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  • Al Wajh Domestic Airport

    Al Wajh Domestic Airport (Arabic: مطار الوجه المحلي‎, IATA: EJH, ICAO: OEWJ) is an airport in Al Wajh (also spelled Wejh or Wedjh), a town in Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia.

  • Afif

    Afif (Arabic: عفيفʿAfīf) is a city in central Saudi Arabia, in the Najd region. It is situated approximately half-way between Riyadh and Mecca. The modern town was established in the 1910s as a hijra, or "settlement", for the nomadic tribes of the…

  • Samtah

    Samtah (also Romanized as Şāmitah or Samta) is a town and sub-division in Jizan Province, in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

  • Farasan (city)

    Farasan (Arabic: فرسان‎) is the largest town of the Farasan Islands, in the Red Sea. Islands are a part of the Jizan Province, far southwestern part of Saudi Arabia.

  • EXPEC Advanced Research Center

    The Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center - Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) is located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It is a research center that belongs to Saudi Aramco and is responsible for upstream oil and gas technology development. The…

  • Dhurma

    Dhurma or Darma (Arabic: ضرما‎) is a small town located 73.4 kilometres (45.6 mi) by road northwest of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the center of the small Dhruma Governorate of Riyadh Province, and had a population of 10,267 people according to the …

  • Dawadmi Domestic Airport

    Dawadmi Domestic Airport (Arabic: مطار الدوادمي المحلي‎, IATA: DWD, ICAO: OEDM), also known as Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Domestic Airport (Arabic: مطار الأمير سلمان بن عبد العزيز المحلي‎), is an airport serving Dawadmi, a city in the Riyadh provi…

  • Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges

    Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Colleges (officially abbreviated as SRC) (Arabic: كليات سليمان الراجحي‎) is a private, non-profit, research university, comprising three graduate colleges: Medicine, Nursing and Applied Medical Sciences as well as a state-of-the-ar…

  • Ras Al-Mishab Airport

    Ras Al-Mishab Airport is a small military airfield in the naval complex of Ras Al Mishab on the Persian Gulf about 200 kilometres (124 mi) north of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

  • Rafha Domestic Airport

    Rafha Domestic Airport (Arabic: مطار رفحاء المحلي‎, IATA: RAH, ICAO: OERF) is an airport serving Rafha, a town in Northern Borders Province, Saudi Arabia.

  • Qishlah

    Qishlah or AL Qishlah (Arabic:قصر القشلة) is a Palace located in the center of Ha'il city, Saudi Arabia. Built in the 1940s during the principality of prince Abdul-Aziz bin Musa'ad Al Saud of Ha'il province.

  • Qaisumah

    Qaisumah or Al Qaysumah (Arabic: القيصومة‎) is a village belonging to the city of Hafar Al-Batin, in Eastern Province (also known as Ash Sharqiyah), Saudi Arabia.

  • Marid Castle

    Qasr Marid (Arabic: قصر مارد‎) is a castle in Dumat Al-Jandal - in the north of Saudi Arabia built before AD 272. Its walls are 80 cm - 1 meter (2'8"-3'3") thick.

  • Al-Najma (Saudi Arabian Sport Club)

    Al-Najma (Arabic: النجمة‎) is a Saudi Arabian football team based in Unaizah that is currently playing in the Saudi Second Division League. Founded in 1960, the team plays in white and black color and green colours.

  • Al-Bathaa

    Al-Bathaa is a district in downtown Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and one of the oldest sections of the city. Although it has lost its influence and is gradually being replaced by new shopping districts, the area is still known as an area for cheap lodging a…

  • Al-Arabi (Saudi Arabian Sport Club)

    Al-Arabi Sports Club (Arabic: العربي‎), also known as Al-Arabi Al-Saudi, is a Saudi Arabian club which contains a number of sports, most notably football, basketball and handball. It based in Unaizah, Al-Qassim in 1958. Its logo has white and red co…

  • Thadig

    Thadig (Arabic: ثادق‎) is a city in Nejd, Saudi Arabia. It is a historical city established about four centuries ago.

  • Tanomah

    Tanomah (Arabic: تنومة‎) is a city in south-west Saudi Arabia, population 40,000. And away from Abha, a distance of 120 kilometers north .. It is one of the most important resorts in Saudi Arabia and there are waterfalls made up of natural water at …