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  • Gyueshevo

    Gyueshevo (Bulgarian: Гюешево, pronounced [ˈɡju.ɛʃɛvu]; also transliterated Gjueshevo, Guieshevo, Gjueševo) is a village in Kyustendil Municipality, Kyustendil Province, in western Bulgaria. As of 2006 the population is 275 and the mayor is Stoyne M…

  • Dolneni

    Dolneni (Macedonian:  Долнени ) is a village in central Republic of Macedonia, at the center of the plain of Prilepsko Pole (Prilep field), 10 km northwest of Prilep city.

  • Dihovo

    Dihovo (Macedonian Cyrillic: Дихово) is a village about seven kilometers away from a center of Bitola, which is the second largest city in Macedonia.

  • Carev Dvor

    Carev Dvor (Macedonian: Царев Двор, meaning Emperor's Court) is a village in Resen Municipality in the Republic of Macedonia, roughly 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the municipal centre of Resen. It has 605 residents.

  • Bogomila

    Bogomila (Macedonian: Богомила) is a village in Čaška Municipality in the central part of the Republic of Macedonia, close to the city of Veles. Bogomila is also the birthplace of revolutionary Petar Poparsov.

  • 2009 Lake Ohrid boat accident

    On 5 September 2009, the Ilinden sightseeing boat with a group of 57 foreign tourists on board, of which 55 were Bulgarian, sank in Lake Ohrid, southwestern Republic of Macedonia. 15 lives were lost.

  • Čaška

    Čaška (Macedonian: Чашка) is a village in Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of the Čaška Municipality.

  • Zajas

    Zajas (Macedonian:  Зајас , Albanian: Zajazi) is a village located in the Republic of Macedonia. According to the census of 2002 it has 11,605 inhabitants. Zajas is a seat of the Zajas municipality. Zajas is well known as the birthplace of the Natio…

  • Vrapčište

    Vrapčište (Macedonian:  Врапчиште , Albanian: Vrapçishti, Turkish: Vrapçişte) is a village in Republic of Macedonia.

  • Vlahina

    Vlahina (Bulgarian: Влахина) or Vlaina (Macedonian: Влаина), meaning "Vlach [mountain]" is a mountain range on the border of southwestern Bulgaria and eastern Republic of Macedonia. The highest peak is Ogreyak (also known as Kadiytsa) at 1,924 m.

  • Tearce

    Tearce (Macedonian: Теарце [ˈtɛ.artsɛ], Albanian: Tearca) is a village located 12 km to the northeast of Tetovo, in northwestern Republic of Macedonia, about 15 kilometres from the border with Kosovo. It is a seat of the Tearce municipality. Populat…

  • Strumica (river)

    The Strumica (Macedonian and Bulgarian: Струмица, [ˈstrumitsa] ( listen); also transliterated Strumitsa or Strumitza) or Strumeshnitsa (Bulgarian: Струмешница) is a river in the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria. It runs through the town of Strumic…

  • Stenje

    Stenje (Macedonian: Стење) is a village in the Resen Municipality of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located on the shore of Lake Prespa, near the Macedonian-Albanian border and Galičica National Park.

  • Stadion Kukuš

    Kukus Stadium (Macedonian: Стадион Кукуш) is a multi-purpose stadium in Strumica, Macedonia. It is used mostly for football matches and is currently the home stadium of FK Horizont Turnovo.

  • Sopište

    Sopište (Macedonian:  Сопиште ) is a settlement in the municipality of Sopište Republic of Macedonia.

  • Miravci

    Miravci is a village in the Gevgelija region of south-eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, located in the Kožuf foothills west of the Vardar River.

  • Medžitlija

    Medžitlija (Macedonian: Меџитлија, Turkish: Mecitli, Albanian: Mexhitli, Greek: Μετζίτλια) is a village situated in the south-west of the Republic of Macedonia, along the border with Greece.

  • Lakavica

    Lakavica, or Kriva Lakavica (Macedonian: Лакавица or Крива Лакавица), is a river in the east-central part of the Republic of Macedonia, in Štip municipality. It is a tributary of the Bregalnica River, the second largest river in country.

  • Krivogaštani

    Krivogaštani (Macedonian:  Кривогаштани ) is a village situated near Prilep on the Pelagonian plain in the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Kozjak Hydro Power Plant

    Kozjak Hydro Power Plant is a large hydroelectric power plant on the river Treska which creates an artificial lake Kozjak, the largest in Republic of Macedonia. The dam which creates the reservoir, Kozjak Dam is the tallest in the country at 130 m (…

  • Konjsko

    Konjsko (Macedonian: Коњско) is a village in the Resen Municipality of the Republic of Macedonia. Located on the western shore of Lake Prespa, Konjsko is just east of the Albania–Macedonia border, with the village of Tuminec being the nearest settle…

  • Idrizovo

    Idrizovo (Macedonian: Идризово) is a community in the outskirts of the city of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Dragor (river)

    The river Dragor (Macedonian: Драгор) is a small river situated in the south of the Republic of Macedonia. It flows mainly through the city of Bitola. Its spring is located near Sapunčica, on the Baba Mountain.

  • Dolno Sonje

    Dolno Sonje is a small village south of Skopje, the capital of the country of Macedonia. It is located on the other side of Mount Vodno from Skopje, but a road running around the mountain connects the two communities. The population of Dolno Sonje i…

  • Bosilovo

    Bosilovo (Macedonian:  Босилово ) is a village in Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Bosilovo Municipality. According to the 2002 census, the total population of the village was 1.698 inhabitants.