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  • Llankanuku Lakes

    The Llankanuku Lakes (hispanicized spelling Llanganuco), Chinanqucha and Urqunqucha, are situated in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru. They lie in the Ancash Region, Yungay Province, Yungay District, about 25 km north-east of Yungay.

  • La Unión, Huánuco

    La Unión is a town in central Peru, capital of the province Dos de Mayo in the region Huánuco. The city is over the Vizcarra river and has two districts, Aguamiro on the right bank and Ripán on the left bank. It has a regional hospital. Close to the…

  • Jesús de Machaca

    Jesús de Machaca is a location in the La Paz Department, Bolivia. It is the seat of the Jesús de Machaca Municipality, the sixth municipal section of the Ingavi Province, and of the Jesús de Machaca Canton.

  • Francisco Carle Airport

    Francisco Carle Airport (IATA: JAU, ICAO: SPJJ) is a small regional airport serving Jauja, Peru and other surrounding cities as Huancayo or Tarma. It is currently served by one scheduled airline: LC Perú.

  • Estadio Miguel Grau (Callao)

    Estadio Miguel Grau is a multi-use stadium in Callao, Peru. Its use is available to several football teams in the region including Primera División club Sport Boys. The stadium's maximum capacity is 17,000 and was inaugurated on 16 June 1996 with a …

  • Estadio Héroes de San Ramón

    Estadio Héroes de San Ramón is a multi-use stadium in Cajamarca (northern Andes), Peru. It is currently used by football team Club Universidad Técnica de Cajamarca. The stadium seats 18,000 people. The origin of its name comes from the battle of San…

  • Escoma

    Escoma is a location in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. It is the seat of the Escoma Municipality, one of five municipalities of the Eliodoro Camacho Province.

  • Desaguadero, Bolivia-Peru

    Desaguadero (Spanish for "channel, drain for drawing off superfluous water") or Chaka Marka (Aymara and Quechua for "bridge village") is a town on the Bolivian-Peruvian border. On the Bolivian side it is situated in the La Paz Department, Ingavi Pro…

  • Coliseo Eduardo Dibos

    The Coliseo Eduardo Dibos is a multi-propose indoor arena located in San Borja Lima, Peru, exactly between Angamos Ave. and Aviación Ave. The arena has a capacity for 6,000 people. This arena is used to host sport events as volleyball and basketball…

  • Chivay obsidian source

    The Chivay obsidian source (71.5355° S, 15.6423° W, 4972 masl) is the geological origin of a chemical group of obsidian that is found throughout the south-central Andean highlands including southern Peru and western Bolivia.

  • Chepén

    Chepén is a city of La Libertad Region and capital of the Chepén Province, in Peru. The city is a rice production center with the valleys of Chepén and Jequetepeque, and has an active trading with neighboring Guadalupe, Pacasmayo and San Pedro de Ll…

  • Chalhuanca

    Chalhuanca is a town in southern Peru, capital of the province Aymaraes in the region Apurímac. It is famous as one of the best places in Peru for canoeing and other river-related adventure sports.

  • Cenepa River

    The Cenepa River currently rises in the Cordillera del Cóndor mountain range in Peru, South America and has a length of 185 km. The Cenepa flows into the Marañón River at Orellana.

  • Yunguyo

    Yunguyo is a town in the Puno Region in southeastern Peru. It is the capital of Yunguyo Province and Yunguyo District.

  • Yucay

    Yucay is a town in Southern Peru, capital of the district Yucay in the province Urubamba in the region Cusco.

  • Visviri

    Visviri is a Chilean hamlet at the northern end of the country and the capital of the General Lagos commune in Parinacota Province, Arica and Parinacota Region. It is notable for being Chile's northernmost populated area. Pop. 265 (2002), and for be…

  • Ulla Ulla National Reserve

    The Ulla Ulla National Reserve - which today is part of Apolobamba Integrated Management Natural Area - was created in 1972 with an extension of 240,000 ha, a biosphere reserve located in the Franz Tamayo Province, in the Department of La Paz in wes…