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  • Little Western Wall

    The Little Western Wall, also known as HaKotel HaKatan (or just Kotel Hakatan) and the Small Kotel, (Hebrew: הכותל הקטן‎), is a Jewish religious site located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem near the Iron Gate to the Temple Mount. …

  • Eshkol Regional Council

    The Eshkol Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית אשכול‎, Mo'atza Ezorit Eshkol) is a regional council in the north-western Negev, in Israel's Southern District. The regional council's territory lies midway between Ashkelon and Beersheba, bounded on…

  • Dome of the Prophet

    The Dome of the Prophet (Arabic: فبة النبي‎) also known as the Dome of Gabriel (Qubbat Jibril) is a free-standing dome in the northern Temple Mount (Haram ash-Sharif) in Jerusalem that serves as a symbolic monument rather than a religious building.

  • Shuja'iyya

    Shuja'iyya (Arabic: الشجاعية‎ also Shejaiya, Shijaiyeh, Shujayya, Shuja'ia, Shuja'iya and Sajaiyeh) is a neighborhood district of the Palestinian city of Gaza east of the city center, its nucleus situated on a hill, located across the main Salah al-…

  • Shomron Regional Council

    The Shomron Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית שומרון‎, Mo'atza Azorit Shomron, English Samaria Regional Council) is an Israeli regional council in the northern West Bank. It provides municipal services for the 29 Israeli settlements in the Sama…

  • Ramallah Friends Schools

    The Ramallah Friends Schools are two private schools founded by Quakers in the city of Ramallah, in the West Bank. The Friends Girls' School was inaugurated in 1869; the construction of the Friends Boy's School began in 1901 and opened in 1918. The …

  • Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

    The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR, Arabic: المركز الفلسطيني لحقوق الإنسان‎) is an independent Palestinian human rights organization based in Gaza City, founded and directed by Raji Sourani.

  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Jerusalem

    The Protestant Mount Zion Cemetery (a.k.a., Jerusalem Mount Zion Protestant Cemetery, German: Zionsfriedhof; Hebrew: בית הקברות הפרוטסטנטי בהר ציון‎) on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Israel is a cemetery owned by the Anglican Church Missionary Trust Asso…

  • Manger Square

    Manger Square (Arabic: ميدان المهد‎) is an important city square in the center of Bethlehem in the West Bank, Palestinian territories. It takes its name from the manger where Jesus is said to have been born which, according to Christian dogma, is in…

  • Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center

    Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center (Hebrew: בית החולים כפר שאול‎), established in 1951, is an Israeli public psychiatric hospital located between Givat Shaul and Har Nof, Jerusalem. It is affiliated with the Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew Unive…

  • Gush Etzion Regional Council

    The Gush Etzion Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית גוש עציון‎, Mo'atza Azorit Gush Etzion) is a regional council in the northern Judean Hills, the northern part of the southern area of the West Bank, administering the settlements in the Gush Etz…

  • Beit Guvrin, Israel

    Beit Guvrin (Hebrew: בֵּית גֻּבְרִין, (lit. House of Men in Aramaic) is a kibbutz in the Lakhish region, west of the ancient city of Beit Guvrin, for which it is named. It is administered by the Yoav Regional Council.

  • Azekah

    Azekah was a town in the Shephelah guarding the upper reaches of the Valley of Elah, about 26 km (16 mi) northwest of Hebron. It has been identified with biblical Azeka. The tell is pear shaped with the tip pointing northward.

  • Arab American University

    The Arab American University (Arabic: الجامعة العربية الأمريكية - جنين‎)—the first private Palestinian joint venture university—is an educational institution founded in 2000 in collaboration with California State University, Stanislaus, which provid…

  • Amona, Mateh Binyamin

    Amona (Hebrew: עמונה‎) is an Israeli outpost in the central West Bank. Located on a hill overlooking Ofra within the municipal boundaries of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, the village was founded in 1995 on privately owned Palestinian land.

  • Sur Baher

    Sur Baher (Arabic صور باهر, Hebrew צור באהר) is a Palestinian neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of East Jerusalem. It is located east of Ramat Rachel and northeast of Har Homa.

  • Ramot, Jerusalem

    Ramot (Hebrew: רָמוֹת, lit. Heights), also known as Ramot Alon (Hebrew: רמות אלון‎), is a large neighborhood in a northern part of East Jerusalem. Ramot is one of Jerusalem's Ring Neighborhoods. The land was annexed by Israel after the Six-Day War, …

  • North Gaza Governorate

    The North Gaza Governorate (Arabic: محافظة شمال غزة‎) is one of the five Governorates of Palestine in the Gaza Strip which is administered by Palestine, aside from its border with Israel, airspace and maritime territory.

  • Mateh Binyamin Regional Council

    Mateh Binyamin Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית מטה בנימין‎, Mo'atza Azorit Mateh Binyamin) is a regional council covering 42 Israeli settlements and outposts in the southern Samarian hills of the West Bank. The seat of the council is Psagot. …

  • Eyal

    Eyal (Hebrew: אֱיָל; lit. power, potency, strength) is a kibbutz in the Centre District of Israel close to the Green line.

  • East Talpiot

    East Talpiot or Armon HaNetziv is a neighborhood in southern East Jerusalem, established in 1973 in the upswing of building that followed the Six-Day War, in an area unilaterally annexed to Israel. The international community considers Israeli neigh…

  • Bareket observatory

    The Bareket Observatory (IAU code B35 ; 35.0317°N Parallax sinφ 0.84991 cosφ +0.52524) is an astronomical educational observatory owned and operated by the Bareket family.

  • Al-Walaja

    al-Walaja or Al Walaja (Arabic: الولجة‎) is a Palestinian village in the West Bank, four kilometers northwest of Bethlehem City. It is an enclave in the Seam Zone, near the Green Line. al-Walaja is partly under the jurisdiction of the Bethlehem Gove…

  • Zikim

    Zikim (Hebrew: זִיקִים) is a kibbutz in the southern Israel. Located in the northern Negev desert, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

  • Tulkarm Governorate

    The Tulkarm Governorate (Arabic: محافظة طولكرمMuḥāfaẓat Ṭūlkarm; Hebrew: נפת טולכרם Nafat Ṭūlkarm) is an administrative district and one of 16 Governorates of Palestine located in the northwestern West Bank. The governorate's land area is 268 squa…

  • Shaked

    Shaked (Hebrew: שָׁקֵד, lit. Almond) is a secular communal village and an Israeli settlement in the northern West Bank. It falls under the jurisdiction of Shomron Regional Council.

  • Ramot Polin

    Ramot Polin (Hebrew: רמות פולין, lit. Poland Heights) is part of the larger neighborhood Ramot, a neighborhood in northwest East Jerusalem. It was constructed by the Kollel Polen (Poland) in stages beginning in 1972, under the auspices of the Office…

  • Rafah Governorate

    The Rafah Governorate (Arabic: محافظة رفحMuḥāfaẓat Rafaḥ) is a Governorate of Palestine in the southernmost portion of the Gaza Strip. Its district capital or muhfaza is the city of Rafah located on the border with Egypt.

  • Malha Mall

    Malha Mall (Hebrew: קניון מלחה‎, Kanyon Malha), also known as Jerusalem Mall (Hebrew: קניון ירושלים‎, Kanyon Yerushalayim), is an indoor shopping mall in the southwestern neighbourhood of Malha, Jerusalem.

  • Ma'on, Har Hebron

    Ma'on (Hebrew: מָעוֹן) is an illegal Israeli settlement and a moshav shitufi in the Judean Hills of the West Bank, located south of Hebron and north of Beersheba. It is part of the Har Hebron Regional Council.

  • Khan Yunis Governorate

    The Khan Yunis Governorate (Arabic: محافظة خان يونسMuḥāfaẓat Ḫān Yūnis) is one of 16 Governorates of Palestine, located in the southern Gaza Strip. Its district capital is Khan Yunis.

  • Hof Aza Regional Council

    The Hof Aza Regional Council was a regional council of Israel until 2005 when its residents were evicted from their homes and the area was liquidated as part of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan. The seat was in Neve Dekalim.

  • Givat HaMivtar

    Givat HaMivtar (Hebrew: גִּבְעַת הַמִּבְתָּר) is a neighborhood in Jerusalem established in 1970 between Ramat Eshkol and French Hill. It is located on a hill where an important battle took place in the Six Day War. Archaeological excavations have r…