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  • Estadio Agustín Tovar

    Estadio Agustín Tovar, also known as Estadio La Carolina, is a multi-purpose stadium in Barinas, Venezuela. It is currently used mostly for football matches and it is the home stadium of Zamora FC.

  • Carora

    Carora is a town in Lara State, Venezuela, on the Morere River, a branch of the Tocuyo River. It is about 54 miles southwest of Barquisimeto. Carora was founded twice. The first time, in the year 1569 by Juan de Tejo, but due to constant attacks fro…

  • Apure River

    The Apure River is a river of southwestern Venezuela, formed by the confluence of the Sarare and Uribante near Guasdualito, in Venezuela, at (7°15′N70°40′W), and flowing across the llanos into the Orinoco.

  • Paraguaná Peninsula

    The Paraguaná Peninsula (Spanish pronunciation: [paɾaɣwaˈna]) is a peninsula in Venezuela, situated in the north of Falcón State. The island of Aruba lies 27 km to the north. Bonaire and Curaçao are slightly further away. The Paraguaná Peninsula is …

  • Machiques

    Machiques is a city in Zulia State, Venezuela, located in the northwest portion of the country. It is close to the border with Colombia, and the area's main economic activity is cattle raising.

  • Estadio Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo

    Estadio Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo is a multi-purpose stadium in San Cristóbal, Venezuela. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Deportivo Táchira Fútbol Club. The stadium holds 38,755 people.

  • Calabozo

    Villa de Todos los Santos de Calabozo, an inland town of Venezuela, once capital of the Province of Caracas in the colonial period, formerly in the State of Miranda and former capital of the state of Guárico.

  • Amuay

    Amuay (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈmwai]) is a fishing town located in the Paraguana Peninsula, in Falcón state, Venezuela.

  • Alberto Carnevalli Airport

    Alberto Carnevalli Airport (IATA: MRD, ICAO: SVMD) is an airport located 3 km southwest of downtown Mérida, Venezuela, at an elevation of 1,526 m MSL. Its runway is 1,630 m long. It is situated in a valley in the Andean mountains, surrounded by high…

  • Acarigua

    Acarigua (Spanish pronunciation: [akaˈɾiɣwa]) founded as San Miguel de Acarigua is a city in northwestern Venezuela, in the northern part of the state of Portuguesa. The city's population was 116,551 in 1990 and was estimated at 208,495 in 2008. For…

  • Venezuelan Coastal Range

    The Coastal Range actually consists of two parallel ranges, which run east and west along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The Cojedes River separates the western end of Coastal Range from the Cordillera de Mérida to the southeast. The range is divid…

  • Puerto José

    Puerto José is a sea port in northeastern Venezuela, on the Caribbean Sea, in the state of Anzoátegui, about 10 km west of Barcelona. Position: 10°06' N / 64°52'W. It is home to an important oil tanker loading complex, the Complejo criogenico de Ori…

  • Cuquenan Falls

    Cuquenan Falls (or Salto Kukenan, Kukenaam, or similar) is the second tallest major waterfall in Venezuela after Angel Falls. It is also the second tallest free-leaping waterfall in the world. Overall, it is usually cited as the 11th highest waterfa…

  • Centro Sambil

    Centro Sambil Caracas, located in Caracas, Venezuela, is the fourth largest shopping mall in South America. It was completed in 1999 and has over 500 stores in approximately 3 million square-feet (250,000 square metres). The mall has five levels: Au…

  • Anaco

    Anaco is a city in the Venezuelan Anzoátegui State, the shire town of the Anaco Municipality. It is an industrial town, connected to the natural gas and petroleum industries.

  • Pico Humboldt

    Pico Humboldt is Venezuela's second highest peak, at 4,940 metres above sea level. It is located in the Sierra Nevada de Merida, in the Venezuelan Andes of (Mérida State).

  • Islas Los Frailes

    The Islas Los Frailes are an archipelago of rock islets with sparse scrub vegetation belonging to the Federal dependencies of Venezuela, part of Venezuela.

  • Estadio Metropolitano de Fútbol de Lara

    The Estadio Metropolitano de Fútbol de Lara is a football stadium, located near the city of Barquisimeto in Lara state, in the west-central Venezuela, built between 2006 and 2009 on behalf of the Government of that country, and on the state of Lara …

  • Valle de la Pascua

    Valle de la Pascua is the capital city of the autonomous municipality of Leonardo Infante, Guárico, Venezuela . The city is located in the central plains of Venezuela and was founded on February 25, 1785, by Father Mariano Martí. Along with Zaraza, …

  • San Antonio de Los Altos

    San Antonio de los Altos is a suburban town, capital of Los Salias Municipality, Miranda State, Venezuela with a population of 75,000 in 2001. The town got his name referring to the patron saint of the region and the mountainous area.

  • Parima Tapirapecó National Park

    Parima Tapirapecó National Park (Parque Nacional Parima Tapirapecó) is a Venezuelan national park in the southern state of Amazonas. Established in August 1991, it has an area of 38,290 km² (15,000 mile²), and is the largest national park in Venezue…

  • Children's Museum of Caracas

    Children's Museum of Caracas (Fundación Museo de los Niños) is a museum in Caracas, Venezuela aimed at teaching children about science, technology, culture and arts. It was established by the former first lady of Venezuela, Alicia Pietri de Caldera …