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  • Lombardsijde

    Lombardsijde, also Lombartzyde, is a region in the Belgian commune of Middelkerke in West Flanders province, in northwestern Belgium near Nieuwpoort.

  • Letterenhuis

    The Letterenhuis ("House of Literature") is a Belgian non-profit organization located in Antwerp. The Letterenhuis collects and archives information of Flemish writers and artists, and portraits concerning Flemish culture as from 1750. The Letterenh…

  • Les Bulles

    Les Bulles is a small village in Belgium, part of the municipality of Chiny in the Gaume region. The village is located in the valley of the Semois River at the angle with its affluent the Vierre River.

  • Lemonnier premetro station

    The Lemonnier premetro station is an underground tram station in the City of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. It is located near the crossroad between the Maurice Lemonnier boulevard and the small ring road. It is part of the North-South Axis tunnel whi…

  • Le Rœulx Castle

    Le Rœulx Castle (French: Château du Rœulx), also known as the Château des Princes de Croÿ, or "castle of the Princes de Croÿ", is a castle in the town of Le Rœulx in the province of Hainaut, Belgium.

  • Lake Warfaaz

    The lake Warfaaz is an artificial lake near the thermal city of Spa in Ardennes in Belgium. The dam was built in 1892 on the Wayai river. The water volume is 360,000 m³ and the area is 0,08 km².

  • Lake Nisramont

    Lake Nisramont (French: lac de Nisramont) is located in east of Belgium on the river Ourthe in the municipality of La Roche-en-Ardenne. The dam has a length of 116 m and is 16 m high. The volume of water is 3,000,000 m³ and the area of the lake is 0…

  • Lake Bütgenbach

    Lake Bütgenbach is an artificial lake created by the damming of the Warche river in 1932. It is located near the village of Bütgenbach in Ardennes (High Fens), Belgium.

  • Laarne Castle

    Laarne Castle (Kasteel van Laarne) is a Belgian moated castle in Laarne, located in the Province of East-Flanders, near its capital city of Ghent.

  • La Cornette

    La Cornette is a hamlet belonging to the municipality of Bouillon in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. Located in the southern Ardennes. It is a centre for hiking, cycling and horse riding.

  • Klerken

    Klerken is a town in Houthulst, a part of Belgium. A well-known restaurant of French cuisine, t Rozenhof, is located there. Klerken dates back to at least 1653, because town records from that period still exist.

  • Kasteel Lagendal

    Kasteel Lagendal is a country house in Lummen, in the province of Limburg, Belgium. It was built in 1850 in a vernacular late classical style as a shooting box commissioned by Paul Jacobs-Stellingwerff of Hasselt. Its name comes from its site on the…

  • Kanegem

    Kanegem is a Belgian locality, part of the municipality of Tielt, in the eastern part of the province of West Flanders.

  • Jannée Castle

    Jannée Castle (French: Château de Jannée) is a castle in Jannée in the village of Pessoux, municipality of Ciney, province of Namur, Belgium.

  • Jacques Brel metro station

    Jacques Brel is a Metro station on Line 5 of the Brussels Metro. It is named after Belgian singer, songwriter, and poet Jacques Brel. The station opened on 6 October 1982 as part of the Beekkant - Saint Guidon extension of line 1B.

  • Institut Jaques-Dalcroze (Brussels)

    The Institut de rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze de Belgique exists from the beginning of the fifties. In 1975, the State of Belgium recognizes it as a National Institution of Musical Education. It is located in the old "Doctor Van Neck's hospital", first …

  • Initialis Science Park

    The Initialis Science Park is a business incubator and science park located in Mons in the province of Hainaut, Wallonia (Belgium). The science park is associated with the three universities of Mons; the University of Mons and the Facultés universit…

  • Hôtel des Monnaies/Munthof metro station

    The Hôtel des Monnaies/Munthof is a Brussels metro station on the southern segment of line 2. It opened on 2 October 1988 and is located under the small ring near the University Medical Centre of Saint Peter in the municipality of Saint-Gilles / Sin…

  • Hoëgne

    The Hoëgne is a river in Belgium, a left tributary of the Vesdre. Its source is in the High Fens of eastern Belgium, near the Signal de Botrange.

  • Hoyoux

    The Hoyoux is a river of Belgium, a right tributary of the Meuse. It flows for 28 kilometres (17 mi) through the province of Liège in the northern-central part of the country.