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  • Leknes Airport

    Leknes Airport (Norwegian: Leknes lufthavn) (IATA: LKN, ICAO: ENLK) is a regional airport serving the town of Leknes and the surrounding areas in the Lofoten archipelago in Nordland county, Norway. The airport is located just outside of Leknes in Ve…

  • Leirvik

    Leirvik is a town and the administrative centre of Stord municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. The town lies along the southern coast of the large island of Stord, along the Hardangerfjorden.

  • Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola

    Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola (Sola Aviation Museum) is an aviation museum located in Stavanger Airport, Sola, near Stavanger, Norway. The museum was founded in 1984, and is run by local volunteers.

  • Diamanten

    Diamanten ("The Diamond") or Oksenøyveien 3 is an office building located at Fornebu in Bærum, Norway. It was built in 1985 as the head office of the airline Braathens SAFE, and later became the head office of SAS Braathens.

  • Central Norway

    Central Norway (Bokmål: Midt-Norge, Nynorsk: Midt-Noreg) is an administrative division that includes the counties of Nord-Trøndelag, Sør-Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal and is used by, for example, the regional health authorities and the Norwegian Pub…

  • Aspmyra Stadion

    Aspmyra Stadion is a football stadium in Bodø, Norway. Home of Bodø/Glimt and Grand Bodø, it holds a capacity for 7,354 spectators. The venue has three stands: a modern all-seater with roof, 100 club seats and 15 luxury boxes to the south, an unroof…

  • Arctic Yellow River Station

    The Polar Research Institute of China established its Arctic Yellow River Station (simplified Chinese: 黄河站; traditional Chinese: 黃河站; pinyin: Huánghé Zhàn) in Ny-Ålesund, on Svalbard, in 2003.

  • Andøya Airport, Andenes

    Andøya Airport, Andenes (Norwegian: Andøya lufthavn, Andenes; IATA: ANX, ICAO: ENAN) is a domestic airport located at Andenes in Andøy, Norway, on the northern tip of the island of Andøya. The airport is the civilian sector of Andøya Air Station and…

  • Varangerfjord

    The Varangerfjord (Russian: Варангер-фьорд, Варяжский залив; Finnish: Varanginvuono; Northern Sami: Várjavuonna) is the easternmost fjord in Norway. The fjord is located in Finnmark county between the Varanger Peninsula and the mainland of Norway. T…

  • Tyrifjorden

    Tyrifjorden (Lake Tyri) is Norway's fifth largest lake with an area of 137 km2. It has a volume of 13 km3, is 295 meters deep at its deepest, and lies 63 meters above sea level. The lake's primary source is the Begna river, which discharges into Tyr…

  • Tromsø Cathedral

    Tromsø Cathedral (Norwegian: Tromsø domkirke) is a cathedral in the city of Tromsø in Troms county, Norway. The cathedral is part of the Tromsø domkirke parish in the Tromsø arch-deanery and it is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland…

  • Trollfjord

    The Trollfjord (Trollfjorden) is a 2 km long sidearm of the Raftsund between the Norwegian archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen but administratively located in the municipality of Hadsel , which is a municipality in Vesterålen. With its narrow ent…

  • Tjuvholmen

    Tjuvholmen is a neighborhood in the borough Frogner in Oslo, Norway. It is located on a peninsula sticking out from Aker Brygge into the Oslofjord.

  • Svolvær Airport, Helle

    Svolvær Airport, Helle (Norwegian: Svolvær lufthavn, Helle) (IATA: SVJ, ICAO: ENSH) is a regional airport serving the town of Svolvær in Vågan municipality (and the region surrounding Svolvær) in Nordland county, Norway.

  • Sunnfjord

    Sunnfjord (English: the southern fjord - in contrast to Nordfjord) is a traditional district in Western Norway located in Sogn og Fjordane county. It includes the municipalities of Askvoll, Fjaler, Flora, Førde, Gaular, Jølster, Naustdal, and the so…

  • Storskog

    Storskog is a border crossing station on the Norwegian side of the Norway-Russia border, along the European route E105 highway. The crossing is located in Sør-Varanger Municipality in Finnmark county on the Norway side of the border. The Russian sid…

  • Storfjorden (Sunnmøre)

    Storfjorden or Storfjord is a 110-kilometre (68 mi) long fjord in the Sunnmøre region of Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. It stretches from the village of Hareid in the west to the villages of Tafjord and Geiranger in the east. The Storfjorden system…

  • Røst Airport

    Røst Airport (Norwegian: Røst lufthavn; IATA: RET, ICAO: ENRS) is a regional airport serving the Røst, Norway. located on the northern edge of the main island of Røstlandet.

  • Rørvik

    Rørvik is a port village in the municipality of Vikna in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The village also serves as the administrative centre of the municipality. It is on the eastern side of the Vikna archipelago on the island of Inner-Vikna.

  • Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection

    Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection (Forsvarets flysamling Gardermoen) is a military aviation museum located at Gardermoen, north of Oslo, Norway. The founding of the Norwegian Aviation Historical Society in 1967, gave the first boost to the …

  • Nordhordland Bridge

    The Nordhordland Bridge (Norwegian: Nordhordlandsbrua) is a combined cable-stayed and pontoon bridge which crosses Salhusfjorden between Klauvaneset and Flatøy in Hordaland, Norway. It is 1,614 meters (5,295 ft) long, of which the pontoon section is…

  • Malm

     Malm  is a former municipality, a village, and the administrative centre of the municipality of Verran in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. Malm is located along the Trondheimsfjord, about a 32-kilometre (20 mi) drive west from the town of Steinkjer. …

  • Kolsås

    Kolsås is a wooded mountain ridge in the municipality of Bærum, Norway. Geologically, Kolsås belongs to the Oslo Graben area.

  • Hovedøya

    Hovedøya or Hovedøen is one of several small islands off the coast of Oslo, Norway in the Oslofjord. The island is quite small, no more than 800 metres across in any direction, the total area is 0,4 square kilometre.

  • Honningsvåg Airport, Valan

    Honningsvåg Airport, Valan (Norwegian: Honningsvåg lufthavn, Valan; IATA: HVG, ICAO: ENHV) is a regional airport serving Honningsvåg in Nordkapp, Norway. The airport is located at Valan, on the south side of Skipsfjorden, 4.5 kilometers (2.8 mi) nor…

  • Hegra

    Hegra is a village and former municipality in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The former municipality encompassed most of the eastern part of the present-day municipality of Stjørdal. The ancient rock carvings (Leirfald), as well as the small border …