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  • Saimaa Canal

    The Saimaa Canal (Finnish: Saimaan kanava; Swedish: Saima kanal; Russian: Сайменский канал) is a transportation canal that connects lake Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland near Vyborg, Russia. The canal was built from 1845 to 1856 and opened on 7 Septe…

  • Kiasma

    Kiasma is a contemporary art museum located on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki, Finland. Its name kiasma, Finnish for chiasma, alludes to the basic conceptual idea of its architect, Steven Holl.

  • Kallio

    Kallio (Swedish: Berghäll) is a district and a neighbourhood in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, located on the eastern side of the Helsinki peninsula about one kilometere north from the city centre. It is one of the most densely populated areas in…

  • University of Vaasa

    The University of Vaasa (Finnish: Vaasan yliopisto, Swedish: Vasa universitet) is a multidisciplinary, business-oriented university in Vaasa, Finland. The campus of the university is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia adjacent to downtown Vaasa. The un…

  • Battle of Svensksund

    The Battle of Svensksund (Finnish: Ruotsinsalmi, Russian: Rochensalm) was a naval battle fought in the Gulf of Finland outside the present day city of Kotka on 9 and 10 July 1790. The Swedish naval forces dealt the Russian fleet a devastating defeat…

  • Treaty of Fredrikshamn

    The Treaty of Fredrikshamn or the Treaty of Hamina (Finnish: Haminan rauha, Swedish: Freden i Fredrikshamn) was a peace treaty concluded between Sweden and Imperial Russia on 17 September 1809. The treaty concluded the Finnish War and was signed in …

  • Microsoft Talo

    The Microsoft Talo is the head office building of Microsoft Mobile (formerly part of the Nokia Corporation), located in Keilaniemi, Espoo, just outside Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

  • Lappeenranta Airport

    Lappeenranta Airport (IATA: LPP, ICAO: EFLP) (Finnish: Lappeenrannan lentoasema) is an international airport in Lappeenranta, Finland. Opened in 1918, Lappeenranta Airport is Finland's oldest still operating airport. In 2011, approximately 116,000 p…

  • Kittilä Airport

    Kittilä Airport (IATA: KTT, ICAO: EFKT) (Finnish: Kittilän lentoasema) is a general aviation and commercial airport located in Kittilä, Finland, inside the Arctic Circle.

  • Ivalo Airport

    Ivalo Airport (IATA: IVL, ICAO: EFIV) is an airport in Ivalo, Inari, Finland. It is located 11 kilometres (7 mi) southwest from Ivalo, the municipal centre of Inari, and 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of Saariselkä.

  • Paasitorni

    Paasitorni, also known as the Helsinki Workers' House, is a conference and congress centre of exceptional value in terms of its architecture and cultural history. The historic building is located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki, Finland. It was designed in A…

  • Saariselkä

    Saariselkä (Northern Sami: Suoločielgi, literally islandback) is a village located in a mountainous area in northern Finland. It is a popular tourist destination, providing activities such as skiing, hiking and a spa.

  • Helsinki-Malmi Airport

    Helsinki-Malmi Airport (Finnish: Helsinki-Malmin lentoasema, Swedish: Helsingfors-Malm flygplats) (IATA: HEM, ICAO: EFHF) is an airport in the city of Helsinki, Finland, located in the district of Malmi, 5.4 NM (10.0 km; 6.2 mi) north north-east of …

  • Pyhäsalmi Mine

    Pyhäsalmi Mine, the second deepest metal mine in Europe (having depth of 1,444 metres or 4,738 feet) is located at the Pyhäjärvi municipality in the south of Oulu province, Finland.

  • Lappeenranta University of Technology

    Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) (in Finnish: until 2003 Lappeenrannan teknillinen korkeakoulu, LTKK, and from 2003 Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto, LTY) was established in 1969. The university campus is situated on the shore of lake …

  • Ilosaarirock

    The Ilosaarirock Festival is an annual rock festival held on the second weekend of July in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Founded in 1971, Ilosaarirock is the second oldest rock festival in Finland still active, and one of the oldest in Europe. In 2007 t…

  • Aalto University School of Business

    The Aalto University School of Business (Aalto BIZ, Finnish: Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu; Swedish: Aalto-universitets handelshögskola), is the largest and leading business school in Finland. Founded in 1911, it is the second oldest business s…

  • Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

    Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, commonly shortened to Tuska (Finnish: pain, agony), is a rock music festival in Helsinki, Finland, dedicated exclusively to heavy metal and related styles. The first Tuska took place in 1998 and the festival has since …

  • Lake Inari

    Lake Inarijärvi (Finnish: Inarijärvi/Inarinjärvi, Northern Sami: Anárjávri, Inari Sami: Aanaarjävri, Skolt Sami: Aanarjäuˊrr, Swedish: Enare träsk, Norwegian: Enaresjøen) is the largest lake in Sápmi and the third-largest lake in Finland. It is loca…

  • Turku Cathedral

    Turku Cathedral (Finnish: Turun tuomiokirkko, Swedish: Åbo domkyrka) is the Mother Church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is the central church of the Archdiocese of Turku and the seat of the Archbishop of Finland, Kari Mäkinen.

  • Kvarken

    Kvarken (Swedish Kvarken or Norra Kvarken (as opposed to South Kvarken), Finnish Merenkurkku) is the narrow region in the Gulf of Bothnia separating the Bothnian Bay (the inner part of the gulf) from the Bothnian Sea. The distance from Swedish mainl…

  • Hietaniemi cemetery

    The Hietaniemi cemetery (Finnish: Hietaniemen hautausmaa, Swedish: Sandudds begravningsplats) is located mainly in the Lapinlahti quarter and partly in the Etu-Töölö district of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

  • National Library of Finland

    The National Library of Finland (Finnish: Kansalliskirjasto, Swedish: Nationalbiblioteket) is the foremost research library in Finland. Administratively the library is part of the University of Helsinki.