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  • Tiegem

    Tiegem (also, Tieghem) is a village, near Oudenaarde, West-Flanders, Belgium. Tiegem was birthplace of St.

  • Stuyvenbergh metro station

    Stuyvenbergh metro station is located under the intersection of Avenue Houba De Strooper, Emile Bockstael and De Smet De Naeyerlaan, in the northwest of the City of Brussels. The underground station is named after the Castle of Stuyvenberg, located …

  • St. Leonard's Church, Zoutleeuw

    The Saint Leonard's Church (Dutch: Sint-Leonarduskerk) in Zoutleeuw, Belgium, stands on the former site of a Romanesque chapel erected in 1125 by Benedictines from the Abbey of Vlierbeek near Leuven. Construction of the present church began around 1…

  • St. Bernard's Abbey, Hemiksem

    St. Bernard's Abbey, Hemiksem, also known as St. Bernard's Abbey on the Scheldt (Sint-Bernardusabdij van Hemiksem; Abdij Sint-Bernaerdts aan de Schelde), located in Hemiksem in the province of Antwerp in Belgium, was a Cistercian monastery founded i…

  • Sporthal Arena

    Sporthal Arena is an Indoor arena in Deurne, Antwerp, Belgium. Built it 1966, it has a capacity for 2,100 people, 1,196 of which are seating capacity. An 800,000 Euro renovation works took place between April 2008-February 2009. The basketball club …

  • Sint-Martens-Lierde

    Sint-Martens-Lierde is a small village which makes up part of the municipality of Lierde. It is located in the Denderstreek and in the Flemish Ardennes, the hilly southern part of the Belgian province of East Flanders.

  • Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove

    Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove is situated in the municipality of Zottegem. It is located in the Denderstreek and in the Flemish Ardennes, the hilly southern part of the province of East Flanders, Belgium. Its name refers to Saint Gaugericus (En.

  • Sart-Saint-Laurent

    Sart-Saint-Laurent (Walloon: Li Saut-Sint-Lorint) is a small village located several kilometres from the provincial capital of Namur (Namen in Dutch) in Belgium. It is part of the municipality Fosses-la-Ville. The village has a few streets of houses…

  • Salphen

    Salphen is a hamlet which is part of the village of Oostmalle in the Campine region of Flanders, Belgium. The history of Salphen dates back to the 13th century when in the records of the Chapter of Our Lady (Dutch: O.L.

  • SS Empire Blessing

    Empire Blessing was a cargo ship which was built in 1943 by Bartram & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. She was built for the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) and operated under the management of W Runciman & Co Ltd.

  • Résidence de la Cambre

    The Résidence de la Cambre is the first high-rise building ever built in Ixelles (Brussels). It was built in 1938-1939 according to the plans of architect Marcel Peeters in a style inspired by New York Art Deco architecture.

  • Rue Victor Hugo (Brussels)

    Rue Victor Hugo (French) or Victor Hugostraat (Dutch) is a street in the Schaerbeek municipality of Brussels. It is named after the French writer Victor Hugo (who spent his exile of 1851 to 1870 in Brussels). It runs from the chaussée de Louvain to …

  • Roly Castle

    Roly Castle (French: Château-ferme de Roly) is a château-ferme, or fortified farmhouse, in Roly in the municipality of Philippeville, province of Namur, Belgium.

  • Rijmenam

    Rijmenam is a village located in the Belgian province of Antwerp part of Bonheiden. Rijmenam has a triangle-shaped open space with tilia trees, which was used for trials by the Franks.

  • Rijkhoven

    Rijkhoven is a small village in the municipality of Bilzen, Belgium. There is a castle built near it called Alden Biesen.

  • Ribaucourt metro station

    The Ribaucourt metro station is an Brussels metro station on the northern segment of line 2. It opened on 2 October 1988 and is located on Boulevard Léopold II in the municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek.

  • Reninge

    Reninge is a town in north-west Belgium in the province of West Flanders with approximately 1,000 inhabitants. Since the reforms of 1977, it is located in the deelgemeente (commune) of Lo-Reninge and is part of the Arrondissement of Diksmuide.