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  • Bullaren

    Bullarebygden is the name of the area surrounding three connected lakes in Bohuslän in the southwestern part of Sweden. Another commonly used name for the same area is Bullaren. The landscape is a mixture of forests and meadows. Less than 2,000 peop…

  • Brömsebäck

    Brömsebäck is a small stream in southern Sweden on the border between the provinces Småland and Blekinge. Before 1658, the river formed the border between Sweden and Denmark.

  • Bror Hjorths Hus

    Bror Hjorths Hus, (Bror Hjorth's House) is a museum of the artist Bror Hjorth (1894–1968), located in Uppsala, Sweden. The museum has a large collection of Hjorth's work. The house which was built in 1943 was for 25 years the home and studio of Bror…

  • Brommaplan

    Brommaplan (Bromma Square) is a roundabout, metro stop and local bus station (buses to Drottningholm and Ekerö) in the borough of Bromma, Western Stockholm.

  • Bridge of Regeringsgatan

    The Bridge of Regeringsgatan (Swedish: Regeringsgatans bro) or more correctly Bridge of Regeringsgatan over Kungsgatan (Regeringsgatans viadukt över Kungsgatan) is a bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden, taking the street Regeringsgatan ("The Governm…

  • Botaniska trädgården (Lund)

    Botaniska trädgården (English: The Botanical Garden) is a botanical garden in central Lund, Sweden, open to the public daily without charge. The 8 hectares site contains 7000 species of plants, of which 200 are found in the greenhouses representing …

  • Blackeberg metro station

    Blackeberg metro station is a station on the green line of the Stockholm metro, located in Blackeberg, Västerort. The station was inaugurated on 26 October 1952. It is designed by Peter Celsing.

  • Bjurum

    The Bjurum manor, also known as Stora Bjurum (Stora Bjurum herrgård in Swedish) is a Swedish manor located in Västergötland.

  • Benickebrinken

    Södra/Norra Benickebrinken (Swedish: "Southern/Northern Slope of Benicke") are two sloping streets in Gamla stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden, stretching from Österlånggatan up to Svartmangatan.

  • Bellevue (Stockholm)

    Bellevue is a park in northern Stockholm and part of the Royal National City Park. Located in Bellevue is the studio of the sculptor Carl Eldh (1873 - 1954), today a museum: Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum. There is also a statue of August Strindberg by Car…

  • Barnsjön

    Barnsjön (Swedish for "the Child Lake") is a small lake within the Tyresån Lake System in Tyresö Municipality south of Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Barnhusbron

    Barnhusbron (Swedish: "The Orphanage Bridge") is a bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Passing over Barnhusviken, it connects Kungsholmen to Norrmalm. It is 23 metres wide and 290 metres long with a maximum span of 64.5 metres.

  • Bankkajen

    Bankkajen (Swedish: The Bank Quay) is a quay and a street passing along the western shore of the islet Helgeandsholmen in Gamla stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Baggensstäket

    Baggensstäket (also Baggarstäket or Södra stäket) is a strait in the Stockholm archipelago, between the island of Värmdö and the mainland (Södermanland).

  • Backåkra

    Dag Hammarskjöld's farm at Backåkra, close to Ystad in southern Sweden, was bought in 1957 as a summer residence by Hammarskjöld, then Secretary-General of the United Nations (1953-1961). The farm was in decline and its restoration came to last unti…

  • Axelsberg

    Axelsberg is a district of the Hägersten-Liljeholmen borough in Söderort, the southern suburban part of Stockholm. It is close to the Hägersten industrial area.

  • Arådalen

    Arådalen is a valley immediately west of the mountain Hundshögen (1371 m) in southern Oviksfjällen, Oviken parish, Berg's Municipality, Jämtland, Sweden.

  • Arboga Airport

    Arboga Airport (ICAO: ESQO) is an airport serving Arboga in Västmanland County, Sweden. It is a former Swedish Airforce backup base located outside of Arboga used by the Test Unit of SWAF for tests of airborne missiles.

  • Ankargränd

    Ankargränd (Swedish: "Anchor Alley") is an alley in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm, Sweden, connecting the streets Trångsund and Prästgatan, just west of church Storkyrkan.

  • Alsen, Sweden

    Alsen is a parish (so called socken) and former municipality (pop. 1,274) in Krokom Municipality, Jämtland in the middle of Sweden.