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Sitia (Greek: Σητεία) is a port town and a municipality in Lasithi, Crete, Greece. The town has 9,912 inhabitants (2011); the municipality has 18,318 (2011). It lies east of Agios Nikolaos and northeast of Ierapetra. Sitia port is on the Sea of Crete, part of the Aegean Sea and is one of the economic centers of the Lasithi region. European route E75, which ends in Vardø, starts in Sitia. Sitia is served by the Sitia Public Airport. Sitia has not experienced the effects of mass tourism even though there is a long beach along the road leading to Vai and several places of historical interest.

Population: 8,707

Latitude: 35° 12' 28.19" N
Longitude: 26° 06' 16.81" E

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  • Elasa

    Elasa (Greek: Ελάσα) is an island that can be found northeast of Crete in the Aegean Sea, about 3.5 nautical miles from the palm tree forest of Vai. It is rocky and uninhabited covering 1.9 square kilometres (0.73 sq mi). Its highest point is 79 met…

  • Dionysades

    The Dionysades (Greek: Διονυσάδες, also Γιανυσάδες - Gianysades) is a small group of islands off Sitia on the northeast coast of Crete. The group includes the islands Gianysada, Dragonada, Paximada, and Paximadaki.

  • Kyriamadi

    Kyriamadi (Greek: Κυριαμάδι) is a peninsula in the northeast of Crete. Small landbridges connect it to the Toplou peninsula of mainland Crete in the south, and the peninsula Sideros in the northeast. It is close to the palm tree forest of Vai. Admin…

  • Zakros

    Zakros (Greek: Ζάκρος) is a site on the eastern coast of the island of Crete, Greece, containing ruins from the Minoan civilization. The site is often known to archaeologists as Zakro or Kato Zakro.

  • Sideros

    Sideros (Greek: Σίδερος, "iron"), also known as Strongylo (Greek: Στρογγύλο, "round"), is an uninhabited Greek rock, in the Aegean Sea, close to the northeastern coast of eastern Crete. The rock lies just north of the peninsula of Kyriamadi, with wh…

  • Ftena Trachylia

    Ftena Trachylia (Greek: Φτενά Τραχύλια, "thin and rough or uneven"), also known as Pinnacle Rocks (Greek: Πίνακλ), are a group of uninhabited Greek islets/rocks, in the Aegean Sea, close to the eastern coast of Crete.

  • Kavaloi

    Kavaloi (Greek: Καβάλοι), is a group of three uninhabited Greek islets, close to the coast of Lasithi, eastern Crete. The close group comprises the islets Anavatis (Αναβάτης "rider"), Kavallos (Καβάλλος), and Kefali (Κεφαλή "head"). Administratively…

  • Moni Toplou

    Moni Toplou (Greek: Μονή Τοπλού) is a 15th-century monastery located in a dry and barren area in the Lasithi regional unit, on the eastern part of the island of Crete in Greece. It is about 6 km north of the village of Palekastro and 85 km east of A…