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  • LAb(au)

    LAb[au] is an artist group founded 1997 in Brussels, Belgium with the aim to examine the influence of advanced technologies in the forms, methods and content of art. Members are: Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, and Els Vermang.

  • Kortrijk Xpo

    Kortrijk Xpo is one of the biggest multi-purpose indoor arenas and convention centres in the BENELUX, covering some 55,000m³ (2009).

  • Kemzeke

    Kemzeke is a village in the Belgian municipality of Stekene in the province of East-Flanders. Until 1976 it was an independent municipality.

  • Keizersberg Abbey

    Keizersberg Abbey, also known as Mont César Abbey (Dutch: Abdij van Keizersberg; French: Abbaye du Mont-César) is a Benedictine monastery on the hill Keizersberg or Mont César in the north of the university town of Leuven, Belgium.

  • Kehrwegstadion

    The Kehrwegstadion is a multi-purpose stadium in Eupen, Belgium. It is mainly used mostly for football matches and hosts the home matches of K.A.S. Eupen of the Belgian First Division.

  • K in Kortrijk

    K in Kortrijk is a shopping centre in the Belgian city of Kortrijk. The centre, located downtown, was developed by Foruminvest at a cost of €200,000,000. The shopping mall comprises 35,000 sqm of shopping space, 90 shops and a tower with apartments.…

  • Jemeppe Castle

    Jemeppe Castle, also known as Hargimont Castle (French: Château Jemeppe or Château d'Hargimont), is a castle in Hargimont, now part of the municipality of Marche-en-Famenne, province of Luxembourg, Belgium.

  • Institut Gramme

    The Gramme Institute is a high school of engineering part of Haute École HELMo in Liege in Belgium. It was founded in 1906 by Belgian Jesuit Adolphe Renard. It was names "Ecole des Arts et Métiers" after the same school in France. The first promotio…

  • Hoevenen Airfield

    Hoevenen Airfield (Dutch: Vliegveld Hoevenen, ICAO: EBHN) is a small airfield between Antwerp and the Dutch border. It has a grass runway, precious little hangar space, and a bar/restaurant called Den Buynderdyck. It is home to a flying club Vliegcl…

  • Havré Castle

    Havré Castle (French: Château d'Havré) is a ruined castle in the village of Havré in the town of Mons, province of Hainaut, Belgium.

  • Hankar metro station

    The Hankar Metro Station is one of the Brussels metro stations on the eastern branch of line 5. It was formerly on line 1A, until April 2009. The station was opened in 1976 and is named after Square Baron Robert Hankar.

  • Groeninge Monument

    The Groeninge Monument is a Monument in the Belgian city of Kortrijk. The gilded statue was inaugurated to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of the Golden Spurs. The statue is situated in the Groeningepark, where during the Middle Ages…

  • Grenslandhallen

    The Grenslandhallen in Hasselt, Belgium is one of the biggest event complexes in the Benelux. The first halls were built in 1983. In 2002 one of the first halls has been transformed into a congress theatre for musicals, concerts, ...

  • Grembergen

    Grembergen is a town in the municipality of Dendermonde in the Denderstreek in the province of East Flanders in Belgium.

  • Grand Large

    The Grand Large is an artificial lake of Belgium, not far from the city of Mons. The lake is situated along the highway E19 between Paris and Brussels. Its marina can host 157 boats.

  • Foam (organization)

    FoAM describes itself as "a network of transdisciplinary labs for speculative culture". The networked, Brussels-based collective constitutes a group of designers, scientists, cooks, artists, engineers and gardeners who share an interest in taking kn…

  • Expodroom

    Expodroom is a multi-purpose arena in Bree, Belgium. Expodroom holds 4,000 people. It hosted the home games of the former basketball club Bree B.B.C..

  • Evere railway station

    The Evere railway station is a railway station in Brussels, Belgium, in the municipality of Evere. The station is located under street level, and can be accessed via the Rue Auguste De Boeck/Auguste De Boeckstraat.

  • Ensival

    Ensival (in Walloon Enzivå) is a section of the Belgian town of Verviers situated in Wallonia, in the province of Liège.