Latitude and longitude of Samaria

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Samaria (/sə.ˈmɛr..ə/), or the Shomron (Hebrew: שֹׁמְרוֹן‎, Standard Šomron Tiberian Šōmərôn; Arabic: السامرة‎, as-Sāmirah – also known as جبال نابلس, Jibāl Nāblus) is a name for the mountainous, central region of the ancient Levant, based on the borders of the biblical Northern Kingdom of Israel and especially the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. The name "Samaria" derives from the ancient city of Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom of Israel.

Latitude: 32° 08' 35.02" N
Longitude: 35° 15' 38.23" E

Nearest city to this article: Ḩuwwārah

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GPS coordinates of Samaria, Palestine

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