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  • Cirrus (building)

    Cirrus is a high-rise cooperative apartment building in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Cirrus is the second tallest building in Finland with a height of 86 meters (282 feet). The building, which is located in Vuosaari in East Helsinki, has 28 flo…

  • Arto Tolsa Areena

    Arto Tolsa Areena is a football stadium in Kotka, Finland. It is the home stadium of KTP. The stadium holds 4,780 and was inaugurated in 1952 for the Helsinki Olympics. The stadium's record attendance was made during the Olympic Games in the footbal…

  • Vaalimaa

    Vaalimaa is a border crossing point between Finland and Russia. It is located in the Virolahti municipality. With over 2 million annual crossings, it is the busiest border crossing in the Finnish-Russian border, which is also the border of the Europ…

  • Utö, Finland

    Utö is a small island in the Archipelago Sea in the Baltic sea and belongs to Väståboland municipality. It is the southernmost year-round inhabited island in Finland.

  • Ullanlinna

    Ullanlinna (Swedish: Ulrikasborg) is the southern-most city district of Helsinki, in Finland. The name Ullanlinna (English: Ulla's castle) refers to the fortification line that was built at the southern edge of the area during the 18th century (no l…

  • Tikkurila railway station

    Tikkurila station (Finnish: Tikkurilan rautatieasema, Swedish: Dickursby station) (IATA: HVT) is located in Tikkurila, the administrative centre of Vantaa in the Helsinki metropolitan area. It is located approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) from Hel…

  • Swedish Theatre

    The Swedish Theatre (Swedish: Svenska Teatern, Finnish: Ruotsalainen Teatteri) is a Swedish-speaking theatre in Helsinki, Finland, and is located at the Erottaja (Swedish: Skillnaden) square, at the end of Esplanadi (Swedish: Esplanaden).

  • Seinäjoki Airport

    Seinäjoki Airport (Finnish: Seinäjoen lentoasema) (IATA: SJY, ICAO: EFSI) is an airport in Ilmajoki, Finland, about 6 NM (11 km; 7 mi) south-southwest of Seinäjoki city centre.

  • Savonlinna Airport

    Savonlinna Airport (IATA: SVL, ICAO: EFSA) is an airport in Savonlinna, Finland. The airport is located about 15 kilometres (9 mi) north of Savonlinna town centre along the Enonkoskentie road. The airport has a single asphalt runway and two gates, o…

  • Saami Council

    The Saami Council (Northern Sami: Sámiráđđi) is an umbrella organization for Sámi organizations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Saami Council was founded during the 2nd Sámi Conference held in Karasjok, Norway on August 18, 1956 as the No…

  • Russian cruiser Pallada (1906)

    Pallada (Russian: Паллада) was the last of the four Bayan-class armored cruisers built for the Imperial Russian Navy in the first decade of the 20th Century. She was assigned to the Baltic Fleet during World War I where she captured codebooks from t…

  • Ruskeasuo

    Ruskeasuo (Brunakärr in Swedish, verbatim "Brown swamp") is a neighbourhood of Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish), about 3 kilometres north of the city center.

  • Ruissalo

    Ruissalo (Finnish; Runsala in Swedish) is an island in the Archipelago Sea and a district of the city of Turku, Finland. The island is located to the south-west of the city, between Hirvensalo and Pansio in the mainland. It is rather sparsely popula…

  • PowerPark

    PowerPark is a large scale karting and amusement park in Alahärmä, Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The main karting track already resembles an F1 circuit, but they also have a hectare-large indoor track, the largest in Europe.

  • Port of Turku

    The Port of Turku (Finnish: Turun satama, Swedish: Åbo hamn and English: Turku Harbour) is a port located in the south-west of Finland, where the mainland meets the beginning of the Turku archipelago.

  • Myyrmäki

    Myyrmäki (Swedish: Myrbacka), literally meaning "Bog Hill", is a district of the municipality of Vantaa, Finland. The district has an area of 2.7 square kilometres (1.0 sq mi) and a population of about 15,500, making it the most populous district in…

  • Military Museum of Finland

    The Military Museum of Finland (Finnish: Sotamuseo) is the central museum of the Finnish Defence Forces and the national special museum of military history. It is located in Helsinki and it is part of the Finnish National Defence University.

  • Meilahti

    Meilahti (in Swedish Mejlans) is a neighbourhood of Helsinki between Mannerheimintie (the main entrance road to Helsinki) and a bay named Seurasaarenselkä. Most of the houses in Meilahti were built in the 1930s and 1940s. Meilahti is home to over 67…

  • Mannerheimintie

    Mannerheimintie (Swedish: Mannerheimvägen), named after the Finnish military leader and statesman Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, is the most famous street in Helsinki, Finland. It was originally named Heikinkatu (Swedish: Henriksgatan), after Robert H…

  • Mannerheim Museum

    The Mannerheim Museum is located in Helsinki, Finland. It is dedicated to preserving and displaying items related to the life and times of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, a Finnish statesman and military officer. The Mannerheim Museum is located on top…

  • Leppävaara

    Leppävaara (Finnish) or Alberga (Swedish) is a district of Espoo, a city in Finland. A major traffic hub in the Greater Helsinki region, the Rantarata rail line and Kehä I, the busiest road in Finland, cross in Leppävaara.

  • Lahti Stadium

    Lahti Stadium (Finnish: Lahden stadion) is a multi-use stadium in Lahti, Finland. In Winter the stadium is used in cross-country skiing and biathlon. In summer it is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Lahti.

  • Kulosaari

    Kulosaari (Swedish: Brändö) is an island and a suburb in Helsinki, Finland. It is also the 42nd neighbourhood of the city.

  • Kiuruvesi

    Kiuruvesi is a town and municipality of Finland located in the former province of Eastern Finland and is part of the Northern Savonia region. The municipality has a population of 8,769 (30 November 2014) and covers an area of 1,422.90 square kilomet…

  • Kimitoön (island)

    Kimitoön (Finnish: Kemiönsaari) is the largest coastal island of Finland with the area of 524 square kilometres (202 sq mi). It is situated in the Finland Proper region in Western Finland province. The island has a population of 7,500 divided betwee…

  • Kimito

    Kimito (Swedish pronunciation: [t̠ʃimito]; Finnish: Kemiö, [ˈkemiø]) is a former municipality of Finland. On January 1, 2009, it was consolidated with Dragsfjärd and Västanfjärd to form the new municipality of Kimitoön.

  • Kesäranta

    Kesäranta (in Swedish Villa Bjälbo) is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Finland. It is located in the Meilahti area of Helsinki, overlooking a bay on the north-west side of the city. The Finnish name Kesäranta means "summer shore".

  • Keilaniemi

    Keilaniemi (Swedish: Kägeludden) is a district in the south-eastern part of Espoo, Finland. It is a high-rise business district mostly known for the numerous head offices of large corporations located there. The district includes the head offices of…

  • Kajaani Airport

    Kajaani Airport (IATA: KAJ, ICAO: EFKI) is an airport in Paltaniemi, Kajaani, Finland, approximately 7 kilometres (4 mi) northwest of Kajaani city centre.

  • Kaisaniemi

    Kaisaniemi (Swedish: Kajsaniemi) is a part of the centre of Helsinki, Finland. It is located immediately north of the Helsinki Central railway station and south of Hakaniemi. The most famous part of Kaisaniemi is the Kaisaniemi park, a park covering…