela is divided. Its territory formed part of the provinces of Mérida, Maracaibo, and Barinas, in accordance with successive territorial ord…

  • Sima Martel

    Sima Martel (Sima Menor) is an enormous sinkhole located on the summit of plateau of Sarisariñama tepui, in Bolívar State, Venezuela. It is unusual due to several factors including its enormous size and depth, location on the top of the only foreste…

  • Polideportivo Cachamay

    The Estadio Cachamay is part of the Centro Total de Entretenimiento Cachamay (English: The Total Entertainment Center of Cachamay). It is a multipurpose stadium located on Avenida Guayana in Puerto Ordaz (Part of Ciudad Guayana) Bolivar State, Venez…

  • Punto Fijo

    Punto Fijo is the capital city of the municipality of Carirubana in northern Falcón State, Venezuela. It is located on the southwestern coast of the Paraguaná Peninsula. Its metropolitan area includes the parishes of Norte, Carirubana, Punta Cardón …

  • Valera

    Valera is a city in Trujillo State in Venezuela, situated between the rivers Momboy and Motatán. The current mayor is José Karkom, who has had that post since 2013. The city is home to Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Colombian and Spanish communities.…

  • Mochima National Park

    Mochima National Park (/mˈmə/ moh-CHEE-mə) is located in the States of Anzoátegui and Sucre (state), on the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The park covers 94,935 hectares and is made up of an exclusively marine area in its western sector (An…

  • Los Teques

    Los Teques (Spanish pronunciation: [los ˈtekes]) is the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Miranda and the center of the Altos Mirandinos Metropolitan Area. Its population is 140,617 (2001).

  • Los Monjes Archipelago

    The Los Monjes islands, a federal dependency of Venezuela, are located to the northwest of the Gulf of Venezuela, 34.8 km off the coast of Guajira Peninsula, at the border between Colombia and the Venezuelan state of Zulia.

  • Barinas (state)

    Barinas (Spanish: Estado Barinas, IPA: [esˈtaðo βaˈɾinas]) is one of the 23 states (estados) into which Venezuela is divided. The state capital is Barinas. Former President Hugo Chávez was born in this state.

  • Trujillo (state)

    Trujillo (Spanish: Estado Trujillo, IPA: [esˈtaðo tɾuˈxiʎo]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. Its capital is Trujillo but the largest city is Valera. The state is divided into 20 municipalities and 93 parishes.

  • Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex

    The Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex (Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño), also known as Teresa Carreño Theater (Teatro Teresa Carreño), is the most important theatre of Caracas and Venezuela, where performances include symphonic and popular concerts, …

  • Lake Bermudez

    Lake Guanoco (Spanish: Lago Guanoco or Lago de Asfalto de Guanoco, also Lake Bermudez) is the world's second largest natural tar pit and lies in Venezuela in northern South America.

  • Coche Island

    Isla de Coche (Coche Island) is one of three islands forming the Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela, located in the Caribbean between Isla Margarita and the mainland. The other two islands are Isla Margarita, the main island of the state, and Cubagua,…

  • Central University of Ecuador

    The Central University of Ecuador (Spanish: Universidad Central del Ecuador) is a national university located in Quito, Ecuador. It is the oldest university in Ecuador, and one of the oldest in the Americas.

  • Caracas Cathedral

    The Caracas Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Metropolitan archdiocese of Caracas, located on the Plaza Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela. Its chapel of the Holy Trinity is the burial site of the parents and wife of Simón Bolívar.