Latitude and longitude of Obukhov State Plant

Satellite map of Obukhov State Plant

Obukhov State Plant (also known Obukhovski Plant, Russian: Государственный Обуховский Завод, Gosudarstvennyy Obukhovskiy Zavod) is a major Russian metallurgy and heavy machine-building plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was founded in 1863 to produce naval artillery based on German designs by Krupp. It has since been a major producer of artillery and other military equipment. V. Volodarsky was assassinated when making his way to meeting relating to industrial unrest in the factory. From 1922 to 1992 it was renamed Bolshevik Plant no.

Latitude: 59° 51' 43.79" N
Longitude: 30° 28' 37.96" E

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