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  • Lake Peak

    Lake Peak (Albanian: Maja e Liqenit, Serbian: Jezerska planina) is a mountain located in southern Kosovo and northern Macedonia, in the Šar Mountains range.

  • Kumanovska Reka

    The Kumanovska Reka (Macedonian: Кумановска Река, "Kumanovo River") is a small river situated in the north - east part of the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Konopište, Macedonia

    Konopište is a village in the Municipality of Kavadarci, situated in the center of the vinegary region of Tikveš. It is the home to Gorska Voda, a company that bottles water and soft drink products in the Republic of Macedonia. Konopište has many ge…

  • Kobilica

    Kobilica (Macedonian and Serbian Cyrillic: Кобилица; Albanian: Kobilicë) is a mountain peak in the Šar Mountains. It is 2,528 m high and is located on central part of the main Shara ridge that forms the border between the Republic of Macedonia and K…

  • Kišava

    Kišava (Macedonian: Кишава, sometimes transliterated Kishava) is a small village in the municipality of Bitola. It is in the district of Bitola. It is located about 20 km south of Bitola and is accessed by narrow mountainous roads. The main road tha…

  • Kičevo Monastery

    The Monastery of St. Bogorodica Prečista (Immaculate Mother of God) (Macedonian: Света Богородица Пречиста, Sveta Bogorodica Prečista) is an Macedonian Orthodox monastery situated near the city of Kicevo, Republic of Macedonia.

  • Kamenjane

    Kamenjane (Macedonian: Kameњaнe) is a village in northwest Macedonia. It is located about seven kilometres west of Tetovo. The population is approximately 14,500 people and consists mostly of Albanian.

  • Kališta

    Kališta (Macedonian: Калишта) is a village in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia, near the city of Struga.

  • Jankovec

    Jankovec (Macedonian: Јанковец) is a village located in Resen Municipality in the Republic of Macedonia. The people of Jankovec are mostly farmers and own their own farms or plantations.

  • Iberli

    Ibirlija is a small Turkish village past the village Celevec in the eastern mountain valley of the municipality. It is practically deserted, as no more than a handful of people still have a house there. Most residents now live in Chelevec or a more …

  • Džini Beg

    Džini Beg (Albanian: Tërepeznica; Macedonian: Џини Бег) is a peak in the Šar Mountains found on the boundary between Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. Dzini Beg reaches a top height of 2,610 m (8,563 ft) and is totally covered with short grass.

  • Maja e zezë

    Maja e Zezë (Macedonian: Црн Врв, Crn Vrv; Serbo-Croatian: Црни врх/Crni vrh("Ostrovica planina")) (meaning black peak) is a mountain in Kosovo and Macedonia. It is part of the Šar Mountains range and is 2,585 m (8,481 ft) high. To the east of the m…

  • Brčevo

    Brčevo (Macedonian Cyrillic: Брчево) is a small village located near Struga, in the Struga municipality in the western region of the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Bistrenci

    Bistrenci is one of the larger villages in Demir Kapija Municipality. Its population is mixed among Turks, ethnic Macedonians, Albanian, and Vlach. It has been has its roots in the Ottoman period until the Slovenes came to harvest grapes. The Cathol…

  • Jazhincë Lake

    Big Jažinačko Lake (Albanian: Liqeni i Jazhincës; Serbian: Велико Јажиначко језеро, Veliko Jažinačko jezero) is a mountain lake in Kosovo, found in the eastern part of the Šar Mountains. Big Jažinačko Lake is 2,180 m (7,152 ft) above sea level, just…

  • Besvica

    Besvica is in the southeast of the Republic of Macedonia. It is an isolated village in the southern part of the Demir Kapija Municipality. The road from the Demir Kapija church south to the village of Konopiste was part of a system of roads in the d…

  • Shutman Lake

    Shutman Lake (Albanian: Liqeni i Shutmanit; Serbian: Шутманско језеро, Šutmansko jezero) is one of the largest mountain lakes in the Sharr Mountains in Kosovo. It is located in southern Kosovo, in the municipality of Dragaš. It lies on an elevation …

  • Livadh Lake

    Livadh lake (Albanian: Liqeni i Livadhit or Albanian: Shterbaqko; Serbian: Штрбачко језеро, Štrbačko jezero or Ливадичко језеро, Livadičko jezero) is a mountain lake in the Shar Mountains in Kosovo. It lies at an elevation of 2,173 m (7,129 ft) abov…

  • Ćule

    Ćule is a mountain found in Kosovo in the Šar Mountains in Gora (region) next to Macedonia and Albania. Ćule reaches a top height of 2,220 m (7,283 ft). The nearest peaks are Ovčinec, Murga (peak) and Titov Vrv, the next town is Brod (Prizren), the …

  • Vogjani

    Vogjani (Macedonian: Воѓани, also transliterated Voǵani, Vođani or Vodjani) is a small village situated in the Republic of Macedonia. It lies at the end of a cluster of villages including Bela Crkva and Krušeani. The river Crna runs alongside the vi…

  • Veljusa

    Veljusa (Macedonian: Вељуса, pronounced "Vel-yusa") is a village in the Strumica Municipality of the Republic of Macedonia. The village is situated on the slopes of Mount Elenica.

  • Small Vraca

    Small Vraca (Albanian: Vraca e Vogël; Macedonian: Мало Враца Malo Vraca, Serbian: Мала Враца Mala Vraca) is a peak of the Šar Mountains located in Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. Small Vraca is one of the most southern peaks of the Šar Mountai…