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  • Cordillera Los Maribios

    Cordillera de Maribios (or Cordillera de Marrabios) is a mountain range in León and Chinandega departments, western Nicaragua, at (12.56°N 86.78°W) and about 64.4 km (40 mi) long.

  • Cordillera Isabelia

    Cordillera Isabelia or Cordillera Isabella is the northern portion of the central mountain range in Nicaragua, which runs from northwest to southeast through the center of the country. Isabelia reaches an elevation of more than 2100 m (more than 689…

  • Chinandega Department

    Chinandega (Spanish pronunciation: [tʃinanˈdeɣa]) is a department in Nicaragua, located on the border with Honduras. It covers an area of 4,926 km² and has a population of 441,300 (2005 census).

  • Puerto Cabezas Airport

    Puerto Cabezas Airport (IATA: PUZ, ICAO: MNPC) is an airport that serves Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. Also known as Bilwi Airport, it is located on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN), approximately an ho…

  • Chichigalpa

    Chichigalpa (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtʃitʃiˈɣalpa]) is a town and municipality in the Chinandega Department of Nicaragua.

  • San Francisco de Cuapa

    San Francisco de Cuapa (Spanish pronunciation: [sam fɾanˈsisko ðe ˈkwapa]) is a municipality in the Chontales Department of Nicaragua. This municipality was created July 30, 1997 and is located in the northeast section of Chontales. Before that date…

  • Puerto Sandino

    Puerto Sandino is a coastal town in western Nicaragua. Due to its crude oil supply line, it is a major port, and also plays a large role in Nicaragua's fishing industry.

  • Pearl Cays

    The Pearl Cays (Spanish: Cayos de Perlas) is a group of 18 cays located about 35 kilometers from Laguna de Perlas off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. They are part of the RAAS autonomous region. The Pearl Cays are covered with vegetation and are l…

  • Mogotón

    Mogotón is a mountain in the Reserva Nacional Cordillera Dipilto y Jalapa on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras.

  • Waspam

    Waspam (Spanish: Waspán, Spanish pronunciation: [wasˈpam]; Miskito: Waspan) is a municipality in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua.

  • Río Grande de Matagalpa

    Río Grande de Matagalpa (Spanish pronunciation: [mataˈɣalpa], Awaltara in Miskito) is a river of Nicaragua. Running 430 kilometers (270 mi) from its source near Matagalpa to the Caribbean Sea in the northern part of the South Caribbean Coast Autonom…

  • Prinzapolka

    Prinzapolka (Spanish pronunciation: [pɾinsaˈpolka]) is a municipality in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua.

  • Las Pilas

    Las Pilas (or El Hoyo) is a complex volcano located in the western part of Nicaragua. Part of a 30-km-long volcanic massif, Las Pilas has a series of well preserved flank vents surrounding a central cone.

  • Waslala

    Waslala (Spanish pronunciation: [wasˈlala]) is a town and municipality in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua - it is 71 miles from Matagalpa and 161 miles from Managua.

  • Teustepe

    Teustepe is a municipality in the Boaco department of Nicaragua. It has a population of 26,800 (2006, est.) and an extension of 645.73 km². The capital is the town of Teustepe, 94 km.

  • Pantasma

    Pantasma is a region in the north of Nicaragua. In the Miskito language the word Pantasma means small humans or flat head.

  • Mulukuku

    Mulukuku is a municipality in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. It was established as an asentimiento, or refugee community, during the early years of the war with the contra. People who lived in the remote rural areas and wh…

  • Moyogalpa

    Moyogalpa (Spanish pronunciation: [moʝoˈɣalpa]) is a municipality in the Rivas department of Nicaragua. Moyogalpa is the largest village on the Ometepe Island and the home of the largest port.