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  • Blitz (movement)

    Blitz is an anarchist, communist and socialist youth community in Oslo, Norway, founded in 1982. The group has often been criticized for their use of violent methods of political protest.

  • Austrått

    Austrått or Austrått Manor (in Norwegian: Austråttborgen) is a manor in Ørland municipality, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. Since the 10th century Austrått has been the residence for many noblemen, noblewomen and officials who played a significant role in N…

  • Snøhetta

    Snøhetta is the highest mountain in the Dovrefjell range, and the highest mountain in Norway outside of the Jotunheimen range, making it the 24th highest peak in Norway, based on a 30 metre topographic prominence cutoff.

  • Prins Karls Forland

    Prins Karls Forland or Forlandet, occasionally anglicized as Prince Charles Foreland, is an island off the west coast of Oscar II Land on Spitsbergen in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norway.

  • Oslo Airport Station

    Oslo Airport Station (Norwegian: Oslo lufthavn stasjon), also known as Gardermoen Station, is a railway station located in the airport terminal building of Oslo Airport, Gardermoen in Norway.

  • Norwegian Institute of Technology

    The Norwegian Institute of Technology, known by its Norwegian abbreviation NTH (Norges tekniske høgskole) was a science institute in Trondheim, Norway. It was established in 1910, and existed as an independent technical university for 89 years, afte…

  • Myrdal Station

    Myrdal Station (Norwegian: Myrdal stasjon) is a mountain railway station and junction, located on the Bergen Line regional mainline in Aurland, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. The railway station is also the upper terminal of the Flåm Line local railway, …

  • Mosjøen

    Mosjøen (Southern Sami: Mussere)  listen  is a town, a former town municipality, and a former privileged staple place in the Municipality of Vefsn in the southern part of the County of Northland, Norway. Established in 1875, Mosjøen is the oldest to…

  • Lysaker

    Lysaker is an area in Bærum municipality, Akershus county, Norway. Lysaker is the easternmost part of Bærum, and borders Oslo proper. Lysaker was initially a farming community, later becoming a residential area. Today it is primarily known as a busi…

  • Laponian area

    The Laponian area is a large mountainous wildlife area in the Lapland province in northern Sweden, more precisely in Gällivare Municipality, Arjeplog Municipality and Jokkmokk Municipality.

  • Grandiosa

    Pizza Grandiosa (Colloquially also referred to simply as Grandiosa or Grandis) refers to the most popular brand of frozen pizza in Norway. Grandiosa can also refer to the series of different Grandiosa variants.

  • Garrison of Sør-Varanger

    Garrison of Sør-Varanger (Norwegian: Garnisonen i Sør-Varanger, GSV) is a military camp of the Norwegian Army. It is located at Høybuktmoen in Sør-Varanger Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The military camp sits adjacent to Kirkenes Airport,…

  • Edgeøya

    Edgeøya, occasionally anglicised as Edge Island, is a Norwegian island located in southeast of the Svalbard archipelago; it is the third largest island in this archipelago. An Arctic island, it forms part of the Søraust-Svalbard Nature Reserve, home…

  • Tusenfryd

    Tusenfryd (lit. "Thousand Joys", also common daisy) is an amusement park at Vinterbro, Norway. The park is located 20 kilometers south of Oslo. Two of the longest motorway corridors in Norway, E6 and E18, meet nearby Tusenfryd and the park is locate…

  • Telavåg

    Telavåg or Tælavåg is a village in Sund municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. The village is located on the island of Sotra, about 39 kilometres (24 mi) southwest of the city of Bergen and about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) northwest of the village of …

  • Sunnmøre

    Sunnmøre (English: South-Møre) is the southernmost traditional district of the western Norwegian county of Møre og Romsdal. Its main city is Ålesund.

  • Setesdal

    Setesdal (older name: Sætersdal) is a valley and a traditional district in Aust-Agder County in southern Norway.

  • Red Cross Nordic United World College

    The school UWC Red Cross Nordic (UWCRCN), formerly known as Red Cross Nordic United World College, was founded in 1995 and is the ninth member of the today 12 United World Colleges, others having been established in Wales, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, …

  • Oslo University Hospital

    The Oslo University Hospital (Norwegian: Oslo universitetssykehus HF) is one of the largest hospitals in Scandinavia, with a work force of more than 20,000. It was established on 1 January 2009, by the merger of three of the university hospitals in …

  • Nuorgam

    Nuorgam (Northern Sami: Njuorggán) is a village in the Utsjoki municipality in the region of Lapland, Finland. It has approximately 200 inhabitants.

  • Lakselv

     Lakselv  (Northern Sami: Leavdnja; Kven: Lemmijoki) is the largest village and administrative centre of Porsanger Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The village lies at the southern end of the large Porsangerfjorden.

  • Glittertind

    Glittertind (official form on maps: Glittertinden) is the second highest mountain in Norway, at 2,465 m above sea level, including the glacier at its peak (without the glacier, it is 2452 m). It is located within the municipality of Lom, in the Jotu…

  • Gaustatoppen

    Gaustatoppen is the highest mountain in the county Telemark in Norway. The view from the summit is impressive, as one can see an area of approximately 60,000 km², one sixth of Norway's mainland. There is an elevator system inside the mountain, built…

  • Frogner

    Frogner is a borough and an exclusive residential and retail district in the West End of the city of Oslo, Norway. In addition to traditional Frogner, the borough incorporates Bygdøy, Uranienborg and Majorstuen. The borough is named after Frogner Ma…

  • Brevik

     Brevik  is a town in Telemark, Norway, with an estimated population of 2,700. Brevik was established as a municipality 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt), but was merged with Porsgrunn on 1 January 1964. Brevik is regarded one of the best pr…

  • Agder

    Agder is a historical district of Norway in the southernmost region of Norway, corresponding to the two counties (fylker) Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder. Today, the term Sørlandet ("south country") is more commonly used.

  • Svinesund

    Svinesund is a sound separating the Swedish municipality of Strömstad in the province of Bohuslän in the county of Västra Götaland from the Norwegian municipality of Halden in the county of Østfold.