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  • Tomb of Eve

    The Tomb of Eve, also known as Eve's Grave and Eve's Tomb, is an archeological site located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (21°29′31″N39°11′24″E). It is considered by some Muslims to be the burial place of Eve. It was destroyed in 1928 by Sultan of Nejd a…

  • Khafji

    Ras Al Khafji (Arabic: رأس الخفجيRaʾs al-Ḫafğī) or Khafji (الخفجي) is a town on the border between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It lies in what was before 1970 the Saudi–Kuwaiti neutral zone. The Japanese-owned Arabian Oil Company Ltd signed a concess…

  • Khaybar

    Khaybar (Arabic: خيبر‎, IPA: [ˈxɑjbɑrˤ, ˈxajbɑr, ˈχæjbɑr, ˈχɛjbɑrˤ]) is the name of an oasis some 153 km to the north of Medina (ancient Yathrib), Saudi Arabia. Before the rise of Islam, this fortress town was inhabited by Jewish tribes.

  • Abqaiq

    Abqaiq (Arabic: بقيقBiqayq), is a Saudi Aramco gated community and oil-processing facilities located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, located in the desert 60 km southwest of the Dhahran-Dammam-Khobar metropolitan area, and north of the Ru…

  • Riyadh Region

    The Riyadh Region (Arabic: منطقة الرياضManţiqat ar Riyāḍ) is a region (mintaqah) of Saudi Arabia, also called Al-Wosta, located in the center of the country. It has an area of 404,240 km² and a population of 6,777,146 (2010), making it the second …

  • Masmak fort

    The Masmak (Arabic: Qaṣr al-Maṣmak قصر المصمك‎) is a clay and mud-brick fort, with four watchtowers and thick walls, founded on stone blocks, lying in the center of Riyadh, in the old quarters.

  • Jabal Thawr

    Jabal Thawr (Arabic: جبل ثور‎) (Mount Bull) is the name of a mountain in Saudi Arabia, located in the lower part of Mecca to the south of the district of Misfalah. Height of the mountain is 1,405 m (4,610 ft).

  • Al-Kharj

    Al-Kharj (Arabic: الخرج‎) is a city in Al-Kharj Governorate in central Saudi Arabia. Al-Kharj is located at a distance of 77 km south of Riyadh.

  • Wabar craters

    The Wabar craters are impact craters located in Saudi Arabia first brought to the attention of Western scholars by British Arabist, explorer, writer and Colonial Office intelligence officer St.

  • Najran Region

    Najran (Arabic: نجرانNaǧrān) is a region of Saudi Arabia, located in the south of the country along the border with Yemen. It has an area of 149,511 km².

  • Sakakah

    Sakakah (Arabic: سكاكا‎), is an oasis town in northwestern Saudi Arabia and is the capital of Al Jawf Province. It is located just to the north of the An Nafud desert.

  • Tarout Island

    Tārūt Island (Arabic: جزيرة تاروت‎) is an island in the Persian Gulf belonging to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, connected by two causeways to Qatif. It is six kilometers from the coast, and is the longest island in the Persian Gulf after Qes…

  • Al Madinah Region

    The Madinah Region (Arabic: المدينة المنورةAl-Madīnah al-Munawarah) is a region of Saudi Arabia, located on the country's west side, along the Red Sea coast. It has an area of 151,990 km² and a population of 1,777,973 (2010 Census), subdivided int…

  • Ar Rass

    Rass (also spelled Ar Rass, AlRass, or Al-Ras; Arabic: الرس‎) is a Saudi Arabian town, located in the Al Qassim Province. It lies southwest of Buraydah, the capital of the province and also north of Riyadh, the national capital.

  • Bisha

    Bisha (Arabic: بيشة‎, Bīšah), also known as Qal`at Bishah (Arabic: قلعة بيشة‎, Qalʿat Bīšah), is a town in the southwestern Saudi Arabian province, 'Asir. It is located at (20°0′0″N42°36′0″E). Bisha has a population of 205,346 according to the 2010…

  • Jabal al-Lawz

    Jabal al-Lawz (Arabic: جبل اللوز‎) (also known as Gebel el-Lawz) is a mountain located in northwest Saudi Arabia, near the Jordan border, above the Gulf of Aqaba at 2580 metres above sea level.

  • Farasan Islands

    The Farasan Islands (Arabic: جزر فرسان‎; transliterated: Juzur Farasān) are a large coral-island group in the Red Sea, belonging to Saudi Arabia. The islands are located some 40 km offshore from Jizan, in the far southwestern part of the country, at…

  • Al Jawf Region

    Al-Jawf Region (Arabic: الجوفal-Ǧawf pronounced [alˈdʒoːf]), also spelled Al-Jouf, is a region of Saudi Arabia, located in the north of the country, bordering Jordan. It has an area of 100,212 km² and a population of 440,009 at the 2010 Census (pr…

  • Wadi Rabigh

    Wadi Rabigh is a wadi situated inland of the town of Rabigh, extending along the border of the al-Madinah and Makkah Regions of Saudi Arabia.

  • Thuwal

    Thuwal (Arabic: ثول ) is a village belonging to the governorate of Jeddah in the Makkah Province of Saudi Arabia 80 kilometers north of Jeddah on the coast of the Red Sea.

  • Al-`Ula

    The Al-`Ula city (also Al Ola, Arabic العلا al-ʿulā; Also Dedan), some 110 km southwest of Tayma (380 km north of Medina) in northwestern Saudi Arabia was located on the Incense route.

  • Unaizah

    Unaizah (Arabic: عنيزةʿUnaizah) or officially The Governorate of Unaizah (also spelled Onaizah, Onizah, or Unayzah; Arabic: محافظة عنيزةMuḥāfiẓat ʿUnaizah) is a Saudi Arabian city in the Al Qassim Province. It lies south of the province capital …

  • Mount Uhud

    Mount Uhud is a mountain in north of Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is 1,077 m (3,533 ft) high. It was the site of the second battle between Muslim and Meccan forces.

  • Safaniya Oil Field

    Safaniya Oil Field (Arabic: حقل سفانية النفطي‎), operated and owned by Saudi Aramco, is the largest offshore oil field in the world. It is located about 265 kilometres (165 mi) north of the company headquarters in Dhahran in the Persian Gulf, Saudi …

  • King Faisal University

    King Faisal University (KFU) (Arabic: جامعة الملك فيصلĞāmiʿat al-Malak Fayṣal) is a public university with the main campus in the city of Hofuf in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia founded in 1975. KFU was initially established with four colleges: two in Dam…

  • Tayma

    Tayma (Arabic: تيماء‎; also transliterated Tema) is a large oasis with a long history of settlement, located in northwestern Saudi Arabia at the point where the trade route between Yathrib (Medina) and Dumah (al-Jawf) begins to cross the Nefud deser…

  • Duba, Saudi Arabia

    Duba (Arabic: ضبا‎) is a small city on the northern Red Sea coast, of Saudi Arabia. It is in Tabuk Province. Local citizens describe it as The Pearl of the Red Sea.