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  • Maor

    Maor (Hebrew: מָאוֹר) is an agricultural moshav in the Menashe Regional Council, Israel, near Baqa-Jat. It was established in 1953 by Jewish immigrants from Romania and Poland; was abandoned after several years, and re-established in 1957 by Jewish …

  • Kiryat Menachem

    Kiryat Menachem (Hebrew: קרית מנחם‎) is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem. It is bordered by Ir Ganim to the south and east, Mount Ora to the west, and the Jerusalem Hills to the north. To the west are steep hills that descend toward streams tha…

  • Kadim

    Kadim (Hebrew: כַּדִּים) was an Israeli settlement on a hilltop in the northern West Bank under the administrative jurisdiction of Shomron Regional Council.

  • Islamic Museum, Jerusalem

    The Islamic Museum is a museum on the Temple Mount in the Old City section of Jerusalem. On display are exhibits from ten periods of Islamic history encompassing several Muslim regions.

  • Ir Ganim

    Ir Ganim (Hebrew: עיר גנים, "city of gardens") is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem bordering Kiryat Menachem.

  • Huwwara checkpoint

    The Huwwara checkpoint or Huwara checkpoint or Hawara checkpoint (Arabic: حاجز حوارة‎) (Hebrew: מחסום חווארה‎, Makhsom Hawara) is a major Israel Defense Forces checkpoint at one of the four main exits of Nablus. It is located south of the city.

  • Har Hevron Regional Council

    The Har Hevron Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית הר חברון‎, Mo'atza Azorit Har Hevron) is an Israeli regional council in the southern Judean Hills area of Mount Hebron, in the southern West Bank, administering Israeli settlements. The headquart…

  • Great Mosque of Nablus

    Great Mosque of Nablus (Arabic: جامع نابلس الكبيرJami' Nablus al-Kebir) is the oldest and largest mosque in the Palestinian city of Nablus. It was originally built as a Byzantine church and was converted into a mosque during the early Islamic era.…

  • Emek Tzurim National Park

    Emek Tzurim National Park (Hebrew: עמק צורים‎, lit. Valley of Rocks) is a national park of Israel. It is located on lower slope of the Mount of Olives and the upper reaches of the Kidron Valley, to the north-east outside of the walls of the Old City…

  • Damia Bridge

    The Damia Bridge (also Damiya) or Prince Muhammad Bridge (Arabic names), known in Israel as the Adam Bridge (Hebrew: גשר אדם‎), is a now closed bridge over the Jordan River between the West Bank and Jordan. It is about 35 kilometres (over 20 miles) …

  • Cremisan Valley

    The Cremisan Valley is a valley located on the seam line between the West Bank and Jerusalem. The Cremisan monastery is within Jerusalem municipal limits, while the storeroom on the other side of the parking lot is in the West Bank.

  • Carmel, Har Hebron

    Carmel (Hebrew: כרמל Karmel) is an Israeli settlement in south-east Har Hebron area of the West Bank, close by the Palestinian villagers of Umm al-Kheir, who settled there several decades ago after Israel expelled them from the Arad desert, and who …

  • Battle of Nirim

    The Battle of Nirim, also Battle of Dangour, was a military engagement between the Egyptian army and the Jewish Haganah on May 15, 1948, the first day of the Egyptian invasion of Israel in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. It was fought in kibbutz Nirim (i…

  • Anab

    Anab is one of the cities in the mountains of Judah, from which Joshua expelled the Anakim (Josh. 11:21; 15:50). It still retains its ancient name. It lies among the hills, 10 miles south-south-west of Hebron.

  • Al-Khadra Mosque

    Al-Khadra Mosque (Arabic: مسجد الخضرة‎, transliteration: Masjid al-Khadra, translation: "the Green Mosque") also known as Hizn Sidna Yaq'ub Mosque (trans. Sadness of our Lord Jacob) is a mosque situated on the lower slopes of Mount Gerizim in the so…

  • Welayat Mosque

    Welayat Mosque or Kateb al-Welaya Mosque (Arabic: جامع الولايات‎) is a small historic mosque located along Omar Mukhtar Street in Gaza City in the Zaytoun Quarter of the old city.

  • Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham Mosque

    The Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham Mosque (Arabic: مسجد السلطان إبراهيم بن أدهم‎) is the largest mosque in the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina, located northeast of Jerusalem. It is named after a Muslim who lived in the town and worked as collector of oli…

  • Shokeda

    Shokeda (Hebrew: שׁוֹקֵדָה) is a religious moshav in southern Israel. Located approximately six kilometres west of Netivot and covering 6,000 dunams, it falls under the jurisdiction of Sdot Negev Regional Council.

  • Shluhot

    Shluhot (Hebrew: שִׁלוּחוֹת, lit. Branches) is an Orthodox kibbutz in the Beit She'an Valley in northern Israel.

  • Sayed al-Hashim Mosque

    The Sayed al-Hashim Mosque (Arabic: مسجد السيد هاشمMasjid as-Sayed Hāshim) is one of the largest and oldest mosques in Gaza, located in the ad-Darrāj Quarter of the Old City, off of al-Wehda Street.

  • Rimonim

    Rimonim (Hebrew: רִמּוֹנִים, רימונים), is an Israeli settlement located on the Allon Road in the West Bank in the jurisdiction of the Matte Binyamin Regional Council about a twenty-minute drive east from Jerusalem. As of 2011, the population of the …

  • Re'im

    Re'im (Hebrew: רֵעִים, lit. Friends) is a secular kibbutz in southern Israel, and one of the Gaza vicinity villages. Located at the confluence of Besor Stream and Gerar Stream in the north-western Negev desert, it falls under the jurisdiction of Esh…

  • Palestine Stadium

    Palestine Stadium (Arabic: ملعب فلسطين‎) is located in Gaza City on the Gaza Strip. It is the national stadium and the home of Palestine national football team.

  • Naaran

    Naaran (also Na'aran) (Hebrew: נערן‎) is an ancient Jewish village dating to the 5th and 6th century CE, located in the West Bank. Remains of the village have been excavated north of Jericho, in Ephraim, between Bethel and Jericho. The mosaic floor …

  • Muqeible

    Muqeible or Muqeibla (Arabic: مقيبلة‎, Hebrew: מֻקֵיבִּלָה), meaning "The front place", is an Arab town in Israel's North District, situated in the Jezreel Valley between Jenin in the West Bank and the Ta'anakh area. It is a part of the Gilboa Regio…

  • Matan, Israel

    Matan (Hebrew: מתן‎, lit. Gift) is a communal settlement in central Israel. Located near Yarhiv and Nirit, it falls under the jurisdiction of Drom HaSharon Regional Council.

  • Kfar Aza

    Kfar Aza (Hebrew: כְּפַר עַזַּה, lit. Gaza Village) is a kibbutz in southern Israel. Located between Netivot and Sderot around five kilometres east of Gaza, it falls under the jurisdiction of Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council.

  • Kedar, Gush Etzion

    Kedar (Hebrew: קֵדָר) is a religiously observant, rural Communal settlement and Israeli settlement in the West Bank administrated by the Gush Etzion Regional Council. It was established in 1984 by families linked to the Betar movement. "The name is …