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  • Gåsö

    Gåsö, island in the Swedish province Bohuslän, county of Lysekil. Gåsö is situated at the entrance of the fiord Gullmarn and is a part of the Gullmarn nature reserve. The Gåsö archipelago consists partly of two larger islands, Gåsö and Storön, and p…

  • Gåstorget

    Gåstorget (Swedish: "Goose Square") is a small public square in Gamla stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden, situated between the two alleys Överskärargränd and Gåsgränd.

  • Gässlösa

    Gässlösa is a nature reserve in Varberg Municipality, Sweden. It's situated close to Rolfstorp. The reserve has an area of 34.5 hectares.

  • Gråträsk

    Gråträsk, village in the very most western part of Piteå kommun in the south of Norrbotten close to the lappmarksgränsen.

  • Gränsö Slott

    Gränsö Slott (Gränsö Castle) is a castle located near Västervik, Sweden. The site dates back to the medieval ages. The original castle consisted of a main hall made in wood, which was built in 1807 by Olof Johan Risselskiöld. The castle was extended…

  • Gotland Infantry Regiment

    The Gotland Infantry Regiment (Swedish: Gotlands infanteriregemente), designations I 27 and I 18, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 19th century.

  • Getterön Nature Reserve

    Getterön Nature Reserve (Swedish: Getteröns naturreservat) is a nature reserve at Getterön in Varberg Municipality, Sweden. It consists of parts of the peninsula Getterön and an area to the north. It has an area of 350 hectares, of which 235 are lan…

  • Gardsjönäs

    Gardsjönäs is a small 200 year old village with a population of 9. The village is located within the Storuman Municipality, Västerbotten County, Sweden.

  • Gaffelgränd

    Gaffelgränd (Swedish: Fork Alley) is an alley in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm, Sweden, connecting Skeppsbron to Lilla Hoparegränd and Pelikansgränd, both of which are leading to Österlånggatan.

  • Furby, Sweden

    Furby, Sweden (< fura 'pine' + bua 'plĈace') is a locality in Badelunda parish, Västerås Municipality. Furby was previously a parish of its own, but now only a church ruin remains.

  • Frölunda Specialist Hospital

    Frölunda specialist hospital (Swedish: Frölunda Specialistsjukhus) is located in Frölunda, right next to Frölunda torg, approximately nine kilometres south-west of central Gothenburg. The hospital primarily operate with elective care, with specialis…

  • Folkets Park in Kävlinge

    Folkets Park in Kävlinge, Sweden is a local society who started in 1905 by the workers of Kävlinge shoe factory. In 1905 many people in Kävlinge lived in deep poverty. The factory plant manager allowed workers to explore grounds for growing food bes…

  • Flykälen

    Flykälen is a village of Krokom Municipality, Jämtland County in northern Sweden. The population is about 23. Every summer there is a tractor pulling event with old tractors and each Easter an ice fishing competition.

  • Falkenberg Town Hall

    Falkenberg Town Hall is a listed modern building, built 1958-1959 and inaugurated 16 August 1960. Lennart Tham was chosen as architect after no less than three competitions, the last one in 1949. The building process was delayed due to the need to b…

  • Falkenberg (fort)

    Falkenberg was a fort in Falkenberg, Sweden. It was first mentioned in 1298. It would later give the town, which was previously known as Ätraby, its name. The fort was the location for several Nordic treaties during the fourteenth century.

  • Eklanda

    Eklanda is a suburban neighbourhood with 3000 inhabitants in Mölndal Municipality, part of the Gothenburg urban area.

  • Ekenäs, Kalmar

    Ekenäs is a village in Kalmar Municipality, Sweden, situated on Kalmar Sound east of European route E22. It is the site of two traditional shipyards and a small yacht harbour.