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  • Göta highway

    Göta highway (Swedish: Göta landsväg) was the only road between Stockholm and south of Sweden. Dating back at least to the middle ages, and some parts even back to the Viking Age, the highway is the oldest known road from Stockholm to the south.

  • Gömmaren Nature Reserve

    Gömmaren Nature Reserve (Swedish: Gömmarens naturreservat) is a nature reserve centred on Lake Gömmaren in the north of Huddinge Municipality south of central Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Gömmaren

    Gömmaren (Swedish: literary "The Hider") is a small lake located in the municipality Huddinge in southern Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Gröndalsbron

    Gröndalsbron (Swedish: The Gröndal bridge) are two bridges in central Stockholm, Sweden, connecting the island Stora Essingen to the southern mainland district Gröndal.

  • Uppsala Arena

    Uppsala Arena is a planned multi-purpose indoor arena in Uppsala, Sweden. It will open in 2017 at earliest. Once completed, it will become the ice hockey team Almtuna IS's home arena.

  • Gryttjen

    Gryttjen is a lake of Sweden. It is located to the northeast of Järvsö in Gävleborg County. It is reputed to have a lake monster named Gryttie.

  • Gripenberg Castle

    Gripenberg Castle (Swedish: Gripenbergs slott) is a wooden manor house near Tranås in Småland, Sweden. It is considered to be the biggest wooden castle in Sweden and one of the oldest that remain today as well.

  • Gimo Air Base

    Gimo Air Base used to be a small military airport near the town of Gimo in Sweden. Today it is no longer used by the military and it is now known as Lunda Flygfält (Lunda Airfield). Of the 2,000 meters of runway only 800 meters now remains available…

  • Getterön

    Getterön is a peninsula in Varberg Municipality, Halland County, Sweden, immediately northwest of the municipal seat Varberg.

  • Gamla Turingevägen Inscriptions

    The Gamla Turingevägen Inscriptions are two Viking Age memorial runic inscriptions and one image that are designated as Sö 311, Sö 312, and Sö 313 in the Rundata catalog, that are located in Södertälje, Stockholm County, Sweden, and in the historic …

  • Funbo Church

    The Funbo Church (Swedish: Funbo kyrka) is a medieval church in the Funbo village, Uppsala Municipality, eastern Sweden. It is located in the parish of Danmark-Funbo, in the Archdiocese of Uppsala.

  • Fröjel Formation

    The Fröjel Formation is a ten-metre thick siliciclastic unit lying in the carbonate sequence of Gotland, Sweden. Deposited some 424 million years ago during the mid Homerian (late Wenlock, mid Silurian), the sediments represent an unusually high sup…

  • Fredriksdalsbron

    Fredriksdalsbron is a bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Serving the light rail line Tvärbanan, it stretches north from the station west of the Gullmarsplan metro station, immediately makes a sharp eastward turn to plunge under two other bridges, …

  • Flodafors

    Flodafors is a small village of Katrineholm Municipality in Södermanland County, Sweden. Neighbouring villages are Bie and Valla. Flodafors is often called Floda for convenience. Floda is among other things well known for its church, which dates bac…

  • Finska Kyrkogränd

    Finska Kyrkogränd (Swedish: "Finnish Church Alley") is a blind alley in Gamla stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden. Leading south from Slottsbacken, the alley separates the Finnish Church from the Tessin Palace, and was named after the vi…

  • Falkenberg Bridge

    The Falkenberg Bridge (Swedish Tullbron, literally "The Toll Bridge") is a stone arch bridge in Falkenberg, Sweden, built between 1756 and 1761. The bridge spans the Ätran river and is a listed building since 1984. It underwent major repair and rest…

  • Essingebron

    Essingebron (Swedish: "The Essinge Bridge") are two parallel bridges in central Stockholm, Sweden, inaugurated August 21, 1966, and September 3, 1967. Forming a section of the Essingeleden motorway they connect the two islands Stora Essingen and Lil…

  • Erikstad

    Erikstad is a small village in the Mellerud Municipality in Västra Götalands län in Sweden. It is located at the E45 road and the Norway/Vänern Line railway.