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Az Za‘ayyim is a town in Palestine, State of.

Population: 3,373

Latitude: 31° 47' 18.67" N
Longitude: 35° 15' 54.40" E

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  • Gush Etzion Regional Council

    The Gush Etzion Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית גוש עציון‎, Mo'atza Azorit Gush Etzion) is a regional council in the northern Judean Hills, the northern part of the southern area of the West Bank, administering the settlements in the Gush Etz…

  • Amona, Mateh Binyamin

    Amona (Hebrew: עמונה‎) is an Israeli outpost in the central West Bank. Located on a hill overlooking Ofra within the municipal boundaries of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, the village was founded in 1995 on privately owned Palestinian land.

  • Zion Square

    Zion Square (Hebrew: כיכר ציון‎, Kikar Tziyon) is a public square in West Jerusalem, located at the intersection of Jaffa Road, Ben Yehuda Street, Herbert Samuel Street, and Yoel Moshe Salomon Street. It is one of the vertices of the Downtown Triang…

  • Sur Baher

    Sur Baher (Arabic صور باهر, Hebrew צור באהר) is a Palestinian neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of East Jerusalem. It is located east of Ramat Rachel and northeast of Har Homa.

  • Ramot, Jerusalem

    Ramot (Hebrew: רָמוֹת, lit. Heights), also known as Ramot Alon (Hebrew: רמות אלון‎), is a large neighborhood in a northern part of East Jerusalem. Ramot is one of Jerusalem's Ring Neighborhoods. The land was annexed by Israel after the Six-Day War, …

  • Mercaz HaRav Kook

    Mercaz HaRav Kook (Hebrew: מרכז הרב קוק‎) (lit. "The Rav Kook Center") is a national-religious yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel, founded in 1924 by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. It has become the most prominent religious-Zionist yeshiva in the world and syn…

  • Mateh Binyamin Regional Council

    Mateh Binyamin Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית מטה בנימין‎, Mo'atza Azorit Mateh Binyamin) is a regional council covering 42 Israeli settlements and outposts in the southern Samarian hills of the West Bank. The seat of the council is Psagot. …

  • Har Adar

    Har Adar (Hebrew: הַר אֲדָר) is an Israeli settlement and local council in the Seam Zone and the Maccabim sub-region of the West Bank. Har Adar was founded in 1982 and has a population of approximately 4,000. It is located near Abu Ghosh and the Gre…

  • East Talpiot

    East Talpiot or Armon HaNetziv is a neighborhood in southern East Jerusalem, established in 1973 in the upswing of building that followed the Six-Day War, in an area unilaterally annexed to Israel. The international community considers Israeli neigh…

  • Al-Walaja

    al-Walaja or Al Walaja (Arabic: الولجة‎) is a Palestinian village in the West Bank, four kilometers northwest of Bethlehem City. It is an enclave in the Seam Zone, near the Green Line. al-Walaja is partly under the jurisdiction of the Bethlehem Gove…

  • Yad HaShmona

    Yad Hashmona (Hebrew: יַד הַשְּׁמוֹנָה), (lit. Memorial for the Eight) is a small moshav shitufi in central Israel, located in the Judean Mountains near Jerusalem, within the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council.

  • Schneller Orphanage

    Schneller Orphanage, also called the Syrian Orphanage, was a German Protestant orphanage that operated in Jerusalem from 1860 to 1940. It was one of the first structures to be built outside the Old City of Jerusalem (the others are Mishkenot Sha’ana…

  • Ramot Polin

    Ramot Polin (Hebrew: רמות פולין, lit. Poland Heights) is part of the larger neighborhood Ramot, a neighborhood in northwest East Jerusalem. It was constructed by the Kollel Polen (Poland) in stages beginning in 1972, under the auspices of the Office…