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Kolpino (Russian: Колпино) is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Population: 138,979

Latitude: 59° 45' 2.48" N
Longitude: 30° 35' 18.82" E

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  • Amber Room

    The Amber Room (Russian: Янтарная комната, German: Bernsteinzimmer) is a world famous chamber decorated in amber panels backed with gold leafs and mirrors, located in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg.

  • Tsarskoye Selo

    Tsarskoye Selo (Russian: Ца́рское Село́; IPA: [ˈtsarskəɪ sʲɪˈlo] ( listen); "Tsar's Village") was the town containing a former Russian residence of the imperial family and visiting nobility, located 24 kilometers (15 mi) south from the center of Sai…

  • Alexander Palace

    The Alexander Palace (Russian: Александровский дворец) is a former imperial residence at Tsarskoye Selo, on a plateau around 30 minutes by train from St Petersburg. It is known as the favourite residence of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II, and…

  • Battle of the Neva

    The Battle of the Neva (Russian: Невская битва, Nevskaya bitva, Swedish: slaget vid Neva) was fought between the Novgorod Republic and Swedish armies on the Neva River, near the settlement of Ust-Izhora, on July 15, 1240. The purpose of the Swedish …

  • Imperial Porcelain Factory

    The Imperial Porcelain Factory (or Manufactory) (Russian: Императорский Фарфоровый Завод, Imperatorskii Farforovyi Zavod), is a producer of handpainted ceramics in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was established by Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov in 1744. …

  • Battle of Krasny Bor

    The Battle of Krasny Bor was part of the Soviet offensive Operation Polyarnaya Zvezda. It called for a pincer attack near Leningrad, to build on the success of Operation Iskra and completely lift the Siege of Leningrad, encircling a substantial part…

  • Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum

    The Imperial Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg, also known historically as the Imperial Alexander Lyceum after its founder Tsar Alexander I, was an educational institution which was founded in 1811 with the object of educating youths of…

  • Pella Palace

    Pella Palace (Пеллинский дворец) was a summer residence built during the reign of Catherine II of Russia for her grandson, future emperor Alexander. It was situated on the left bank of the Neva River, 30 km east of Saint Petersburg, where the town o…

  • Chesme Column

    The Chesme Column (Russian: Чесменская колонна) in Tsarskoye Selo commemorates three Russian naval victories in the Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774, specifically the Battle of Chesma.

  • Obukhov State Plant

    Obukhov State Plant (also known Obukhovski Plant, Russian: Государственный Обуховский Завод, Gosudarstvennyy Obukhovskiy Zavod) is a major Russian metallurgy and heavy machine-building plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was founded in 1863 to produ…

  • Izhora River

    The Izhora (Russian: Ижóра, Finnish: Inkereenjoki), also known as the Inger River, is a left tributary of the Neva River on its run through Ingria in northwestern Russia from Lake Ladoga to Gulf of Finland. The Izhora flows through Gatchinsky and To…