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Senegal /ˌsɛnɨˈɡɔːl, -ˈɡɑːl/ (French: le Sénégal), officially the Republic of Senegal (République du Sénégal, IPA: [ʁepyblik dy seneɡal]), is a country in West Africa. It is the westernmost country in the mainland of the Old World or Eurafrasia and owes its name to the Sénégal River that borders it to the east and north. Senegal covers a land area of almost 197,000 square kilometres (76,000 sq mi), and has an estimated population of about 13 million.

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Latitude: 14° 30' 0.62" N
Longitude: -14° 26' 21.22" W

Population: 12,323,252

Capital: Dakar

Country ISO codes: SN / SEN / 686

Oficial languages:
French (fr), Wolof (wo)

Oficial coin(s): Franc (XOF)

Neighbour countries:
Gambia ( GM ), Guinea ( GN ), Guinea-Bissau ( GW ), Mali ( ML ), Mauritania ( MR )

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