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Az Za‘ayyim is a town in Palestine, State of.

Population: 3,373

Latitude: 31° 47' 18.67" N
Longitude: 35° 15' 54.40" E

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  • Har Hotzvim

    Har Hotzvim (Hebrew: הר חוצבים‎, lit. Stonecutter's Mountain), also Campus of Science-Rich Industries (Hebrew: קריית תעשיות עתירות מדע‎, Kiryat Ta'asiyot Atirot Mada) is a high-tech industrial park located in northwest Jerusalem, Israel. It is the c…

  • Dome of the Ascension

    The Dome of the Ascension (Arabic: قبة المعراجQubbat al-Miraj; Hebrew: כִּיפָּת הַעֲלִיָּיה Kippat Ha'Aliyah) is a free-standing dome that commemorates the Islamic prophet Muhammad's ascension to heaven.

  • École Biblique

    The École Biblique, strictly the École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem, is a French academic establishment in Jerusalem, founded by Dominicans, and specialising in archaeology and Biblical exegesis.

  • Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue

    Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue (Hebrew: בית הכנסת תפארת ישראל‎) was one of the most outstanding synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was destroyed by the Arab Legion during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and left as ruins…

  • Royal Stoa (Jerusalem)

    The Royal Stoa (Hebrew: הסטיו המלכותי‎, also known as the Royal Colonnade, Royal Portico, Royal Cloisters, Royal Basilica or Stoa Basileia) was an ancient basilica constructed by Herod the Great during his renovation of the Temple Mount at the end o…

  • Ramban Synagogue

    The Ramban Synagogue (Hebrew: בית כנסת הרמב"ן‎), is the second oldest active synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was founded by Nahmanides (Ramban) in 1267, to service the local Jewish community, which would expand due to its presence.

  • Motza

    Motza (or Motsa) (Hebrew: מוֹצָא) is a neighbourhood in the western edge of Jerusalem, Israel, located 600 metres above sea level. In the Judean Hills, surrounded by forest, it is a relatively isolated place connected to Jerusalem by the Jerusalem-T…

  • Christ Church, Jerusalem

    Christ Church, Jerusalem, is an Anglican church located inside the Old City of Jerusalem. The building itself is part of a small compound just inside the Jaffa Gate opposite King David's citadel. It is the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East.

  • Bayit VeGan

    Bayit VeGan (Hebrew: בית וגן‎, lit. House and Garden) is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem, Israel. Bayit VeGan is located to the east of Mount Herzl and borders the neighborhoods of Kiryat Hayovel and Givat Mordechai.

  • Tyropoeon Valley

    Tyropoeon Valley (i.e., "Valley of the Cheesemakers") is the name given by Josephus the historian (Wars 5.140) to the valley or rugged ravine, in the Old City of Jerusalem, which in ancient times separated Mount Moriah from Mount Zion and emptied in…

  • Highway 50 (Israel)

    Highway 50, officially called Begin Boulevard (Hebrew: שדרות בגין‎, Sderot Begin) and also referred to as Menachem Begin Expressway or Begin Highway, is an urban freeway in western Jerusalem named after Israel's sixth Prime Minister, Menachem Begin.…

  • Ramat Shlomo

    Ramat Shlomo (Hebrew: רמת שלמה‎, lit. Shlomo's (Solomon's) Heights) is a large Jewish housing development in northern East Jerusalem. The population, mostly ultra-Orthodox, is 20,000. Ramat Shlomo was built on land formerly occupied by Jordan from 1…

  • Noah Weinberg

    Yisrael Noah Weinberg (Hebrew: ישראל נח וינברג‎), known as Noah Weinberg (February 16, 1930 – February 5, 2009) was an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, rosh yeshiva, and one of the fathers of the Baal teshuva movement with his establishment of a global networ…