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  • Bitovo

    Bitovo (Macedonian: Битово) is a village in the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated in the Makedonski Brod municipality, in the Poreche District.

  • Bistra (peak)

    Bistra (Bister,Bistra,Bistrica,Bistër) is a peak in the Šar Mountains found in Kosovo. Bistra is located at (42.1404439°N 20.9804676°E) and reaches a top height of 2,609 m (8,560 ft).

  • Prždevo

    Prždevo is a mixed ethnic Macedonian and Roma village with over 200 residents, located in the Republic of Macedonia. It had nearly 500 residents just 15 years ago, but many moved to larger areas. Even so, the village boasts a pepper factory and a wi…

  • Samuel's Fortress, Ohrid

    Samuel's Fortress (Macedonian: Самуилова тврдина) is a fortress in the old town of Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. It was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire during the rule of Tsar Samuel at the turn of the 10th century.

  • Ancient Theatre of Ohrid

    The Ancient theatre of Ohrid of the Hellenistic period is located in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. It was built in 200 BC and is the only Hellenistic-type theatre in the country as the other three in Scupi, Stobi and Heraklea Lynkestis are from Roma…