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  • Dahaban

    Dahban or 'Dahaban'(Arabic:دهبان) is an ancient village on the coast of Saudi Arabia (Red Sea). It is in Makkah Province, a few kilometers north of Jeddah. For a long time it has been a fishing center until Durrat Al-Arus opened in 1996 which made i…

  • The Qishla of Jeddah

    The Qishla of Jeddah (Turkish: Cidde Redif Kışlası) is a historical edifice in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, built in 1525 to be a military castle of the Ottoman army.

  • Saso Island

    Saso Island is an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia. It is part of the Farasan Islands. It is located in the Red Sea at (16.50°N 41.35°E).

  • Mastoorah

    Mastoorah is a village next to Rabigh in the area of Hijaz in the western part of Saudi Arabia. It is located between Mecca and Medina and has population of harb tribes.

  • H̨awţah Sudayr

    H̨awţah Sudayr or Hautat Sudair (Arabic: حوطة سدير‎) is a city in Saudi Arabia, and the capital of Sudair located at the intersection 12-13 Riyadh-Sudair-Qassim.

  • Abqaiq Airport

    Abqaiq Airport is a small airstrip located 6 km west to the center of Abqaiq city, 60 km southwest of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

  • Khafji Airport

    Khafji Airport (Arabic: مطار الخفجي‎) is a small airfield located southern the city of Khafji in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

  • GPYW Indoor Stadium

    GPYW Indoor Stadium is an indoor sporting arena located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The capacity of the arena is 5,000 spectators. It hosts indoor sporting events such as basketball and hosts the home matches of Al-Hilal.

  • Al-Muzahmiyya

    Al-Muzahmiyya Arabic: المزاحمية‎) is a small town in Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia. It is located 59 kilometres (37 mi) by road southwest of Riyadh, on the important Riyadh-Mecca Highway.As of the 2004 census it had a population of 24,224 people. It…

  • Al Bir

    Al Bir (ar:البير) is a village in Saudi Arabia, and a village of Al-Mehmal area (Known nowadays as Thadig), which is one of the populous urban areas in Riyadh region.

  • Qadeimah

    Al Qadeimah (Arabic: القضيمة ) is a town on the coast of Saudi Arabia (Red Sea). It is in Makkah Province, Located in 44 kilometers north of Jeddah. Along with Thual, It hosts the new economic city project, King Abdullah University of Science and Te…

  • Hugayat Tower

    The Hugayat Tower (also known as Hokait Tower) is a skyscraper located in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia. It is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in a growing business district. At 133 meters high, it is a major commercial building in Khobar. It con…