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  • Lamas, Peru

    Lamas is the capital of the Lamas Province, situated in the San Martín Region of northern Peru. There are 16 871 inhabitants, according to the 2007 census.

  • Lake Parón

    Paron Lake is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca, on the Peruvian Andes, 32 km E from the city Caraz, at 4185 m asl.

  • Laguna de Paca

    Laguna de Paca also known as Paca Lagoon, is a placid lake in Peru. It is located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) north of the historic town of Jauja, which was once the capital of Peru, before Lima was built as its new capital. The lake precincts is habitat …

  • Juanjuí

    Juanjuí is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the province Mariscal Cáceres in the San Martín Region and located in the left edge of Huallaga River.

  • Estadio Max Augustín

    The Estadio Max Augustín is a multi-purpose stadium in Iquitos, Peru. It is the home ground of the football (soccer) team Colegio Nacional Iquitos and several other Copa Perú teams from Iquitos and the surrounding region. The stadium holds 24,576 pe…

  • Estadio Jorge Basadre

    The Estadio Jorge Basadre, previously known as the Estadio Modelo, is a multi-purpose stadium in Tacna, Peru named after historian Jorge Basadre. It is currently used as a football stadium in the Primera Division Peruana by Coronel Bolognesi. The st…

  • Estadio Huancayo

    Estadio Huancayo is a multi-use stadium in Huancayo, Peru. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home of Sport Huancayo and Deportivo Junín. Other teams that previously used the stadium are Deportivo Wanka and Meteor Junin.

  • El Sira Communal Reserve

    The El Sira Communal Reserve (Spanish: Reserva Comunal El Sira) is a protected area in Peru created on 22 June 2001 and located in three regions: the Huánuco Region (Puerto Inca Province), the Pasco Region (Oxapampa Province) and the Ucayali Region …

  • Cutervo National Park

    Cutervo National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional de Cutervo) is the oldest National Park in Peru. It was established September 8, 1961 by means of Law N° 13694 by the Peruvian Government as the first protected natural area created. Its creator was Sa…

  • Cañón del Pato

    Cañón del Pato (Spanish: Duck Canyon) is on the Rio Santa (Santa River) at the north end of the Callejón de Huaylas (Corridor of Huaylas) in north-central Peru. The mostly rocky canyon walls are too steep and arid for cultivation, and in only a few …

  • Casa del Moral

    The "Casa del Moral" (House of the Moral) is a large ancestral house built around 1730 in Arequipa, Peru. Favored by tourists, it is one of the best and well-preserved samples of baroque-mestizo civil architecture in Peru. The name of the house deri…

  • Carhuaz

    Carhuaz is a town in Peru located in the Ancash Region, Carhuaz Province, Carhuaz District. It is situated at 34 km from Huaraz, at 2,688 msnm. Its temperature average is from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius.

  • Assis Brasil

    Assis Brasil is a municipality located in the south of the Brazilian state of Acre. Its population is 5351 (as of 2007) and its area is 2,876 km².

  • Andoas

    Andoas is a city in the Loreto Region of Peru. It is located very close to the Ecuadorian border. It is located 696 km. (435 mi.) from the regions capital, Iquitos. It is located at around (2°54′9″S76°24′9″W).

  • Pallqaqucha

    Pallqaqucha (Quechua pallqa, p'allqa, p'alqa forked, branched, fork, qucha lake, hispanicized spelling Palcacocha) is a glacier lake in the Andes mountain range of South America in northwestern Peru located in the Ancash Region, Huaraz Province.