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  • Porte de Hal metro station

    The Porte de Hal/Hallepoort metro station is a double Brussels metro/premetro station; one station on the southern segment of metro line 2/6 and one premetro station on the North-South axis.

  • Oscar Vankesbeeck Stadion

    The Oscar Vankesbeesckstadion is a football stadium, located in Mechelen, Belgium, and is host to K.R.C. Mechelen. With a capacity of 13,687, it is the 9th largest football stadium in Belgium in terms of capacity.

  • Opprebais Castle

    Opprebais Castle (French: Château d'Opprebais) is a 13th-century fortified farmhouse (château-ferme) in Opprebais in the municipality of Incourt, Walloon Brabant, Belgium.

  • Oorderen

    Oorderen was a small Belgian village near the city of Antwerp until 1965. It was demolished because of the extension of the Port of Antwerp.

  • Nobressart

    Nobressart is a village in Luxembourg Province, in southern Belgium. It was previously a municipality itself, but is now part of the municipality of Attert.

  • Nieuport Memorial

    The Nieuport Memorial is a First World War memorial, located in the Belgian port city of Nieuwpoort (French: Nieuport), which is at the mouth of the River Yser. The memorial lists 547 names of British officers and men with no known grave who were ki…

  • Moulin Lindekemale

    The Lindekemale watermill (French: Le moulin de Lindekemale, Dutch: De Lindekemalemolen) is a 12th-century watermill at the north side of the Park Malou in Brussels, Belgium, currently operating as a restaurant.

  • Moorsele Airfield

    Moorsele Airfield (ICAO: EBMO) is a military and recreative airfield located in Moorsele, a village in the municipality of Wevelgem in Belgium. It is operated by the Belgian Air Component, although no military aircraft are based at the field, and mi…

  • Montquintin Castle

    Montquintin Castle is an ancient feudal castle, now in ruins, situated on a ridge overlooking the valley of the Ton, to Montquintin in Gaume in the extreme south of the province of Luxembourg (Walloon Region of Belgium).

  • Montignies-sur-Roc

    Montignies-sur-Roc is a village in the municipality Honnelles, in the Belgian province of Hainaut. The village is located amidst the "Parc naturel des Hauts-Pays". The village is located near the French border, along the river la Petite Honnelle. Th…

  • Mijnstadion

    Mijnstadion is a multi-use stadium in Beringen, Belgium. It has been used mostly for football matches as the home ground of K. Beringen-Heusden-Zolder, until the club reached the first division in 2003-04. At this time the club moved to the Fenix St…

  • Melsen

    Melsen is a village in the province of East-Flanders, Belgium, and is a part of the municipality of Merelbeke. It covers an area of roughly 3 square kilometers. Its terrain is largely made up of one great hill. The northern and southern slopes of th…

  • Mark (Dender)

    The Mark (Dutch) or Marcq (French) is a river in Belgium, right tributary of the Dender. It rises around 5 kilometres (3 mi) south-west of Enghien, Hainaut, close to the village St-Marcou in the forests of Bois de Ligne en Bois d'Enghien. It passes …

  • Malem, Ghent

    Malem is a garden-city neighbourhood in the city of Ghent, Belgium. The neighbourhood was built between 1948 and 1953 in a very homogeneous garden-city idea, with uniform white houses, that were designed to house victims of World War II. The neighbo…