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  • House of the Estates

    The House of the Estates (Finnish: Säätytalo, Swedish: Ständerhuset) is a historical building in Helsinki, Finland. It is located opposite of the Bank of Finland building, immediately northeast of Helsinki Cathedral. From 1891, when it was built, it…

  • Eläintarhan ajot

    Eläintarhan ajot (Suomen Grand Prix in Finnish, Djurgårdsloppet in Swedish, Eltsun ajot in slang) or Suomen Suurajot (Finnish Grand Race) as it was called in 1932 was a motor racing competition arranged between years 1932 and 1963 in Eläintarha, Hel…

  • Dipoli

    Dipoli is a conference center located in Espoo, Finland as a part of the Otaniemi campus of the Aalto University (successor of Helsinki University of Technology, TKK).

  • Barona Areena

    Barona Areena (from 1999 to January 2009 LänsiAuto Areena) is an arena in Espoo, Finland, located by the ice rink and the fair center, in Tapiola. It was opened in 1999 and holds 7017 people for ice-hockey games or 8414 for concerts.

  • Aurinkolahti

    Aurinkolahti (meaning "Sunny Bay"; Swedish: Solvik) is a sub-neighbourhood of the East Helsinki neighbourhood of Vuosaari, in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

    The Academy of Fine Arts (Finnish: Kuvataideakatemia; Swedish: Bildkonstakademin) in Helsinki, Finland is part of the University of the Arts Helsinki and provides the highest university-level theoretical and practical training in the country in fine…

  • Wiklöf Holding Arena

    Wiklöf Holding Arena (formerly Idrottsparken) is a multi-purpose stadium in Mariehamn, Finland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of IFK Mariehamn.

  • West Harbour, Helsinki

    West Harbour (Finnish: Länsisatama, Swedish: Västra hamnen) is a passenger and cargo harbour in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki, Finland, in the southwestern part of the Helsinginniemi peninsula.

  • Vanhakaupunki

    Vanhakaupunki (Swedish: Gammelstaden) is a neighbourhood of the city of Helsinki, Finland, to the north of Toukola. The district's name (meaning "old town") is because Helsinki was originally founded at the Vanhakaupunki area. Vanhakaupunki even app…

  • Ukonkivi

    Ukonkivi, (English: Ukko's rock), is located on the island of Ukonsaari in lake Inari, Finnish Lapland. The Inari Sami name for the island is Äijih. The area of the lake is called Ukonselkä. Ukonkivi was considered by the local Inari Sami to be an e…

  • Turku School of Economics

    Turku School of Economics (Finnish Turun kauppakorkeakoulu) is a unit of the University of Turku located in Turku, Finland. It was established as an independent higher education business school in 1950, until it was acquired by the state in 1977. It…

  • Tikkakoski

    Tikkakoski is a northernmost residential area of Jyväskylä, Finland, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of the city centre.

  • Tamminiemi

    Tamminiemi (Villa Ekudden in Swedish), is a villa located in the Meilahti district of Helsinki. It was one of the official residences of the President of Finland from 1940 until 1981. From that date, until his death, it served as the residence of Pr…

  • Saint Barbara Altarpiece

    The Saint Barbara Altarpiece is a medieval altarpiece attributed to Master Francke. Its known provenance starts at the medieval church in Kalanti in Finland Proper where it stood until 1883. According to local oral tradition that was collected in th…

  • Rovaniemen keskuskenttä

    Keskuskenttä is a multi-purpose stadium in Rovaniemi, Finland. It is currently used for football matches, football training and sport classes of nearby schools and daycare centres. During winter there is a skiing track for young skiers. The stadium …

  • Roihuvuori

    Roihuvuori (Swedish: Kasberget, or Roihis and Roihika) is a quarter, part of Herttoniemi neighbourhood in Helsinki, Finland. The population of Roihuvuori is approximately 8,000 and its area is 1.47 km². There is a church, two schools, shops and rest…

  • Ring II

    Ring II (pronounced "ring two", Finnish: Kehä II, Swedish: Ring II) in the region of Espoo is one of the major highways in Finland, . The road runs north-south, connecting Turuntie in the north, to Länsiväylä in the south.

  • Rautatientori metro station

    Rautatientori metro station or Central railway station metro station (Finnish: Rautatientorin metroasema, Swedish: Järnvägstorgets metrostation) is a station on the Helsinki Metro in Finland. The entrance is located in the Asematunneli main hall, wh…

  • Raseborg Castle

    The Raseborg Castle (Finnish: Raaseporin linna, Swedish: Raseborgs slott), is a medieval castle in Raseborg, Finland. The castle was founded by Bo Jonsson Grip and it is thought that the castle's first phase was completed sometime between 1373 and 1…

  • Puijo tower

    The Puijo tower is a 75 metres (246 ft) high observation tower in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. The tower, opened in 1963, has a revolving restaurant with 100 seats. It was the first tower with a revolving restaurant in the Nordic countries.

  • Nuuksio

    Nuuksio (Finnish) or Noux (Swedish) is a district of Espoo, a city in Finland, best known for the Nuuksio National Park.