Satellite map of Kanjizaiō-in

Kanjizaiō-in (観自在王院) refers to a former temple in Hiraizumi founded by the wife of Fujiwara no Motohira, the second of the Northern Fujiwara rulers. It sat directly across the Frontier Way from Enryu-ji and Kasho-ji, her husband's twin temples. Her temple shared the Pure Land theme with her husbands temples and both had large ponds with variable coastlines surrounded by Pure Land gardens. The pond was fed by a stream from Mōtsū-ji. Both Mōtsū-ji and Kanjizaiō-in also had large earthen walls surrounding their compounds with majestic entrance gates.

Latitude: 38° 59' 18.66" N
Longitude: 141° 06' 37.20" E

Nearest city to this article: Ichinoseki

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