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  • Eura Airfield

    Eura Airfield (ICAO: EFEU) is an airfield in Eura, Finland, about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) south west of Eura centre. It is operated by Kauttuan Ilmailukerho r.y.

  • Enonvesi

    Enonvesi is a rather large lake in the Vuoksi main catchment area. It is located in the regions of Southern Savonia and Northern Savonia in Finland.

  • Enonselkä Basin

    Enonselkä Basin is a lake basin of Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti in southern Finland. The mean depth of the lake basin is 16.2 metres. The basin suffered severe effects of eutrophication in the 1960s and a restoration programme began in the 1970s.

  • Eno railway station

    Eno railway station is situated in Eno, North Karelia, Finland. This rural station is the first stop north of Joensuu station on the VR railway line between Joensuu and Nurmes.

  • Enijärvi

    Enijärvi is a lake of Finland. It is located near the town of Kemijärvi in the Lapland region in northern Finland.

  • Dynamicum

    Dynamicum is the name of a building on the Kumpula Campus of the University of Helsinki that is shared by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Finnish Institute of Marine Research. Dynamicum is located in Kumpula, Helsinki. Construction on t…

  • Bennäs railway station

    Bennäs railway station (Swedish: Bennäs järnvägsstation, Finnish: Pännäisten rautatieasema) is located in the village of Bennäs in Pedersöre municipality, Ostrobothnia, Finland. The station serves as the passenger station of the nearby city of Pieta…

  • Artukainen

    Artukainen (Swedish Artukais) is a district of the city of Turku, Finland. It is located in the western part of the city, five kilometres from the city centre. It has a population of 78 (as of 2004) making it one of the smallest districts of Turku.

  • Art Centre Salmela

    Art Centre Salmela is an art centre in Mäntyharju, Finland. It produces every year a multicultural program of art exhibitions, concerts and lectures. It also organizes the Merikanto Singing Competition every fourth year.

  • Vessölandet

    Vessölandet, also called Vessö is an island situated 10 km to the south of Porvoo in Finland. It has an area of 52 km2 and is the largest island in the region of Eastern Uusimaa.

  • Tuurala

    Tuurala is a village in Isokyrö, Finland. In 1997, it was nominated as "village of the year" in Southern Ostrobothnia.

  • Playground Tuhkimo

    Playground Tuhkimo (Leikkipuisto Tuhkimo in Finnish, Lekparken Askungen in Swedish) is a public, free of charge park at Roihuvuori district in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Orivirran saarto

    Orivirran saarto is a ruin of a 16th-century fortress located in Savonranta, Finland. It is believed to be built some time between 1540 and 1550 and was used until the beginning of the 17th century. Its status was to be an early warning for the St. …

  • Nyrölä

    Nyrölä is a district and neighbourhood of Jyväskylä, Finland located 30 kilometres (19 mi) from the city centre.

  • Lautiosaari (railway junction)

    Lautiosaari (standard abbreviation: Li) is a railway junction in the city of Kemi in Finland. The junction is located approximately two kilometers north from Kemi railway station on Oulu–Tornio main line where the Elijärvi branch line diverges from …

  • Kouva

    Kouva is a village in Pudasjärvi, Finland. Year 2004, Kouva had 47 inhabitants. A smaller village, with the name Jäkälavaara is located just 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) from Kouva. Kouva is also close to the Syöte National Park.

  • Keräntöjärvi

    Keräntöjärvi is a small settler village in the northern part of Pajala Municipality, Sweden. The village is positioned about 30 kilometres north of Kangos, and was founded about 1810 by Johan Hansson Nilimaa, also known as "Holman Jussa", from the v…

  • Hanko Northern railway station

    Hanko Northern railway station (abbrev. Hkp, Finnish: Hanko-Pohjoisen seisake and Swedish: Hangö Norra) is a railway stop in the port city of Hanko, Finland along the Hanko-Hyvinkää Railroad. The stop is located approximately 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) no…

  • WeeGee house

    The WeeGee house (Finnish: WeeGee-talo, Swedish: WeeGee-huset) is the former printing house of the Weilin+Göös publishing house situated on Ahertajantie in Tapiola, Espoo, Finland. The first two phases of the building were designed by architect Aarn…

  • Monastic Community of Enonkoski

    The Monastic Community of Enonkoski is the only Evangelical Lutheran monastery in Finland. It is located in the village of Ihamaniemi in the Enonkoski municipality. The monastery building previously served as an old elementary school building.