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  • Large Stone Structure

    The Large Stone Structure is the name given to the remains of a large public building in the City of David neighborhood of central Jerusalem, south of the Old City, tentatively dated to tenth to ninth century BC. The name was given to the structure,…

  • Church of Mary Magdalene

    The Church of Mary Magdalene (Russian: Церковь Святой Марии Магдалины) is a Russian Orthodox church located on the Mount of Olives, near the Garden of Gethsemane in East Jerusalem.

  • An-Najah National University

    An-Najah National University (Arabic: جامعة النجاح الوطنية) is a Palestinian non-governmental public university governed by a board of Trustees. It is located in Nablus, in the northern West Bank. The university has over 22,000 students and 300 prof…

  • Wadi Ara

    Wadi Ara (also Nahal 'Iron) (Arabic: وادي عارة‎, Hebrew: נחל עירון, ואדי עארה‎), is an area in Israel populated mainly by Arab citizens of Israel. Wadi Ara is located northwest of the Green Line, in the Haifa District.

  • Bayt Jibrin

    Bayt Jibrin (Arabic: بيت جبرين‎, also Beit Jibrin), (Hebrew: בית גוברין), was a pre-1948 Palestinian Arab village located 21 kilometers (13 mi) northwest of the city of Hebron.

  • BYU Jerusalem Center

    The Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies (often simply referred to as the BYU Jerusalem Center, or BYU–Jerusalem), situated on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, Israel, is a satellite campus of Brigham Young University (BYU), …

  • Adullam

    Adullam is an ancient ruin, built upon a hilltop overlooking the Elah Valley, south of Bet Shemesh in Israel. The hilltop is mostly flat, with cisterns carved into the rock. The remains of stone structures which once stood there can still be seen. S…

  • Tekoa, Gush Etzion

    Tekoa (Hebrew: תְּקוֹעַ) is an Israeli Jewish communal town and Israeli settlement in the northern Judaean Mountains, located 20 km northeast of Hebron and 16 km south of Jerusalem. Tekoa is within the municipal jurisdiction of the Gush Etzion Regio…

  • Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate

    The Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate (Arabic: محافظة رام الله والبيرةMuḥāfaẓat Rām Allāh wa l Bīra; Hebrew: נפת רמאללה ואל-בירה Nafat Rāmallāh VeAl Bīra) is one of 16 governorates of Palestine. It covers a large part of the central West Bank, on …

  • Ænon

    Ænon, more commonly written Aenon, is the site mentioned by the Gospel of John as the place where John was baptising after his encounter with Jesus.

  • Pisgat Ze'ev

    Pisgat Ze'ev (Hebrew: פסגת זאב‎, lit. Ze'ev's Peak) is an Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem and the largest residential neighborhood in Jerusalem with a population of over 50,000. Pisgat Ze'ev was established by Israel as one of the city's five R…

  • Kiryat HaYovel

    Kiryat HaYovel (Hebrew קריית היובל) is a neighborhood in southwestern Jerusalem on Mount Herzl. It was built in the early 1950s to house new immigrants.

  • Jerusalem Forest

    The Jerusalem Forest is a pine forest located in the Judean Mountains west of Jerusalem. It is surrounded by the Jerusalem neighborhoods Beit HaKerem, Yefe Nof, Ein Kerem, Har Nof, Givat Shaul, and a moshav, Beit Zeit. The forest more or less surrou…

  • Israeli–Palestinian conflict in Hebron

    The Israeli–Palestinian conflict in Hebron refers to an ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Jewish settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron in the context of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Hebron has a Palestinian majority, consisting of so…

  • French Hill

    French Hill (Hebrew: הגבעה הצרפתית‎, HaGiv'a HaTzarfatit, Arabic: التلة الفرنسية‎, at-tel al-faransiya), also Giv'at Shapira (Hebrew: גִּבְעַת שַׁפִּירָא) is a neighborhood and Israeli settlement in northern East Jerusalem. It is located on territor…

  • Deir Alla

    Deir Alla (Arabic: دير علا) is the site of an ancient Near Eastern town in Balqa Governorate, Jordan, thought to be the biblical Pethor.

  • Bethlehem Governorate

    The Bethlehem Governorate (Arabic: محافظة بيت لحمMuḥāfaẓat Bayt Laḥm; Hebrew: נפת בֵּית לֶחֶם Nafat Beit Leḥem) is one of 16 Governorates of Palestine. It covers an area of the West Bank, south of Jerusalem. Its principal city and district capital…

  • Augusta Victoria Hospital

    Augusta Victoria is a church-hospital complex located on the southern side of Mount Scopus beside Mount of Olives, Jerusalem. Augusta Victoria was built in 1907 as a center for the German Protestant community in Ottoman Palestine. The complex, compl…

  • Maresha

    Tel Maresha (Hebrew: תל מראשה‎), also Marissa (ماريسا the Arabized form), is an antiquity site in Israel's southern lowlands. The tel was first excavated by the British archaeologists Bliss and Macalister on behalf of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

  • Gaza Governorate

    The Gaza Governorate (Arabic: محافظة غزةMuḥāfaẓat Ġazza) is one of the 16 Governorates of Palestine, located in the north central Gaza Strip which is administered by the Palestine aside from its border with Israel, airspace and maritime territory.…

  • Church of the Pater Noster

    The Church of the Pater Noster, also known as the Sanctuary of the Eleona (French: Domaine de L'Eleona), is a partially reconstructed Roman Catholic church located on the Mount of Olives, north of the Tombs of the Prophets, in Jerusalem. It stands o…

  • Achor

    Achor /ˈkər/ (Hebrew עכור "muddy, turbid: gloomy, dejected") is the name of a valley in the vicinity of Jericho.

  • Nokdim

    Nokdim Hebrew: נוֹקְדִים, lit. Shepherds) is a communal settlement and Israeli settlement in the West Bank, located south of Bethlehem in the northern Judean hills.

  • Yad Kennedy

    Yad Kennedy (Hebrew: יד קנדי), located in the Mateh Yehuda Region near Jerusalem, Israel, is a memorial to John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963. The 60-foot high (18 m) memorial is s…

  • Cave of Letters

    The Cave of Letters is a cave in Nahal Hever, where letters and fragments of papyri from the Roman Empire period were found. Some are related to the Bar Kokhba revolt (circa 131-136), including letters of correspondence between Bar-Kokhba and his su…

  • Avnat

    Avnat (Hebrew: אָבְנַת) is a small Israeli settlement in the West Bank on the western shore of the Dead Sea, about 7 km (4 mi) south of Kalya and 12 km (7 mi) north of Mitzpe Shalem. It falls under the jurisdiction of Megilot Regional Council.

  • Al-Shifa Hospital

    Al-Shifa Hospital (Arabic: مستشفى الشفاءMustashfa al-Shifa), properly known as Dar Al-Shifa Hospital (Arabic: مستشفى دار الشفاءMustashfat dar al-Shifa) is the largest medical complex and central hospital in the Gaza Strip, located in the neighbo…

  • Ramathaim-Zophim

    Ramathaim-Zophim (Hebrew: רמתיים־צופים‎), also called Ramah (Hebrew: רָמָה‎) and Ramatha in the Douay-Rheims, is a town that has been identified with the modern Nevi Shmuel neighbourhood ("the prophet Samuel"), about 4 or 5 miles north-west of Jerus…

  • Neve Yaakov

    Neve Yaakov also Neve Ya'aqov, (Hebrew: נווה יעקב‎) (lit. Jacob's Oasis), is an Israeli settlement and neighborhood located in East Jerusalem, north of Pisgat Ze'ev and south of al-Ram. Established in 1924 during the period of the British Mandate, i…

  • Monastery of the Temptation

    The Monastery of the Temptation (Greek: Μοναστήρι του Πειρασμού, Arabic: دير القرنطلDeir al-Quruntal) is an Orthodox Christian monastery located in the West Bank, along a cliff overlooking the city of Jericho and the Jordan Valley.

  • Malha

    Malha (Hebrew: מלחה‎) is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem, Israel, between Pat and Kiryat Hayovel. Before 1948, Malha was a Palestinian Arab village known as al-Maliha (Arabic: المالحه‎).