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The Cuzcatlan was a pre-Columbian Nahuat nation of the Post-Classical period that extended from the Paz river to the Lempa river (covering most of the western and central zones of the present Republic of El Salvador), this was the nation of Pipils/Cuzcatlecs. No codices or written accounts survive that shed light on this señorío. But Spanish chroniclers such as Domingo Juarros, Palaces, Lozano, and others claim that some codices did exist but have since disappeared. In their language (Nahuat), art and pyramids it is revealed that they had significant Mayan and Toltec influence. It is believed that the first settlers to arrive came from the Toltec nation. The name "Cuzcatlan" comes from the Nahuatl origin "Kozkatlan" (Cozcatlan Spanish form), which is derived from "Kozkatl", meaning "diamond" or "jewel", and "tlan", meaning "next to" or "in between".

Latitude: 13° 40' 0.12" N
Longitude: -89° 13' 59.88" W

Nearest city to this article: Antiguo Cuscatlán

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