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  • Celevec, Macedonia

    Celevec is a small village in the western part of the Demir Kapija Municipality of the Republic of Macedonia. It mostly consists of Turkish inhabitants. The people are very traditional and the village itself is located in a beautiful wooded area bet…

  • Ograzhden (mountain)

    Ograzhden (Macedonian and Bulgarian Cyrillic:  Огражден ) is a mountain shared by southeastern Republic of Macedonia and southwestern Bulgaria, part of the Belasitsa-Osogovo group. It is located north of Belasitsa, northeast of the Macedonian town o…

  • Zavoj

    Zavoj (Macedonian: Завој) is a village in the Republic of Macedonia, about 20 km from Ohrid. A small village, there are no shops or schools in Zavoj.

  • Velgošti

    Velgošti (Macedonian: Велгошти) is a village near Ohrid, Macedonia. It has a population of approximately 3,000 people.

  • Velestovo

    Velestovo (Macedonian: Велестово) is a village situated on the slopes of Galičica Mountain in Ohrid Municipality, Macedonia.

  • Tresonče

    Tresonče (Macedonian: Тресонче [ˈtrɛsɔnt͡ʃɛ]) is a mountainous village located in the Mavrovo and Rostuša Municipality in western R. Macedonia.

  • Trebište

    Trebište, Trebishte, or Trebišta (Macedonian: Требиште) (the pronunciation used by the local population is Trebišča) is a village in the Republic of Macedonia in Mavrovo and Rostuša Municipality, situated in the Dolna Reka district, on the eastern s…

  • Saraj (Skopje)

    Saraj (Macedonian:  Сарај ; Albanian: Saraji) is a village in Skopje, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of the Saraj municipality.

  • Piribeg

    Piribeg (Albanian: Piribeg; Macedonian: Пирибег) is a mountain located between Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. Piribeg reaches a height of 2,524m above sea level and is a peak of the eastern part of the Šar Mountains. Located on the slopes of …

  • Peskovi

    Peskovi (Albanian: Bistër; Serbian Cyrillic and Macedonian: Пескови, Peskovi) is a mountain in the Šar Mountains range, located between Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Nerezi

    Nerezi (Macedonian: Нерези) is a village in the Republic of Macedonia, located in the Struga municipality near in the Drimkol region.

  • Logovardi

    Logovardi (Macedonian: Логоварди) is a village situated in Pelagonia, east of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. Located in the village of Logovardi is the cemetery of the buried French soldiers, who lost their lives during World War II.

  • Lešok Monastery

    The Monastery of Lešok is a monastery 8 km outside Tetovo in the Republic of Macedonia. Lying at 638 metres above sea level it is located on the southeastern side of the mountain Šar Planina. In its complex are the churches of St. Athanasius of Alex…